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Telemedicine Market Research Proposal


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Telemedicine Market Research Proposal

  1. 1. Prepared by Shikha Malik April 6th 2013
  2. 2.  Novatech Healthcare Company (NHC) initiated its R&D Centre (NRDCI) in India in April 2011. To serve needs of Indian rural population who lack access to good healthcare facilities, NRDCI strategized and decided to build healthcare systems and products. Hence, leverage NHC Japan. Novatech designed a novel concept called “Portable Clinic” (diagrammatically shown below)
  3. 3.  To tap the growth potential of Indian healthcare market and achieve futuristic goals by utilizing presently available systems from NHC and creating new disrupting systems. To understand and validate the Portable Clinic Concept across stakeholders including Doctors, Hospitals, Rural Community or Wellness Centers, Pathology Labs and others.
  4. 4.  In Scopeo Final Deliverableso Component Analysis of Novatech Portable Clinic Concepto Stakeholder Perceptiono Historical Datao Novatech Healthcare Company Out of Scopeo Execution of Proposal Recommendations
  5. 5.  According to McKinsey, by 2015, Indian rural healthcare market will grow to 44 percent, suggesting a market size of US$ 8.8 billion. Prof K Ganapathy, President, Apollo Telemedicine Networking Foundation and Senior Consultant Neurosurgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai estimates 40 million consultations per year from rural India through telemedicine. Key challenges of the current telemedicine setup are need for a dedicated infrastructure, high capital requirements and skilled technical staff to operate sophisticated systems.
  6. 6. The objectives of this proposal will be met by adopting a qualitative research methodology. Research Content Data Collection Methodso Primary Research Sourceso Secondary Research Sources Data Analysis
  7. 7.  Market Overview- Pricing analysis for Sensor, Compliances relating Sensor and Telemedicine Setup Competitor Analysis- Gaps between current Novatech Portable Clinic Concept and existing infrastructures, Medical Gateway comparison with similar prototypes Product Specification- Functional and Technical Details of Sensor, Medical Gateway and Telemedicine Setup Distribution Channel Analysis- Potential Vendors for Sensor and Telemedicine Setup, Potential Buyers for Medical Gateway and Telemedicine Setup Market Estimate-Market Size Forecast for Sensor and Medical Gateway across Hospitals, Pathology Labs, Mobile Clinics, Community Centers
  8. 8.  Interviews will be conducted with multiple stakeholders on an online or field platform across Hospitals, Mobile Clinics, Pathology Labs, Rural Community or Wellness Centers etc. Target Population: Doctors, Medical Directors, Hospital Administrators, Public Health Officials Total Sample Size: 108 Primary Doctors Medical Hospital Public Research Directors Administrat Health Method ors Officials Phone 10 12 6 8 Interviews On-site 5 8 4 8 Interviews Web Surveys 15 10 12 10
  9. 9.  Review of agency proprietary databases for information covering Indian Telemedicine Sector. Internet searches to gather information from professional and industry associations, business and trade databases and public and private financial databases. Notes from other sources such as independent consultancies, academic institutions, government agencies, Standard Bodies. Business and Trade press research from sources such as Magazines, Journals, Articles, Papers and Newsletters.
  10. 10.  Market estimates and forecasts will be built using verified primary and secondary research data. Client approved web surveys and questionnaires will be used to collect data. Affinity Analysis will be used to examine sampled data
  11. 11. Serial Number Milestone Review Date1. Finalize Objectives2. Develop Survey3. Revise Survey4. Surveying5. Data Preparation6. Data Analysis7. Report Preparation8. Final Report
  12. 12.  Overall Concept Validation Reporto Gap Analysis between current Novatech Portable Clinic Concept and existing Apollo Telemedicine Infrastructure. Sensor Reporto Identified sensors for 10 major diseases in rural or urban slums in India.o Market Size, Potential Vendors, Product Specification, Pricing analysis, Compliances for each sensor or disease identified. Medical Gateway Reporto Comparison of Medical Gateway with existing prototypeso Product Specification, Potential Buyers, Market Size Forecast (10 yrs). Telemedicine Setup Reporto Product Specification, Compliances, Potential Buyer, Market Size.o Penetration of Telecom Vendors in different areas of India.o Recommendations of top 5 Software Service Providers for Telemedicine Setup.
  13. 13.  pdf/india_pharma_2015.pdf eid=4675