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Worksenses - LOR


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Worksenses - LOR

  1. 1. WORKSENSES Professional Effectiveness Workshops Letter of Recommendation To Whom lt May Concern, As the CEO and Chief Trainer of Work Senses, I would like to acknowledge that Shravan Shetty has been associated with us as a Learning & Development Consultant, for the past two years. Work Senses, has been a Learning & Development partner of organizations like lnfosys, the lClCl group, the Murugappa group, Ashok Leyland, since 2005. Shravan, with his rigorous focus on training objectives and flexible facilitation skills, has conducted ninety man-days of training for us since June 2O11.ln these training workshops he has consistently maintained an average feedback of 4.7 on a 5 point scale. I would like to credit his high feedback score to the following skill sets and attributes which Shravan brings with him: * Excellent communication skills- able to reach out to any level of audience * Competent facititation skitts - making the participants own the learning process * Resu/f orientation - understanding and facilitating inline with the overall training objectives and achieving specific goals of each training module * Versatilist trainer - having a good and practical depth of conceptual clarity related to learning and human performance improvement. Adept at using various training techniques and tools to reach training goals. Specralisf at using moviesas a training tool. * Excellent interpersonal skitts- sensitive and professional with the above attributes, shravan has been competenily resourceful in designing of training interventions. Working with Shravan, has them into reality. been a journey of ever expanding possibilities and transforming Please contact me for any additional information. Aisshvarya S. Shah CEO & Chief Trainer Work Senses New No. 21G (Old No. 10 GB) Lynwood Avenue, K.G. Palmlands Apartments, Mahalingapuram, Chennai - 600 034 Ph:044 -2817 0971 Cell: +91 94447 59620, +91 9444922196 E-mail: Website: