Investigate-Innovate-Initiate It's all about your IQ


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As a business leader, you must foster innovation with your team to meet your ever increasing goals. This is an overview of what questions you should be asking, what resources you should consider, what viewpoints you should evaluate in your Journey To Bright Ideas.

If you are not innovating, you are falling behind. Every organization today needs to do more with less, reach new customers, and use resources wisely.

Whether you are developing a completely new game-changing product or simply finding a new process to save money, these are all innovations.

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Investigate-Innovate-Initiate It's all about your IQ

  1. 1. ©2014 James Feldman
  2. 2. In this business of yours, you can’t afford to rest on your laurels, even to pause in retrospect.
  3. 3. • Knowledgeable? • Hardworking? • Visionary? • Creative? • Driven? • Charitable? • Purposeful?©2014 James Feldman
  4. 4. How you think is as important as what you Aha ©2014 James Feldman
  5. 5. AhaBecome a Solution Provider Live in the FUTURE Appreciate WISDOM Forget Permanence Change your FOCUS Get excited and accept RISK Think about… ‘Clear and Present’ Opportunities ©2014 James Feldman
  6. 6. “The value of a big idea lies in using it.” - Jim Feldman ©2014 James Feldman
  7. 7. ©2014 James Feldman
  8. 8. Knowledge comes from books. Wisdom comes from experience.
  9. 9. Knowledge is free. Wisdom has a price.
  10. 10. ©2014 James Feldman
  11. 11. question everything ©2014 James Feldman
  12. 12. “Great” isn’t good enough. You must create Competitive Distinction. ©2014 James Feldman©2014 James Feldman
  13. 13. ©2014 James Feldman If you don’t have Competitive Distinction, then EVERYTHING degenerates to price.
  14. 14. Having the lowest price is the single worst point of differentiation. ©2014 James Feldman©2014 James Feldman
  15. 15. “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Coco Chanel
  16. 16. Why do you need more Innovation?
  17. 17. Why are your customers buying from you now? Why are they staying with you? Why not? Why are you competing on price, product, process? Why are you pressure driven instead of purpose driven? Why are your customers loyalty neutral?
  18. 18. What am I doing differently tomorrow that will obtain better results than I achieved yesterday? ©2014 James Feldman
  19. 19. Make a list of the ways that you believe your customers can tell the difference between and your competition. ©2014 James Feldman
  20. 20. ©2014 James Feldman Change Growth Profit Competition Acceleration Improvement Increases Decreases Problems Goals Cornerstones of Innovation Don’t let what you think you know, prevent you from learning what you need to know.
  21. 21. Creativity vs. Innovation Creativity is the skill to originate the New and make it valuable. Innovation is the process of creating something New that has significant value to the user. Invention is a physical thing. ©2014 James Feldman©2014 James Feldman
  22. 22. Creativity vs. Innovation Creativity is the process of developing new or interesting ideas. Innovation is the process of transforming creative ideas into valuable or profitable solutions. It’ how we make money. ©2014 James Feldman
  23. 23. The real trend in business is ©2014 James Feldman
  24. 24. From efficiency; Business As Usual (BAU) to to disruption; Innovation As Usual (IAU) ©2014 James Feldman
  25. 25. Shift from efficiency as business as usual (BAU) or S.O.P. to Innovation As Usual. ©2014 James Feldman
  26. 26. What Drives Innovation? • Disappearing trade barriers • Increasing rate of “shifts” • Increasing customer expectancies • Increasing amount & access to data/information • Decreasing cost of entry Innovation Opportunity Development Opportunity Identification Opportunity Capture Focus Shaping Development Business Case Validation & Launch Filtering ©2014 James Feldman
  27. 27. Be ridiculous & willing to fail. Create a passionate & inter-connected Innovation discussions. Have a strong internal focus. Keep the pipeline flowing. The types of Innovation cultures ©2014 James Feldman
  28. 28. Failure to understand customers, employees, stakeholders Inspire curiosity Question assumptions Lackluster ideas Challenge current perspectives Think differently Aversion to risk taking Create freedom Experiment Innovation Challenges Poor execution Drive discipline Get things done Driving Innovation ©2014 James Feldman
  29. 29. Is there a disruptive way to solve a problem? ©2014 James Feldman
  30. 30. Culture eats strategy for breakfast! ©2014 James Feldman
  31. 31. it challenges the status quo People hunger for stability amid change. ©2014 James Feldman
  32. 32. What’s your vision? ©2014 James Feldman
  33. 33. ©2014 James Feldman
  34. 34. trumps funding, technology, gold-plated degrees, and culture. YOUR Commitment to Your organization’s Innovation Vision ©2014 James Feldman
