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100 AHAs from D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®

Incompetence, indifference and global competition have created massive shifts in commerce. The creation of a Customer is a lost art and for many companies they default to mediocriity. Today, we know that the by product of this mediocrity is price sensitivity.

Shift Happens!® at many companies in they way they deliver Customer Service. Here are 100 AHAs, thought starters, and reminders that Customer Service 'common sense' is not so common.

Customers have been forced to gravitate to the least mediocre treatment. Customers vote with their dollars. If you want to win more Customers you must first focus on keeping the ones that you have now.

Start D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer and...
-Gather Information
-Test Customer loyalty by asking for references
-Poll Customers
-Pursue opportunties with new solutions
-Adapt your service to niche markets
-Committ to keeping Customers you have now

Print out one AHA per day for your employees. Make it a priority to 'DATE' your Customers.


All of this helps you to discover any underlying problem you can bring to the surface before clients go anywhere.

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100 AHAs from D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®

  1. 1. 100 AHAs from the Relationship Manual ©2015 James D. Feldman D A T I N G Your Customer ®
  2. 2. In the beginning, there was the Customer; at the end is a sale. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  3. 3. Create great Customer Service Experiences by D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® ©2015 James D. Feldman
  4. 4. Customer Service is just like D-A-T-I-N-G. The objective of both is to get the second opportunity. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  5. 5. The Customer is still King and they know it. Think of the main task as bringing the Customer back. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  6. 6. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® is about how you DAZZLE your Customers and build relationships.
  7. 7. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® is all about ATTITUDE, which determines your altitude. Listen more than you talk. ACT delighted. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  8. 8. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® is about how you TREAT each Customer uniquely. Fit their needs to a "T” and see what may result in your date. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  9. 9. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  10. 10. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® is about how you NURTURE your employees so they take care of your Customers. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  11. 11. D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer® has one objective…to GUARANTEE you continue to have Customers in the future. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  12. 12. Amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic. Learn from others. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  13. 13. What does not make sense is investing to attract new Customers, then failing to match that effort with D-A-T-I-N-G follow through. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  14. 14. It's called a Customer Return Policy. Don’t ‘why’ them. WOW them with long term benefits to bring them back. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  15. 15. We are in a deep depression and deterioration in the way we treat our Customers. Create a WOW Customer RETURN POLICY. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  16. 16. Being your own Customer on a regular basis is something that you must do to become Customer Driven. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  17. 17. Learn from your mistakes. Customers trust people not companies. There are four Customer trusts: Quality • Speed • Convenience • Attention ©2015 James D. Feldman
  18. 18. The most important skill to become Customer driven is to listen. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  19. 19. ©Torben Rick
  20. 20. Customers may not always be RIGHT. However, there is no percentage in telling them they are WRONG. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  21. 21. The market place looks totally different from where the Customer is standing. Make all decisions from their perspective. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  22. 22. The first temptation is to run the company to suit yourself, not your Customers. Suit them, or they will suit themselves. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  23. 23. Your Customers are not concerned with Yesterday. It’s what you did for them today that really matters. ©2015 James D. Feldman D A T I N G Your Customer ®
  24. 24. You don't know everything. You can't forecast reactions. Narrow your gaps in knowledge instead of widening it. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  25. 25. A very small percentage of your Customers will take the time to complain. ©2015 James D. Feldman Most will quietly go away.
