Building an open democracy with open data +


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The slides for the keynote talk I presented at the 2nd National Open Data Meetup in Brazil.
Talking about open data, open government and how opening data in and of itself won't be a magic solution - we need open processes and an engaged civil society and media sector. Some steps and some challenges. Distinction between person data and open data, how to keep the internet open etc

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Building an open democracy with open data +

  1. 1. Open democracy with open data Irina Bolychevsky @shevski @shevski
  2. 2. We are a global network using advocacy and technology to open up knowledge and see it used to empower citizens and organizations to drive positive change @shevski
  3. 3. @shevski
  4. 4. Working groups @shevski
  5. 5. Building an open, inclusive, fair, democratic government with open data @shevski
  6. 6. 1: Open by default What does this mean? Why does it matter? Example? @shevski
  7. 7. A piece of content or data is open if anyone is free to use, reuse, and redistribute it — subject only, at most, to the requirement to attribute and share-alike. @shevski
  8. 8. Reusability process Step 1: get the data openly licensed Step 2: make it accessible - metadata, formats, machine readability, portal ( Step 3: start building, linking and turning data into something more - information @shevski
  9. 9. Obama: open and machine readable @shevski
  10. 10. 2. Licencing Clear, standard default licences are important Legal guarantee for reuse @shevski
  11. 11. @shevski
  12. 12. 3: Publish unpublished datasets Registry of what exists ● participation ● see what people want ● building in transparent process @shevski
  13. 13. case study @shevski
  14. 14. @shevski
  15. 15. 4: Engagement Data Journalism Civil Society Ask for help @shevski
  16. 16. ● Free online - with Spanish, Russian and French versions ● What is Data Journalism? Why is it Important? ● Numerous case studies: BBC, Guardian Datablog, Zeit Online.. ● How to get, transform, understand & visualise / deliver data @shevski
  17. 17. @shevski
  18. 18. @shevski
  19. 19. @shevski
  20. 20. @shevski
  21. 21. 5: Open Data Portal Central registry Local / regional Federation New extensions Engagement @shevski
  22. 22. @shevski
  23. 23. CKAN - open source data publishing 1. search and discoverability for re-users of data 2. data management tools for publishers @shevski
  24. 24. Online home for data Central keyword search Facet by tags, location, format, licence, publishing department Browse by groups, keywords, publishers Standardized interface for viewing Link to datasets or data directly Previews and data exploration where possible @shevski
  25. 25. @shevski
  26. 26. @shevski
  27. 27. @shevski
  28. 28. Data Management for Publishers Easily store and update metadata records Workflow and approval Fine grained authorization controls Broken link reports Download and view counts @shevski
  29. 29. Add and edit dataset metadata @shevski
  30. 30. Authorisation & access control @shevski
  31. 31. @shevski
  32. 32. Stats & analytics CKAN comes with inbuilt stats + integration with Google Analytics Includes dataset counts, download counts + reports @shevski
  33. 33. Link checker and 5 star ratings @shevski
  34. 34. Sophisticated geospatial capabilities @shevski
  35. 35. Geo-Search: Filter by location / draw bounding box WMS previews Plotting GeoJSON / Longitude & Latitude in tabular data Support for: ● INSPIRE ● GEMINI 2.1 ● CSW ● ISO 19139 @shevski
  36. 36. Harvesting and normalization Get metadata from external catalogs and endpoints CKAN will parse, validate and normalise to create metadata records that look the same to end users no matter where they came from We can currently harvest: other CKAN catalogs, CSW endpoints and WAFs serving ISO 19139 documents @shevski
  37. 37. @shevski
  38. 38. @shevski
  39. 39. Federation Search across catalogs in aggregator sites (such as Data Catalog Interoperability Protocol: http: // @shevski
  40. 40. anyone can publish official accounts are promoted fork this dataset if you want to improve it
  41. 41. vote and raise the dataset search ranking promote your reuse cases
  42. 42. @shevski
  43. 43. @shevski
  44. 44. 6: Three step plan for reusable data 1. Use the data you publish 2. Publish the schema 3. Standardise @shevski
  45. 45. 7: Spending & procurement Where does my money go? Open Spending Procurement @shevski
  46. 46. @shevski
  47. 47. @shevski
  48. 48. @shevski
  49. 49. @shevski
  50. 50. @shevski
  51. 51. 8: Company register Identity list Tax evasion Numerous sub-owned companies @shevski
  52. 52. @shevski
  53. 53. @shevski
  54. 54. 9: Open Data vs My Data Personal data is not open data It can become open data if transformed or released by individuals @shevski
  55. 55. 10: Privacy & tackling surveillance Open internet ● open source ● open protocols @shevski
  56. 56. Evidence @shevski
  57. 57. Finnish geo data study SME's grow 15% more w/ free geo data as opposed to paid data. Effect visible after 1yr, stronger after 2yrs. @shevski
  58. 58. EU Commission Research Open Gov Data in EU would increase business activity of €40bn Indirect benefits (people who use those services) up to €140bn per year (0.7% of GDP) Source Details (Vickery study) Deloitte Study: 10x-100x increase in usage from opening up data (7 case studies) - not about the price as much as reduction in transaction costs Source Details @shevski
  59. 59. Spanish Study +5000 jobs from PSI re-use Details and Source (2011) Details and Source (2012) @shevski
  60. 60. Addressing Data in Denmark Releasing as Open Data in Denmark in 2002 gave E62m benefits 2005-2009 against E2M cost 2002-2009, ROI in 2010: E14M benefit against .2M cost. http://www.adresse-info. dk/Portals/2/Benefit/Value_Assessment_Danish_Address_Data_UK_2010-0707b.pdf @shevski
  61. 61. Bus Stops in the UK UK released data on location of 300,000 busstops; Community (Open Street Map) corrected 18,000 of them, improving official data accuracy @shevski
  62. 62. Canadian Tax Status Misuse Open Data exposed CAN$3.2bn misuse of charitable status in tax code in Canada @shevski
  63. 63. UK: Reduced Mortality for Heart Surgery In 2004, the UK heart surgeon Sir Bruce Keogh persuaded his colleagues (there are 240 heart surgeons in the English NHS) to publish comparable data on their individual clinical outcomes – a global first. 7 years later, dramatic improvements in survival rates are reported – in some procedures, more than a third of patients are living when they might previously have died; in all, there are 1,000 fewer deaths in English heart surgery units each year than there were. Source: Tim Kelsey @shevski
  64. 64. Uganda - School Funding and Transparency Amount of money reaching schools 20% -> 90% Some controversy as to causal pathway @shevski
  65. 65. Questions, comments, discussion! Thank you Irina Bolychevsky @shevski