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PCD-Franchisee Based Distributors
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We are One of Leading Pharma
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Offering Pharma franchise: we are a leading pharma company with 200+ molecule combination and 900+ products from Delhi. We are looking for franchise of our entire product range. We are one of the most reputed companies as suppliers of New DCGI molecules. Our products are GMP and WHO certified.

We are looking for pcd franchisee based distributors for wide range of products throughout India. serious, dedicated and experienced person are welcome for sole marketing and distribution rights.
• Competitive pricing of the product
• Quality of the product assured
• High quality packaging material used
• Proper delivery facility
• Timely delivery
• Business ethics
Interested in PCD Pharma Franchise, please kindly let us know. If you have query regarding pharma products, please feel free to contact us. Assured of very Good Business margins and profitability
We will offer best price. We offer all marketing inputs like: Visual Aid, Catch covers, bag with company logo, Reminder cards etc.
Awaiting your reply early.

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  16. 16. PCD-Franchisee Based Distributors Contact US 9311205758 We are One of Leading Pharma Company as Suppliers of New DCGI Molecules. Our Products Are GMP and WHO Certified. Thank You