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Ecohero Deck

  1. 1. tm ecohero
  2. 2. Overview tm ecohero Adrian Grenier (Entourage and AlterEco star) and the Big in Japan team have joined together to launch a mobile application called ecohero™, a utility-belt filled with tools for your mobile phone that help you become an ecohero. Just spin the belt to see all of the tools available to you. Most consumers would do the ‘right’ thing if they knew what to do. With ecohero consumers can launch tools to help them live a more ‘neutral’ life. Launched from a user’s ‘utility-belt’, ecohero tools help users do the right thing, but also provide them with ways to ‘offset’ certain behaviors. Millions of consumers already Big in Japan’s mobile barcode scanning technology, ShopSavvy, to compare prices now with ecohero they will be able to compare more than just prices.
  3. 3. Application Function tm ecohero Once a user downloads ecohero to their iPhone or Android smartphone, they become an ecohero armed with various tools (micro-applications) in the form of a utility-belt. Upon launch we plan to have six core applications, but the system will allow inclusion of many more ‘tools’ in the future. Core applications include: – Product Scanner (turns phone into barcode scanner to analyze the environmental and social impact of products) – Carbon Calculator (uses GPS to help user understand their carbon footprint) – Food Analyzer (ratings and reviews on meat, fish and veggies) – Nutrition & Exercise Tool (calorie counter, exercise diary) – Eco-encyclopedia (light bulbs, batteries, recycling 101, glossary) – Tasks (good deed alerts, photos and stories)
  4. 4. Micro-App Spotlight tm ecohero The product scanner application is just one of the great tools available in ecohero. Using technology developed by Big in Japan, the product scanner allows a user to scan a barcode and determine the environmental, social and health impacts of products.
  5. 5. Social Offsets tm ecohero Upon installation, ecohero is connected to a user's Facebook account via Facebook Connect where ecohero activity is displayed and shared. ecohero is persistent, reminding you each day to consider your impact on the earth. Each action using any of the tools, positive or negative, is tracked by ecohero and users are offered a way to offset negative impacts through monetary offsets or through positive actions (i.e. good deeds). The idea is to maintain a zero balance.
  6. 6. Partnerships tm ecohero Our initial goal is to find a title partner/sponsor for each core micro-application. The micro-application and optionally a standalone mobile application would be skinned with the partners/sponsors brand and messaging. Partnerships range from $100K to $500K (100% SOV, 36 month flight). Our secondary goal is to build custom micro-applications for brands or interest groups with a specific function in mind. This option should be especially interesting to brands who are considering building a standalone mobile application already. Finally, we are hoping to work with existing green or eco- friendly mobile applications to create ‘lite’ versions for inclusion within ecohero.
  7. 7. Timeline tm ecohero - May 2009 Begin talking to partners/sponsors - July 2009 Application Lockdown (initial partners onboard) - August 2009 US Launch (w/6 micro-apps) on Google Android* - September 2009 US Launch (w/6 micro-apps) on Apple iPhone - November 2009 Secondary launch with 6 additional micro-apps * 30 day exclusive on Android in exchange for TV marketing blitz by T-Mobile featuring ecohero and Adrian Grenier. If campaign is delayed or altered we will launch iPhone and Android at the same time.
  8. 8. ecohero Team tm ecohero Adrian Grenier - Chief Hero & Co-Founder Alexander Muse - Sidekick & Co-Founder Scott Ryan - Business Development Rylan Barnes - Application Development Jason Hudgins - Application Development Clark Stiles - Design and User Experience Learn more about Big in Japan:
  9. 9. tm ecohero