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Shift Happens!®


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Refocus your focus on Mexico. Mexico is a wonderful place to vacation,offers great value, and remains one of the most relaxing and safe destinations to visit.

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Shift Happens!®

  1. 1. on
  2. 2. Your BrainI will help you…• Do what you love.• Sell Solutions, not products.• Create Meaningful Memories.• Shift Your travelers’ Perceptions with Information-Insights-Impact
  3. 3. change is one of thecertainties of life
  4. 4. and our industry is not immune
  5. 5. it’s time for a shift
  6. 6. In the past you may haveweathered the storm
  7. 7. Mexico is at the center of change
  8. 8. it’s a great time for innovation
  9. 9. change is the key to success
  10. 10. the survival of your business
  11. 11. listen = learn
  12. 12. exceed expectations
  13. 13. find the point of pain
  14. 14. some pains you can’t cure
  15. 15. utilize social media
  16. 16. The Travel industry can be slow to change
  17. 17. travelers run from perceived safety issues
  18. 18. use this obstacle as a new business model
  19. 19. Tomorrow you have to overcome -Ignorance -Confusion -Apathy -Skepticism -Resistance
  20. 20. Lowering prices can’t truly replacepersonal service
  21. 21. Help your Travelers “check” theirEmotional Baggage
  22. 22. V.A.T. is often not a cost factor
  23. 23. Hotel values are up
  24. 24. what am I doing differently tomorrowthat will obtain better results than Iachieved today?
  25. 25. Now it’s your turn toask yourself…What do I know?What don’t I know?What can I influence?What can’t I influence?
  26. 26. Mexico offers world-class service
  27. 27. travelers want bright & inviting
  28. 28. make traditionalists squirm
  29. 29. genuine wins. uncommon wins. original wins.
  30. 30. don’t panic
  31. 31. stay cool
  32. 32. don’t just get ready
  33. 33. get going
  34. 34. spend energy on solutions
  35. 35. what am I doing differently tomorrow that will obtain better results than I achieved today?
  36. 36. experts have their knowledge in order
  37. 37. create your own bucket list
  38. 38. create your own bucket listYou PROVIDE SolutionsYou CREATE ValueYou ENGAGE your travelersYou REWARD LoyaltyYou TEACH them while you Reach themYou REACH them through their heartYou do not Major in minor thingsYou become passionate about MexicoYou are a Meaningful Memory Provider
  39. 39. on