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Maker - EDU: Learning Biotech by doing in a DiyBio Space


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Maker - EDU: Learning Biotech by doing in a DiyBio Space

  1. 1. Maker - Edu: Learning Biotech by doing in a DiyBio Space Ron Shigeta
  2. 2. The New Tech: Biotech Rises “Biotech has expanded from a drug based world to now include everything” J. Craig Venter
  3. 3. Back to the Future: 70’s Tech "I think there is a world market for maybe five computers." Thomas Watson, president of IBM - 1970’s Information Technology gave us, the first microprocessor, liquid crystal display, PC’s, wordprocessors and email, oh and these dirty hippies hacking...
  4. 4. Back to the Future: 70’s Tech & 2014 Biotech 1970’s Comp Sci Lab (IBM mainframe & Punchcards for experts only) 2014 Bio Sci Lab (Manual, expensive equipment for experts)
  5. 5. Biotech will be touching every industry on earth in this generation. Who will be creating these innovations? Red: Medicine and Human Health Green: Agricultural Biotech Yellow: Food and Nutritional biotech White: Gene based biotechnology Gray: Fermentation and Bioprocess Blue: Marine and Aquaculture Biotech Gold: Bioinformatics and Nanobiotech
  6. 6. BBL is an evolution; Idealab for Biotech where biology is hands on. Electronics and Computers defined scalable parts of the Tech Economy when the parts became commodities and cheap, enabling everyone to play with them. Biocurious Genspace Bio, Tech and Beyond Counter Culture Labs Berkeley Biolabs
  7. 7. Our “Biohackers in Residence” first summer Our 15+ summer volunteers, include undergraduates and professionals working together. They are making progress on projects which use graduate level techniques although they have little or no Molecular Biology experience. Monday Night Protocols and Projects in our lab.
  8. 8. Projects that create technology also motivate learning through substance. Open Lab Equipment Creating Open Source technology for greater accessibility. A cell density monitor (left) An affordable electroporation unit
  9. 9. Design and creation of Open Plasmids for high throughput systems biology
  10. 10. Search for clock mechanisms in plants - Search for day/night clock mechanisms in plants
  11. 11. Design of cell culture factors for tissue engineering and biomedical research Growth factors for cell culture nanobodies antibody library
  12. 12. Come and join us ● Classes and Workshops: o Bacterial Tear Down - look over all the genes in a cell o Molecular Machine Design - design your own iGEM project! ● Next summer we hope to have teachers, high school and DIYBio iGEM teams, and more projects. ● Join the Berkeley BioLabs Meetup at MEETUP.COM/Berkeley-BioLabs and come to an event.