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3DThinking - Innovative Problem Solving NOMMA


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Short version of Jim Feldman's speech to NOMMA in Feb. 2012 about 3DThinking. 3DThinking is a process to teach people how to become innovative problem solvers. This abbreviated version of the slideshow is only the smallest piece of this valuable equation.

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3DThinking - Innovative Problem Solving NOMMA

  1. 1. “The value of an idea lies inthe using of it.”- Thomas Edison
  2. 2. Product | Process | People Out with the old. In with the new.
  3. 3. Depth Distance Determination
  4. 4. We purchase wisdom. We use products.
  5. 5. Discover Dream Appreciate Imagine“The best of what is” “What could be” Make it. Master it. Make it matter. Destiny Design Create Determine “What will be” “What should be”
  6. 6. Innovation is theproduct of discomfort
  7. 7. Is there a disruptive way to solve a problem?
  8. 8. What do your customersWant? Need? Value? Expect?
  9. 9. First railroads were built to certain specifications
  10. 10. Why did the English build tracks like that?
  11. 11. Why did the wagons have thatodd wheel spacing?
  12. 12. So who built those old rutted roads?
  13. 13. Roman chariots
  14. 14. Two horses pulled the Roman chariots
  15. 15. The width of2 horses’ butts determinedthe size of the SRB rockets
  16. 16. But we don’t shift thinking
  17. 17. Innovation allows us to make money from creativity
  18. 18. Change creates stability
  19. 19. Change your pitch
  20. 20. Create a winning team
  21. 21. T•E•A•M
  22. 22. Define The Problem
  23. 23. Are you thebest choice?
  24. 24. Wealth is not gained by perfecting the known,but by seizing the unknown.
  25. 25. Talk To MeLinkedIn: @ShiftHappensNowHashtag: