Strategic Planning Workshop

Business Speaker and Consultant at Shift Happens!
Mar. 5, 2015

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Strategic Planning Workshop

  1. ©2014 James Feldman
  2. What is Strategic Planning? ©2014 James Feldman
  3. Organize your thoughts and Determine your strategic direction. ©2014 James Feldman
  4. Business As Usual vs. Tactics Don’t mix them up. ©2014 James Feldman
  5. A written document that acts as a guidebook ©2014 James Feldman
  6. According to Jim ©2014 James Feldman Run on Insight, Not Hindsight.
  7. What is Strategic Planning? •Pull the entire organization together around a single plan for execution. •Broad outline on where resources get allocated. •Forces you to make choices on what you will do and what you won’t do. ©2014 James Feldman
  8. What is Strategic Planning? The Values What’s in it for them? The Objectives What’s in it for us? The Strategies How do we deliver? The Goals How will we evaluate? ©2014 James Feldman
  9. Companies should have the capabilities to: ©2014 James Feldman •Understand •Create •Deliver •Capture •Sustain
  10. Strategic Planning Tips: ©2014 James Feldman •What’s your business? •What’s your purpose? •What are your values? •Use ‘We’ •Be Understandable •Foster Commitment •Create Motivation •Generate Inspiration
  11. Strategic Planning Process 1. Determine Situation 2. Evaluate Goals 3. Think ‘inside the box” 4. Assess Risk 5. Create S.W.O.T. 6. Create Marketing plan 7. Implement plan 8. Review and revise plan ©2014 James Feldman
  12. Clear a defined statement Vision about the future Aspirational to motivate Strategically aligned to your S.W.O.T. analysis Strategic Planning Vision ©2014 James Feldman
  13. 1. Define Your Values 2. Define Your Goals 3. Take Control 4. Define Your Strengths 5. Find Clarity 6. Be A Leader 7. Deliver Value 8. Evaluate everything Strategic Planning Vision ©2014 James Feldman
  14. What is a Mission Statement? ©2014 James Feldman
  15. ©2014 James Feldman A statement of your organization’s purpose… what it wants to accomplish.
  16. Mission Statement=Business Vision What did you accomplish last year that you are most proud of? • Simplicity • Diligence • Focus on what is vital • Eliminate extraneous distractions • Try Evernote to bring everyone together ©2014 James Feldman
  17. Mission Statement=Business Vision Why does your business exist? Describe what your business does? How your business does it? Define and articulate your core competences? ©2014 James Feldman
  18. Vision ©2014 James Feldman Strategic Planning 3 Steps 1. Corporate 2. Division 3. Business/Product Levels
  19. According to Jim You don’t want to be considered the best at what you do. You want to be known as The only one who does what you do. ©2014 James Feldman
  20. What is a Marketing Plan? ©2014 James Feldman
  21. What is a Marketing Plan A road map, a target or course of action to achieve desired results. ©2014 James Feldman
  22. What? Strategic Planning Why? Long-term profitability How? Write a marketing plan ©2014 James Feldman
  23. According to Jim ©2014 James Feldman Drive for Change. Innovate for Growth. Lead Smarter.
  24. What is a Marketing Plan The task of your business should be to deliver both Customer value and a profit. ©2014 James Feldman
  25. Impact ROI Define Marketing Mix Define Marketing Strategies Set Marketing Goals Value Proposition Definition Marketing Planning Process Customer Analysis Competitive Analysis Market Analysis WOW Experience Reassess Review Document the Plan ©2014 James Feldman
  26. What is a Marketing Process Analyze market opportunities. Develop marketing strategies. Plan market programs. Manage the marketing effort. ©2014 James Feldman
  27. What is a Marketing Process Diagnostic skills. Identification of company level. Implementation skills. Evaluation skills. ©2014 James Feldman
  28. What is a Marketing Process Sales analysis. Market share analysis. Marketing expense/sales analysis. Financial analysis. Market-based scorecard analysis. ©2014 James Feldman
  29. • Basis for comparison. • Clearly stated activities. • Reference for the success. • Marketing environment. • Entry into the marketplace. Marketing Plan ©2014 James Feldman
  30. According to Jim You Create VALUE Not Provide services. ©2014 James Feldman
  31. What is S.W.O.T.? ©2014 James Feldman
  32. Internal External Things the company does well Things the company does not do well Conditions in the external environment that favor strengths Doesn’t relate to existing strengths or weakness ©2014 James Feldman
  33. Internal External ©2014 James Feldman Stemming from The External environment Internal environment
  34. Internal External ©2014 James Feldman Brand Awareness Image Reputation Distribution Pricing Customer Loyalty Product Benefits Finance R&D Manufacturing
  35. Cash Cows Market Share High Stars Low Dogs LowHig h ©2014 James Feldman
  36. High Low LowHig h Stars High Growth-High Share Business is likely to generate enough cash to be self- sustaining. PROMOTE AGGRESSIVELY High Growth-Low Share Business requires a lot of cash to maintain market share. INVEST MORE CASH-DIVEST Low Growth-High Share Business can be used to support other business units. DEFEND AND MAINTAIN Dogs Low Growth-Low Share Business is a cash trap. Focus on short term. AVOID RISKY PROJECTS Cash Cows ©2014 James Feldman
  37. Strategic Planning should focus on the view of your clients • Define Your Values. • Define Your Goals. • Take Control. • Define Your Strengths. • Find Clarity. • Be A Leader.
  38. ©2014 James Feldman All Rights Reserved FAILURE AND SUCCESS ARE RELATED
  39. EXPERIENCE Hierarchy Of Strategic Planning Workshop BELIEF CONFIDENCE MOTIVATION This different than what I do today. If I do this, I would be more successful. I have the ability to make Shift Happen. The reward is worth the risk and effort. Positive Experience fuels the desire to do more. UNDERSTANDING ©2014 James Feldman
  40. According to Jim ©2014 James Feldman Your Customers are not concerned with what you accomplished Yesterday , or what you did Today, it’s all about Tomorrow that really matters.
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