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Report on exploration


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Report on exploration

  1. 1. Subject: COMPUTER STUDIES<br />Topic: INPUT, OUTPUT AND STORAGE DEVICES<br />Year: 7<br />Synopsis of lesson<br /><ul><li>Show the video on vending machine operation
  2. 2. Ask the students how the vending machine works
  3. 3. Ask the students where is the input, output and storage
  4. 4. Ask the students how this vending machine relate to the computer operation
  5. 5. Let the students answer the basic computer operation on the diagram/ exercise given.
  6. 6. Given feedback on their exercise
  7. 7. Group them into 3 groups – first gp, input, 2nd gp, output and 3rd gp storage
  8. 8. Surf on the internet the information and diagram of the devices and Present their work into the class</li></ul>Feedback on exploration<br />By showing the video on vending machine, the students were curious and wondering what they will be learning about on the lesson. They have no ideas what is the connection of vending machine with the topic that they are going to learn. <br />The students were able to give response on the video, and explain how the vending machine operates. Some of the students were able to mention the input-output-storage process. Whereas from our exploration, we can see that the students have a ‘picture’ (ideas) of some basic computer operation. <br />By giving an explanation to the students, they are now able to apply the ideas to the basic operation of the computer. They are also able to identify correctly on the exercise given. (fig 1)<br />fig 1<br />For the class activity, students were given group activity where they have to divide themselves into three groups and do some research on input or output or storage devices from the internet. From the activity, students gave positive response and feel excited to work together as a group. <br />Reflections on feedback including any changes<br />From our micro teaching, we have positive feedback from the lecturer and classmate. As pointed out by our lecturer, we have applied the correct assessment that meet the SPN 21 objectives that is more towards students centred. <br />In the future, we will ensure that all the students must pay attention and actively participate in the lesson. In order to get the students’ interest towards the lesson, we will make use of IWB. <br />Instead of showing the video of the vending machine we will bring the students to experience buying drinks from the real vending machine at the school canteen. <br />We need to improve our instructions strategies by delivering the information more clearly. <br />