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an inspired Team work

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  • Introduction to the Team skills concepts… with an ice breaker emphasizing the importance of working with teams
  • We have used less number of ppts… and the story has to be told in a very interesting manner. A mouse lives in a farm house… he sees the farmer and his wife come home with a big bag of purchases. He is shocked to see a mouse trap amongst the shopping
  • He has three friends in the farm with whom he shares all the gossip!!! He rushes to them and screams, “Help, the farmer has a mouse trap”. The reactions of the friends are… how does it concern me???
  • The poor mouse decides to do its best to protect itself from the calamity….
  • That night… the farmer’s wife hears a loud clap of the mouse trap… she rushes into the room in the darkness sure that the mouse has been caught… But… the mouse trap had caught a deadly cobra which bites the lady of the house. The lady falls sick… and has a high fever….
  • You know, how they treat high fever…. They treat high fever with CHICKEN SOUP…. That is the end of the hen. The fever does not go down at all… and many relatives come and visit the lady… and how does one feed such a big crowd… end of the Pig…. And, after a week, the farmer’s wife succumbed to her illness. And how does one feed people who attend a funeral… that was the end of the bull. What the other animals thought was not their problem became theirs… this is exactly what happens when you do not involve yourself into the goals of the team… Now that we know how we should not be… let us check out how to be
  • Have you seen the geese flying towards warmer climate during certain seasons… Notice their formation… they fly together in that angle to resist the wind pressure… together they give strength to the group The head position is not occupied by one geese… they take turns and when the leader is tired, he moves to the back of the formation and the next geese takes up the lead.
  • They keep quacking to encourage each other to come out with their best performance…
  • If in case one of them falls behind due to some reason… Few accompany the sick one, and nurse it to good health or till it dies.. And then join the next formation… The team work geese has a moral… This is available in a separate ppt and is downloadable too…
  • Go on to explain how teams work… and the principles of team skills…
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