Introduction of open stack java


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Introduction of OpenStack Java slide at OpenStack Summit HK

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Introduction of open stack java

  1. 1. OpenStack Java NTTDATA INTELLILINK Takahiro Shida <>
  2. 2. Sorry My English is very poor. Maybe, there are some spelling miss and grammar problem in this slide and my speaks.
  3. 3. This is just a toy I’m rewrite the nova-compute by Java. What’s mean? A picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s take a demo!!
  4. 4. Demo structure OpenStack Running the openstack on Amazon EC2 by using devstack Amazon EC2 This is my localrc
  5. 5. Disable n-cpu?? This is key point Where the nova-compute running ?
  6. 6. My Windows laptop change to n-cpu OpenStack RabbitMQ Amazon EC2 Internet nova-compute
  7. 7. Technology Issue • Which hypervisor do I use in Windows? • VirtualBox • This is an Open Source Hypervisor and provide HTTP based API • What feature do I implement in? • Boot Server, Stop Server and Boot by volume. • VirtualBox iSCSI API is not open to public. • Is Neutron support? • Completely unsupported! • OpenFlow… Virtual switch… Linux Bridge… • They are not work on windows. • This project reach a dead end by Neutron.
  8. 8. Conclusion • Java is not suite for OpenStack • ex) JSON format • Java needs static type in JSON • Completely define the all JSON input and output • Or, all treat as Object type • Cast and Cast and Cast… Like a computer virus? • One day, this program grow world wide • All machine controlled by OpenStack • Grid Computing and OpenStack?