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Here you can view my Profile and the recommendations i have recieved from Partners, Clients, Colleagues etc

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Shravan Shetty Linkedin Profile

  1. 1. Shravan Shetty Career Analyst|Executive Coach|Facilitator Summary Shravan Shetty is a Independent Learning & Development professional. A partial list of clientele includes Swiss Re, Infosys Technologies, FMR, Thomas Assessments, Team Lease, Peter England Fashion Retail, ITC, GSK, TAPMI and JGI.He tracks L & D and employability enhancement best practices in India and across the globe. He also works on using different everyday metaphors as learning devices from movies to cartoons and posters and even folktales as panchatantra and epics such as Ramayana, Mahabharatha , Illiad and Odyssey to name a few. He has shared his ideas and that of others at He has recently Co- Authored Metamorphosis , A career readiness book. His past book credits include Research and concept for the Leadership handbook featuring 52 contemporary symbolisms. He is now working on a interview readiness workbook with employability skills enhancement plug-ins . Specialties Workshops on Cross Cultural sensitivity, Business presentation Skills, Leadership etc Assessment Centres, Training Need Identification and Analysis. Executive Coaching, Business Networking Experience Independent Consultant -'Career PMS|MSME Mentoring|T & D' at Independent Consultant April 2001 - Present (9 years 8 months) •Consultant & Facilitator at Adventure Consultants •Principal Consultant, Learning & Development at ECC Training Consultants •Principal Consultant, Learning & Development at 24 Hours Inspired •Co-Founder at •Learning & Development SME at ISBE Business School , Bangalore • Marketing Consultant @ Travelguru,Citifinancial , Fruitfill , UTL , KTS and SBI Wings 34 recommendations available upon request Assistant General Manager (HCD) at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd July 2008 - March 2010 (1 year 9 months) Headed the Human Capital Development vertical. Program Manager, Global Business Review and Employability Enhancement Programs.Managed Page 1
  2. 2. and delivered close to 850 Training hours for 1585 Participants across two states and 5 key institution accounts. South India Coordinator , Global Awareness Program. Member, Core Strategy Team. Member, Core Business Development Team Research and Concept, The Leadership Handbook featuring 52 Leadership Traits. Keynote Speaker, Leadership Guild 2009, Bangalore Concept & Event Host, Noah's Ark, GAP Quest. Coordinator, Greycaps Value Add Initiative Research & Concept,Editorial Team,Career Field Book Anchor ,Greycaps 2.0 27 recommendations available upon request Consultant at Accord Consultants Private Limited February 2007 - July 2008 (1 year 6 months) Accord Consultants Private Limited is a Pioneer in the Management Consulting Space since 1983. Joined Accord as a "Associate Consultant" in 2007,promoted to "Consultant" a few months later. Delivered Finishing School and Role Based Training workshops designed by Infosys Technologies across its Development centres in Bangalore,Mangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Pune. Coordinated Infosys DA evaluation Rollout & QC Supervision by Accord Trainers. Facilitated workshops for Empoloyees of Fidelity , Team Lease,Peter England Fashion Retail,Thomas Assessments, ITC ILTD,Convergys, Swiss Re. Coordinated and Sceduled Training Programs and trainers apart from managing the office. Facilitated Train The Trainer sessions and Onboarding for Trainers. Contributor, Content Development, Training Programs. Member, Business Development Team. Coordinator, Project(MIT) Media in Training Delivered workshop on Placement Training for PES Group of institutions. Member,Editorial Team ,"Acconique" - The Accord Newsletter. In 2008 at the 25th Anniversary of Accord ,Awarded the 2nd ever Accord "Make it Happen" award. 18 recommendations available upon request Page 2
  3. 3. Education Ohio University MBA (General Management), Organization Behaviour, International Business, Strategic Management, 2005 - 2007 Activities and Societies: Elected President, Class of 2006, Ohio University. Managed the Brand transition of my MBA Batch as Batch 10, Last batch of Ohio Manipal School of Business to it being the 1st Batch of Ohio University Christ Academy. Initiated the Creation of the Marketing Club and the Finance Club with elected student Coordinators. Represented Ohio University at B-School Fests. SDMCBM, Mangalore University BBM, Marketing,Organization behaviour,Persone, 2000 - 2003 Activities and Societies: Selcted Class representative , Literary Association , Students Council, 2000-2001 Member, editorial team , Dynamism Insignia, College Magazine, 2000-01 Event Manager, Executive decision , Synergy 2001 - State level Crisis Manager , Synergy 2002. South India Chief Event Officer, Synergy 2003 , National Level Honors and Awards Accord "Make It Happen" award for individual contribution to accord Consultants , 2007-2008 Ohio University Leadership Award, Class of 2006 SDM College of Business Management, Best Outgoing Student Award for Co-Curricular Activities, Class of 2003 Chief Event Officer , Synergy 2003 , A national level Management fest hosted by SDM College of Business Management, Mangalore Best Manager , "Spinout 2002" inter Collegiate Management Fest hosted by St.Aloysius College of Business Management Mangalore. Team Leader, SDM College , Winner of "Spinout 2002" 2nd Runners up, Best Manager , Espirit 2002 hosted by Christ College, Bangalore Team Leader, SDM College of Business Management, Runners Up, Espirit 2002 Page 3