  26. 26. Stretch your goals by stepping out of your comfort zone if you want to make Shift Happen. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  27. 27. Thank your Customer for complaining. Make a complaint a positive experience for both of you. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  28. 28. Complaints can help you to recover lost ground and improve your relationship with your Customer. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  29. 29. 95% satisfied Customers is not good enough. 5 dissatisfied Customers tell 20 creating a domino effect. Satisfied Customers tell 1 person. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  30. 30. As long as a buyer is right you have a Customer. If you tell them they are wrong you have a prospect. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  31. 31. Do Not Pass The Buck. Accept responsibility immediately so your Customer complains only once. For many companies they make it easy to buy and very difficult to return or complain. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  32. 32. A satisfied employee will create and keep satisfied Customers. A dissatisfied employee will cost you Customers. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  33. 33. Reactions to what you communicate to your Customers is very difficult to forecast. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  34. 34. Don’t get in trouble by saying… "I thought someone else was taking care of that." Excuses indicate a roadblock to action. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  35. 35. The 'center of gravity' of your business should be as close as possible to the point where the business meets its Customers. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  36. 36. The challenge for Customer satisfaction is to provide more, with less resources, for Customers who demand extra for less money. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  37. 37. Seeing your Customers, Suppliers, and Employees as people is what Customer Driven is about. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  38. 38. You must know the exact cost to acquire a Customer. And the lifetime value of that Customer. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  39. 39. The problem is to learn how to define the end results and then create the ‘moves’ to achieve them. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  40. 40. A satisfied Customer with your complaint resolution will tell at least 5 people about their experience.
  41. 41. 3 P's make most of my decisions. P=Profit (Save or make money?) ©2015 James D. Feldman P=Pleasure (Happy?) P=Payback (I Owe Me? Or I Owe Others?) 2 out of 3 Ps is a minimum requirement
  42. 42. Changes in the company are driven from the bottom up. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  43. 43. To solve the puzzle a quality product is required, but quality alone will not retain your Customers or bring in new ones. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  44. 44. Imagine everyone having a sign that says, WIIFM! Make them feel important. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  45. 45. It's always up to you to make the first move. Customers expect you to keep them satisfied. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  46. 46. Quality Products + Competitive Prices x (Satisfied, Trained employees) x (Efficient Systems) = Customer Driven Organizations. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  47. 47. Organizations need to ‘push’ the awareness of the tremendous need for dedication to Customer Satisfaction. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  48. 48. Organizations should empower their employees to solve Customer complaints quickly, without need for supervisors' approval. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  49. 49. The highest expectation of Customers are to be treated like royalty. If you don't they will find someone that will. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  50. 50. Strive for Perfection or Else. If you think 99% is good enough, 2 plane landings daily at O'Hare will be unsafe. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  51. 51. ©2015 James D. Feldman Never say, "YOU will have to..." The only thing definite is death and taxes, the rest is something we can work on.
  52. 52. Customer Driven organizations have the ability to attract, keep, and 'shift' Customers to long term relationships.
  53. 53. Become your own Customer. Call often. Everything begins and ends with the Customer. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  54. 54. Irrate Customers want to vent. Do not interrupt them. If possible, shake their hands upon agreement.
  55. 55. Never say, NO. Say… "We are not able to do what you requested but, we can offer you this instead. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  56. 56. Never say "I Don't Know", say… ©2015 James D. Feldman "That's a good question. I will check and find out.”
  57. 57. A Customer is a human being with feelings & money to spend with you. A consumer is a statistic. Know the difference. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  58. 58. When faced with a business decision, ask "What will this do to help bring the Customer back?" ©2015 James D. Feldman
  59. 59. Targeted Resolution Process ©2015 James D. Feldman Define Problem Reaffirm Acceptance Repeat Gather Information Offer Alternatives Take Action
  60. 60. Celebrate diversity. Be non-judgmental. Have an open mind. Listen with your eyes. Agree upon a WIN/WIN solution. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  61. 61. Customers want Authenticity. Share your thoughts. Cultivate transparency. Be open. Listen for feelings not just facts. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  62. 62. Customer Service is not a department. It is everyone's responsibility to keep your G-R-E-A-T Customers happy. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  63. 63. ATTITUDE is everything. 67% of all Customers leave because of a poor attitude, or indifference from company employee. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  64. 64. Customers are smart, informed, have access to resources, product information, and prices. Treat them with respect. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  65. 65. Never say, "They didn't get back to me.” Expecting someone to get back to you stops the action. Take the initiative. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  66. 66. Listen the Customer may be talking. Don’t talk, the Customer may be listening. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  67. 67. When your Customer tells you what they want, if it’s possible, give it to them. Debating the resolution will lose a Customer. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  68. 68. ©2015 James D. Feldman Don’t talk bad about your Customer to anyone. Ever.
