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Future of Music:Tech +30 - Northside Festival 2012


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This was a slide deck used to prepare for our Future of Music:Tech panel at the 2012 Northside Festival in Brooklyn.

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Future of Music:Tech +30 - Northside Festival 2012

  1. 1. Hi• Seth Hillinger : @hill• Eliot Van Buskirk : @eliotvb• Jason Herskowitz : @jherskowitz• Jesse Israel : @jesseisrael
  2. 2. 1982
  3. 3. source: Fred Siebert
  4. 4. Why look 30 years back?• 30 years ago wasn’t actually that long ago.• To predict the future, lets first look in the past.• What do you remember owning back then?• Does history repeat itself in this case?
  5. 5. 15 years ago, 1997,The shift was starting to happen.
  6. 6. Burn your own CD kiosks at Starbucks
  7. 7. 10 Years ago, 2002 The Internet smashed everything wide open.• iPods (1999)• Napster (1999)• Major label online store (2002)
  8. 8. The impact of Apple• Was Steve Jobs a genius or was he just more passionate about product design?• Will Apple continue to affect music in the future?
  9. 9. what should we learn from the recent past?• Imeem• Limewire• LaLa• MySpace• Google Music• Beyond Oblivion
  10. 10. Trends• What Trends are you starting to notice?• SoLoMo?• Discovery, local, distribution, social, storage education, creation …• Who’s doing a good job of expanding in these categories?
  11. 11. NYMusic:TechMeetup
  12. 12. Categories of Music:TechOf these different categories of music:technology, which will have particular prominence in the next few years?• How is music and artists making money related?• What’s your take on the DMCA?• What are different revenue models that have worked?• What’s the motivation to build a music:tech service?• Is there one technology for everybody or are there different technologies for different types of listeners?
  13. 13. The Internet• But does Music:Tech only mean the internet?• Can it be developed in absence of the internet?• Will it enable people to behave differently?• Will there always be the close your eyes, put on your headphones, auditory, experience.
  14. 14. Questions• What sort of role will social media have?• What role will the Record Industry have? Will they lose control or will they somehow come together?• Will the music industry ever operate “in harmony” with music technology? Or with by the very nature will it be threatened?• Who will hold the key to the artist’s success? Will it be technologists? Marketers?• Will radio still exist? Top 40 stations or will it all be artificially curated?• Will there ever be a substitute for touring to make money? Was Louis CK a visionary or just good timing?
  15. 15. Thanks!• Seth Hillinger : @hill• Eliot Van Buskirk : @eliotvb• Jason Herskowitz : @jherskowitz• Jesse Israel : @jesseisrael