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TOP 10 Reasons to Hire Keynote Speaker Jim Feldman


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Learn some of the many reasons to hire Jim Feldman of Shift Happens for your next speaking engagement. He customizes content to your audience. He also provides the great combo of entertainment and humor with content and real world takeaways. Take a look at the slideshare presentation to see the Top 10 reasons! Call him at 312-527-9111 or go to

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TOP 10 Reasons to Hire Keynote Speaker Jim Feldman

  1. -10-JIM CONNECTS WITH THE AUDIENCE He is consistently rated the best speaker at conferences
  2. -9-THERE’S NO CANNED SPEECH HEREFresh ideas are customized for each presentation to feed the audience
  3. -8-A BUSINESSMAN WHO SPEAKS As a entrepreneur & consultant he debunks misconceptions
  4. -7-ENTERTAINMENT, HUMOR & CONTENT Jim creates insanely bold visuals and presentations
  5. -6-JIM IS THE IDEA GUY He’ll give your audience solutions they can implement immediately
  6. -5-TRANSFORMATIONAL NOT INFORMATIONALJim’s topics provide a roadmap to innovation, service & change management
  7. -4-JIM THINKS DIFFERENTLY Jim was named him a top innovator with the founders of Google
  8. -3-JIM LEARNS YOUR LANGUAGE He talks with your audience, not at them.
  9. -2-JIM’S AN CHANGE EXPERT He’s worked with hundreds of companies to make Shift Happen
  10. -1-JIM MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE A ROCK STAR He defines his success by exceeding your meeting objectives
  11. Learn countless other reasons tobook Jim today! Contact us:www.ShiftHappens.comCall Jim @ 312.527.9111image attributes:The National Archives UK • The U.S. National Archives • Smithsonian Institution