  4. 4. Interests Corporate Training Executive Coaching Business Networking Franchising Business Development & Sales Page 4
  5. 5. Shravan Shetty Career Analyst|Executive Coach|Facilitator 114 people have recommended Shravan "Shravan's a person who can easily be approached when you are in a tight spot. I was introduced to him by a mutual friend when I was at a particularly difficult phase of my life. Meeting him and talking to him was extremely easy coz he made me very comfortable in the very first instance. One thing I really liked about him was that he did not have any pre-conceived notions about me. People just cannot resist catching on the positive vibes from him. It’s so infectious! He is a great listener which is one of the biggest positive points he holds. Great communication, good analytical, problem solving reasoning skills is something that would make people engage him for a longer business deal. I would definitely want to get associated with him professionally anytime I get an opportunity in the future!" — Divya Harithas, was Shravan's client "Patience, approachability and positive attitude are the qualities that make Shravan an excellent person to work with. He is a gripping and passionate facilitator with good analytical, problem solving and communication skills. A deep thinker and very result oriented in his approach. He is an asset to any team he works with. Wish you all the best in your endeavors !!" — Uma Bhoopalam, Manager, Mahindra Retail, worked directly with Shravan at Adventure Consultants "Shravan has the uncanny gift of reading into a persons's deepest psychological state of mind and understands exactly what makes different people tick;what motivates them;what are their deepest fears. This gift is bestowed only on a select few and Shravan is one among them.If you have the honor of knowing Shravan personally as a friend, a career coach, a counselor or as a mentor, you can be rest assured that Shravan will help you find 'more' of yourself.I've been very fortunate that I've known Shravan for more than a decade now in all the e capacities mentioned above. I've watched him grow from strength to strength and I'm extremely happy and proud to see him in a career doing what he knows best.Wish you best of luck and for those of you who are looking for a career coach/mentor/counselor/trainer- you could not choose more wisely!" — sarah alexander, studied with Shravan at SDMCBM, Mangalore University "It was just a small spark at my end that gave birth to ECC Training Consultants. But it was Page 5
  6. 6. Shravan's guidance and mentoring that gave us the courage to transform this spark into a reality and give it the status of a start-up. Shravan does extensive consulting for ECC Training Consultants in the Learning and Development space. He has put in many processes in place and has widened the L&D horizons for ECC. His ability to throw new perspectives into discussions and his ability to perceive the complete process of what is still in the state of a concept is a great value add to an inexperienced team like ours. Shravan is a true mentor." — Deepti Natarajan, Management Consultant, ECC Training Consultants, worked directly with Shravan at ECC Training Consultants "I have known Shravan for almost five years now. As the president of the Batch he was a brilliant leader whom anyone could approach any point of time to share concerns professionally and personally. He will listen to it very carefully and give you the best advice. He is a masterful marketeer, a strong salesman and a great leader of people. People management, patience (with a underlying sense of urgency) and sharp strategic vision are some of his key virtues." — Sujith Rao, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "With Shravan, what comes right away is the breadth and depth of understanding of the education business. Ability to grasp the scope of work, assimilate the constraints and deliver beyond the promise is what makes working with Shravan a great experience..." — Arbin Mathew, was Shravan's client "Shravan possesses an enviable pedigree of an astute manager and incisive thinker. His management skills not only holds him in good stead during trying times, but also allows him to think over a situation in perspective usually beyond others. I strongly believe in his credentials as an entrepreneurial genius, a person who can envisage the potential of the future perfectly. My interactions with him over the years have leaves me with no doubt that he is capable of greatness in his field of expertise, and i'll be only too happy to recommend him." — Sauvik Ghosh, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I have had the pleasure of working with Shravan for a long time. You will not meet another person who is as clued-in and determined as him. His level of knowledge in diverse fields and vast experience concurred from working with high-level Corporates and professionals, were a boon to many he helped achieve. During his stint at Greycaps, he had assisted the company to reach its current global status. His organizational, training and meticulous research skills have been lauded at Accord Consultants where he has successfully conducted training sessions for Infosys, IBM et al. During the MBA program at OHIO University, his negotiation skills were key to every classroom discussion. Shravan has always been an excellent orator and these qualities shone through every presentation on any subject. I have had the pleasure of working with him on team projects and his 'out-of-the-box' aspects have provided key turning points in the team thinking process. On a Page 6
