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Shiftalliance Better Practices Intro


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An introduction to better practices for meaningful value creation by shiftalliance

Published in: Business
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Shiftalliance Better Practices Intro

  1. 1. meaningful business wins
  2. 2. anyone can contribute creatively
  3. 3. at my work people are rewarded for relationships
  4. 4. the offer is a standard for sustainable materials
  5. 5. environmentalism / green capitalism 3.0 constructive capitalism web 2.0 inclusion, transparency, collaboration .... trends wellness from shareholders to stakeholders corporate social responsibility positive psychology peak performance social entrepreneurship
  6. 6. the power of stories triggering cultural memory fostering mindfulness enabling social fun supporting intuition practicing ‘presence’ intrigue / wit secrets celebrating craft aspirational role play natural beauty total authenticity empathic service true empowerment celebrating heritage trust based innovation
  7. 7. meaningful value
  8. 8. 231 better practices
  9. 9. 231 better practices
  10. 10. meaningful to individuals
  11. 11. the offer is m2i as it evokes genuine empathy
  12. 12. distribution is m2i because it triggers a fond cultural memory
  13. 13. the message is m2i because of the story within
  14. 14. the message is m2i because it makes developing and learning fun
  15. 15. use is m2i because it connects me to my personal history
  16. 16. the workplace is m2c because of home offices
  17. 17. my job is m2i because enables each employees potential
  18. 18. what we do is m2i because values diversity and new thinking
  19. 19. meaningful to communities
  20. 20. the offer is m2e because it enables a community
  21. 21. distribution is m2c because it is notably personal
  22. 22. the message is m2c because of virally triggers values communities
  23. 23. the message is m2c because it engages the community
  24. 24. internal activities are m2c because socially responsible procurement
  25. 25. meaningful to the environment
  26. 26. the post use is m2e because notable commitment to re-cycling
  27. 27. our partner activities are m2e because they are a local ecosystem
  28. 28. 231 better practices talk to the next level of value creation
  29. 29. value drivers standardization 1920’s 1970’s 1990’s 2000’s
  30. 30. value drivers quality standardization 1920’s 1970’s 1990’s 2000’s
  31. 31. value drivers voice of the customer quality standardization 1920’s 1970’s 1990’s 2000’s
  32. 32. value drivers meaningful value voice of the customer quality standardization 1920’s 1970’s 1990’s 2000’s
  33. 33. meaningful business wins