The period of enlightenment


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The period of enlightenment

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The period of enlightenment

  1. 1. - Shiela Mae C. Llanes
  2. 2. was a literary and culturalorganization formed in 1872by Filipino émigrés who had settledin Europe.The goals of the propagandists.
  3. 3.  Representation of the Philippines in the CortesGenerales, the Spanish parliament; Secularization of the clergy; Legalization of Spanish and Filipino equality; Creation of a public school system independent ofthe friars; Abolition of the polo (labor service)and vandala (forced sale of local products to thegovernment);
  4. 4.  Guarantee of basic freedomsof speech and association; Equal opportunity for Filipinos andSpanish to enter government service; Recognition of the Philippines as aprovince of Spain; Secularization of Philippine parishes; Recognition of human rights.
  5. 5.  Ferdinand Blumentritt Miguel Morayta Francisco Pi y Margall Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla
  6. 6.  Ferdinand Blumentritt – Rizal’s best friend;professor in Ateneo de Leitmeritz, Austria Miguel Morayta – Rizal’s professor in theUniversidad Central de Madrid Francisco Pi y Margall – former president ofthe First Spanish Republic Manuel Ruiz Zorrilla – leader of theRepublican Party of Spain Don Juan de Atayde – Spanish writer
  7. 7.  annotated the book, Sucesos de las IslasFilipinas the La Liga FilipinaNoli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo
  8. 8.  politician, poet, novelist, lawyer Pen name: Justo Desiderio Magalang Ninay (1885)
  9. 9.  “Prince of Filipino Orators.” the organ of the Propaganda Movement was theLa Solidaridad, its initial issue was published in1889 by Graciano in Barcelona. It is believed that he delivered more than athousand speeches but only nine had beencollected and published.
  10. 10.  general, doctor, pharmacist, journalist pen names: Tabing-Ilog works: La Independencia
  11. 11.  doctor, journalist, orator pen name: Jomapa, : Anatomia de Regines, AngLupang Tinubuan
  12. 12.  Teacher and lexicographer from Bulacan. Wrote the first Diccionario Tagalog-Español
  13. 13.  Illustrado editor of Diariong Tagalog Revolutionary leader Macelo H. del Pilar pen names: Plaridel,Dolores Manapat, Piping Dilat, Pupdoh,Kupang, SilingLabuyo, Maitalaga, L.O.Crame, CarmeloEnlightenment
  14. 14.  fellow reformist, physician pen names: Naning, Kalipulako, Tikbalang
  15. 15.  written by Jose Rizal Mariano Ponce titled Mi Último Pensamiento(My Last Thought)
  16. 16.  The Philippine League July 3, 1892 – established by Rizal in a house atIlaya St. Tondo, Manila Its constitution was written in Hongkong Ambrosio Salvador – President Agustin de la Rosa – Fiscal Bonifacio Arevalo – Treasurer Deodato Arellano - Secretary
  17. 17.  Tragic failure of the Reforms La Solidaridad closed due to lack offunds Rizal was exiled in Dapitan Panganiban, Jaena, and Del Pilar died inpoverty