  7. 7. personal level, Shravan is pleasant and a very good friend. Empathy and an ever-helping nature keep his friends and colleagues close to him. Shravan has always shown great leadership skills coupled with an acute sense of reasoning, and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to engage with him professionally. He can be a valuable contributor to any organization to provide turn-key solutions to systems that were previously considered 'fool-proof'. I recommend Shravan Shetty 200%!" — Shameer Shaduli, Marketing / PR / Events, GEMS Education., was with another company when working with Shravan at "As a student, Shravan was the most diligent student who brought insight & energy to the classroom. He is not only talented & hardworking but a very dedicated individual.I had the pleasure of working with him in several projects during MBA.He has great analytical mind and can solve problems easily.He is also a great team player, who can be trusted for best results." — Nidhi Gupta, MBA & MFE, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan would be an asset to any organisation that he works for. His two stints with Greycaps have both been wonderful. His great strength is his ability to open up new areas of thought and back it with numbers. I wish him a fantastic career." — Giri Balasubramaniam, Quizmaster and CEO, Greycaps India Pvt Ltd, managed Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "I have been extremely fortunate to meet Shravan from my very early days of adult life. With his keen eye for talent and with the single minded passion of nurturing them around him, Shravan seeks to make his own path .An ideator innovator, team player and an incredible sense of humor, he is a true inspiration for the people around him." — Rohit Nambiar, studied with Shravan at Mangalore University "We were colleagues at Accord Consultants.We have worked on a few training programs as co-facilitators. I have enjoyed working with him. Shravan is a meticulous and an updated trainer. His inquisitive nature makes him and others see the different perspective of the problem in any situation. He is highly resourceful and I remember many occasions where he used his strong network to get things done. He is a fabulous person and a good friend." — Bhawana Dubey, Senior Consultant, Accord Consultants Private Limited, managed Shravan indirectly at Accord Consultants Private Limited "Shravan is a very dedicated trainer / consultant . He would get into the details of every aspect which really helped the participants in the training . He would sit with me to understand the background for these trainings which is a quality is a quality I have seen only in few consultants. The batch he handled was right out of college and these trainings that shravan handled were very Page 7
  8. 8. crucial for thier work. Shravan used to handle them with ease and let them learn the right way. He has a very sweet temperament which was really liked by the participants. He did the sessions in a very experential manner. I recommend shravan as a thorough professional and coach." — Ashwini Das, SPECIALIST, Fidelity Investments, was a consultant or contractor to Shravan at Accord Consultants Private Limited "A thorough HR professional who has excellent domain expertise and is an excellent career coach . After many interaction with him, I found Shravan to be focused and also has the ability to give you many options in terms of career paths and HR solutions. I would love to work with him sometime in order to gain the kind of exposure he has to HR function . I wish him all the best and would very highly recommend him as he would be an asset to the company he works with." — Arvind Murthy, Student, SCMS Cochin, was with another company when working with Shravan at W.I.P Consulting "I have known Shravan as a colleague for more than 3 years now. Shravan’s contribution to Greycaps has been brilliant in the areas of Strategy, Business Development, Product Development and Training . I recommend Shravan as a “innovative thinker” for his skill in coming up with practical ideas and being a catalyst to shape ideas contributed by the team to meet client expectations across the board." — Anand Tirumalai, Head Operations, Greycaps India Pvt Ltd, worked with Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "When i had met Shravan he had been engaged in career building for the management students like us. He has not only helped us in building a career but has also been a mentor for most of our students.His reliability has made him Mr Dependable.His extensive knowledge