  69. 69. ©2015 James D. Feldman Everyone is a salesperson in some way. When you service a Customer, you're selling them a return visit to your business. And every salesperson is also a potential Customer.
  70. 70. Don't let what you think you know about your Customers' request prevent you from learning what you need to do to solve it. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  71. 71. You don't want satisfied Customers. Satisfaction is the minimum requirement to stay in business. You want Loyal Customers. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  72. 72. Clearly define your Customer Mission by communicating it to all levels of your organization. Develop measurement systems. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  73. 73. You can't exceed the expectations of your Customers if you haven't satisfied your employees, first. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  74. 74. ©2015 James D. Feldman People don't buy products. They buy the product of the product. They buy solutions to their problems.
  75. 75. ©2015 James D. Feldman It's simple math. Retaining 5% of your Customers can make a 75% difference in your profits and increase referrals.
  76. 76. There are only 2 valid business purposes: To create Customers Innovation It's not about price that brings them back. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  77. 77. Customers have come to expect immediacy. Instant gratification is really time based. Customers want it now. ©2015 James D. Feldman I WANT IT ALL! I WANT IT NOW!
  78. 78. We've learned to gravitate to the least mediocre treatment we can find. The by-product of mediocrity is price sensitivity. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  79. 79. Regardless of the industry, with few exceptions, the creation of a Customer is a lost art. Despite it sales are made. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  80. 80. Over 100 years ago the founder of AT&T was asked, "What's your business?” He responded, "Our business is service.” Every business today is a ‘service’ business. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  81. 81. Customers are the "center of gravity" of business activity. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  82. 82. Henry Ford said it best, "If we are not Customer driven our cars won't be either.” ©2015 James D. Feldman
  83. 83. ©2015 James D. Feldman Exceptional Customer service is the best competitive differentiation in today's global marketplace.
  84. 84. Be Genuinely Helpful Don't take anything personally Don't make assumptions Reinforce Values Create A Joint Resolution Be Impeccable with your word Follow up and stay in touch ©2015 James D. Feldman
  85. 85. Truly great Customer service affects every individual, every process, every level, of every organization. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  86. 86. Thinking strategically about Customer service pays off. Provide Customer service that is worth celebrating. ©2015 James D. Feldman Customers are now connected.
  87. 87. Every Customer defines great service differently. And for them that's the correct one. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  88. 88. To gain more Customers and build your business, first concentrate on the Customers you already have. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  89. 89. ©2015 James D. Feldman Great Customer Service is not what you put into it, but what the Customer gets out of it. Evaluate Reactions. Celebrate Successes.
  90. 90. Listen to your Customer. Handling complaints is the most misunderstood, overlooked, and undervalued part of Customer service because we talk when we should be listening. . ©2015 James D. Feldman
  91. 91. All businesses exist to create, service, and retain Customers, while making a profit as they deliver exceptional service.
  92. 92. Your Customers always want to talk about their most favorite topic: themselves, wants or needs. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  93. 93. Businesses are losing Customers every day because they aren't treating Customers the way they say they will. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  94. 94. To rise above the competition use innovative creativity to be unconventional in your solutions. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  95. 95. Garnish your Customer service with unexpected, pleasant extras to let your Customers know they're special to you. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  96. 96. Think. Don’t assume what the Customer wants. Ask them. You may be surprised at the response. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  97. 97. Customers pay you to sweat all the details so it's easy and pleasant for them to use your products and services. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  98. 98. The companies that get into trouble are the ones that can't respond quickly enough and adapt to Customer challenges. It’s all about speed. ©2015 James D. Feldman
  99. 99. A Crash Course On Customer Service: The 2 most important words: ©2015 James D. Feldman
  100. 100. A Crash Course On Customer Service: The MOST important word: ©2015 James D. Feldman
  101. 101. ©2015 James D. Feldman No matter how difficult… Keep Your Sense of Humor D A T I N G Your Customer ®
  102. 102. ©2015 James D. Feldman 312 527-9111 To Order Tivoli Chocolate D A T I N G Your Customer ®
  103. 103. ©2015 James D. Feldman Like us on Facebook shifthappensnow And email your mailing address And we will send you some Tivoli Chocolate D A T I N G Your Customer ®