Mental retardation and its homeopathy treatment in Chembur, Mumbai, India


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"Mental Retardation-It is a generalized disorder appearing before adulthood. It is signified by impaired cognitive behavior. It shows deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors. Mindheal homeopathy helps in the behavioral therapy and may provide primary relief from the condition."

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Mental retardation and its homeopathy treatment in Chembur, Mumbai, India

  1. 1. Effective treatment & remedies for Mental retardation Definition It is significantly subaverage intellectual functioning present from birth or early infancy, causing limitations in the ability to conduct normal activities of daily living. • Can be genetic or the result of a disorder that interferes with brain development. • Most children do not develop noticeable symptoms until they are in preschool. • The diagnosis is based on the results of formal testing. • A child's life expectancy is based on the extent of mental and physical problems. • Proper prenatal care lowers the risk of having a child with MR/ID. • Support from many specialists, therapy, and special education help children achieve the highest level of functioning possible. Symptoms of Mental retardation The following are some of the symptoms of Mental retardation: Causes : Before or At Conception o Inherited disorders (such as phenylketonuria, Tay-Sachs disease, neurofibromatosis, hypothyroidism, and fragile X syndrome) o Chromosome abnormalities (such as Down syndrome) • During Pregnancy o Severe maternal malnutrition o Infections with HIV, cytomegalovirus, herpes simplex, toxoplasmosis, rubella virus o Toxins (such as alcohol, lead, and methylmercury) o Drugs (such as phenytoin, valproate, isotretinoin, and cancer chemotherapy) o Abnormal brain development (such as porencephalic cyst, grey matter heterotopia, and encephalocele) o Preeclampsia and multiple births • During Birth o Insufficient oxygen (hypoxia)
  2. 2. o Extreme prematurity • After Birth o Brain infections (such as meningitis and encephalitis) o Severe head injury o Malnutrition of the child o Severe emotional neglect or abuse o Toxins (such as lead and mercury) There is significantly below average intellectual functioning to slow down following abilities: • To cope with two or more activities of normal daily living (adaptive skills). • ability to communicate • live at home • take care of oneself • Including making decisions • participate in leisure • social • school • work activities • awareness of personal health and safety. Diagnosis: Intellectual functioning: 1.developmental quotient (DQ) tests 2. Intelligence quotient (IQ) tests Laboratory tests: urine and blood tests To detect metabolic and genetic disorders A chromosome analysis. Imaging tests x-rays of bones computed tomography (CT)
  3. 3. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) electroencephalogram (EEG) Homeopathic treatment for Mental retardation Support needed like Intermittent (occasional support) Limited (day program in a sheltered workshop) Extensive or pervasive. (high level of support for all activities of daily living, possibly including full-time nursing care ) Document Source: Mindheal Homeopathy is a leading homeopathic treatment center in Mumbai, India.