  35. 35. Today, let’s commit to your organization’s Worldwide Innovation Vision • Clarity • Creativity • Communication • Customer Experience Focus ©2014 James Feldman
  36. 36. 7 AREAS Culture Environment Structure, Function & Design Governance Language, Context & Communication ©2014 James Feldman
  37. 37. Why5
  38. 38. 1. Record ideas 2. Recall ideas 3. Recycle ideas ©2014 James Feldman
  39. 39. ©2014 James Feldman
  40. 40. ©2014 James Feldman
  41. 41. Depth Distance Determination
  42. 42. Innovate Initiate identification ideation Investigate Depth Distance Determination
  43. 43. Innovation Label Physical Space Success/ Failure Information Staff/ Patrons Management Creativity Tools Label Employee Empowerment Flexibility Label Technology
  44. 44. Do not fill out RFPs until you can talk to client. Don’t give away your best ideas. ©2014 James Feldman©2014 James Feldman
  45. 45. ©2014 James Feldman Coffee Perception Bulk Coffee $.10 Coffee Beans $.25 $4.75 Barista Coffee Coffee Service $1.50 ©2014 James Feldman
  46. 46. ©2014 James Feldman
  47. 47. The secret is applying the information we have in a way that benefits your Clients. ©2014 James Feldman
  48. 48. Champion creativity and Innovation will follow ©2014 James Feldman
  49. 49. See a Need. Fill a Need.
  50. 50. ©2014 James Feldman What does your client… Want? Need? Value? Expect?
  51. 51. ©2014 James Feldman What is the ULTIMATE Meaningful Memory experience a client could have with you?
  52. 52. ©2014 James Feldman What important strategic goals can be accelerated through the use of innovation? What new growth opportunities should be explored by innovative techniques? ©2014 James Feldman
  53. 53. ©2014 James Feldman How does your firm intend to position itself or distinguish itself from its competitors, and how can you use innovation to support those goals? ©2014 James Feldman
  54. 54. Success comes from turning problems into opportunities. ©2014 James Feldman
  55. 55. ©2014 James Feldman Clients’ power resides in their level of contentment with your solutions
  56. 56. ©2014 James Feldman If you were starting from scratch, and there were no hindrances, no obstacles, and no limit to your resources, if anything was possible, what would you do differently?
  57. 57. ©2014 James Feldman How do you intend to position yourself or distinguish yourself from your competitors in your market? How can you use Innovation to support those goals?
  58. 58. ©2014 James Feldman How are you working on your business… Differently…to enhance profit? To upsell? To provide better service? What keeps you awake at night?
  59. 59. ©2014 James Feldman What’s the most innovative practice, service, or product have you launched in the last year? What product or service would you eliminate if you had to get rid of ‘dead weight’?
  60. 60. ©2014 James Feldman Better Results. Better Outcomes. Meaningful Memories.
  61. 61. ©2014 James Feldman Few of us can rely on the past… we have to invent our own future.
  62. 62. ©2014 James Feldman Are there important forces that shape your industry’s competition? Rivalry among existing competitor s Threat of new entrants Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Menace of substitute products or services
  63. 63. ©2014 James Feldman Choose to do things differently
  64. 64. Can you personalize the experience? The New Breed of Client ©2014 James Feldman
  65. 65. what if? why not? what’s next? ©2014 James Feldman
  66. 66. Are you slow to change? ©2014 James Feldman
  67. 67. you have to be quicker ©2014 James Feldman
  68. 68. Who do you hunt? ©2014 James Feldman
  69. 69. Be part of how your customer wins their business using your solutions. ©2014 James Feldman
  70. 70. Are YOU ready for change? ©2014 James Feldman
  71. 71. If failure is not an option, NEITHER is Success. ©2014 James Feldman
  72. 72. Failure is the first cousin of success ©2014 James Feldman
  73. 73. Wealth is not gained by perfecting the known, but by seizing the unknown. ©2014 James Feldman
  74. 74. People do not default up! Sell from top down not bottom up. ©2014 James Feldman
  75. 75. Customers want the product of your product.
  76. 76. People buy from people they trust. Build trust and price isn’t an issue.
  77. 77. Now I know what I will be doing differently tomorrow to obtain better results than I achieved yesterday. Investigate, Innovate, Initiate ©2014 James Feldman
  78. 78. Beware of Distractions… disguised as Opportunities. ©2014 James Feldman
  79. 79. You PROVIDE solutions… not deliver products. You CREATE value… not provide services. You ENGAGE our Clients'… not sell to them. You are PROBLEM SOLVERS… who charge for your WISDOM. ©2014 James Feldman
  80. 80. Logic makes people think. Emotions make people act. ©2014 James Feldman
  81. 81. Now Share Your Big Ideas ©2014 James Feldman
  82. 82. Talk To Me Visit or call 312-527-9111 /in/jamesfeldman @ShiftHappensNow #shifthappens /shifthappensnow