in the area of management has helped us several ways . Any student would have eagerly waited to attend his sessions.The values that he had delivered is embedded in us .A humble thing that differentiates him from other trainers is his PASSION for his work, and i believe that is 'THE' most crucial factor Its my honor to recommend him to others who needs his expertness- ITS VALUE FOR MONEY, DRIVEN BY PASSION!!!" — Renjith Raj, was Shravan's client "Shravan is one of those rare individuals who can see things holistically, who genuine cares and has passion for his work and is a true-blue peoples person. Just thinking of him and his persona makes me smile. He's a wonderful mentor." — Salma R, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "He is a man of ideas. Happens to be one of the few who when talks, force me to listen and later think. He has right, practical and various other solutions to any genuine problems. A workoholic at Page 8
  9. 9. work and a lot of fun also (when free). A person ready to analyze things from various angels and honest about his recomendations. Management consultant I hope will be helping me manage my life and dreams. The greatest asset of his is that he takes himself seriously which majority of world fails to do." — Ashish Tripathi, Research Architect, Greycaps India Pvt Ltd, worked indirectly for Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "Shravan represents what you can call as the next generation of career councellors in the Human Resource Industry today. The counsellors we know today would offer just the best possible advice but Shravan believes in actually walking the way for his clients. That means he takes all the efforts that he can to make sure the client achieves what he desires! In the process Shravan has carefully developed a mammoth network of people who belong to all areas of expertise and are known for their excellence in the field they are in. What is more important is that he has managed to do is to bring them on one platform at his personal capacity to create an enviornment which will be mutually benifitting to all. The impact of his craft and dedicated hardwork can be seen in his personal and professional growth as well as the value that he has been able to deliver consistantly. I met shravan through a mutual friend and seeked his advice. Thanks to him I could meet different people, I could access the sources of information which would have been difficult otherwise beyond the mentoring. He dedicated insane amounts of time and didn't mind clearing the bills at time..! How many counsellors would actually have that no- holds- barred approach? He is a lethal combination of intelligence, hardwork and patience. I trust his capabilities and his integrity of character not just as a client but otherwise as well. It was a great pleasure working with him and learning side by side from a wonderful person like him. I highly recommend Shravan Shetty as a guide, mentor and counsellor." — Dinesh Pitre, ASSOCIATE CONSULTANT, TECHNOPAK ADVISORS PVT. LTD., was with another company when working with Shravan at Wisdom Associates "Shravan and I attended the mediation program by at Metaculture. Even though our interaction was just for a few days, I can say that Shravan stood out amongst the participants in the group. His insights into the out of box thoughts and its impact on people was amazing.He demonstrated a keen desire for indepth understanding of things under discussion and all this was done without the garb of a self professed intellectual. one of his most endearing qualities is his open mindedness and his warm welcome to all to be a part of himself. I wish him all the very best in all his endeavours." — Mridula Das, studied with Shravan at Meta-culture Dialogics "“I have known Shravan in the capacity of a classmate during MBA. He is an extremely perceptive individual with a huge apetite for continous learning. He is a non-conformist and would like to question any dictates and I felt that he used to go out of way to help many of his friends.”" Page 9
  10. 10. — Inderpreet Kooner, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Sometime ago I was contemplating on starting a blog in the emerging blogospere. With the help of Shravan, I now run a thriving blog site. I have used a myriad of his advices which have been consistently worked upon by him. My partnership with him which happened at various levels and if not for him my blog site would not have been possible. His energizing talks heighten productivity and deepen your self-belief. I recommend Shravan Shetty as a co-founder for any new business opportunity or work related coaching. I forgot to mention strategic thinking. From mundane to spectacular. Consult Shravan." — Himanshu Prasad (, Content Writer, WebMyne, was with another company when working with Shravan at CARPE MANNA "Shravan impressed me with his earnestness, insight and diligence. Mediation requires sensitivity and a good ear for not just what is said, but what isn't. During the training Shravan paid close attention to the process and the methodology while simultaneously being conscious of the subtler aspects of communication. From what I have seen of him, I would certainly recommend Shravan as a candidate for advanced programs in the field. While I haven't seen Shravan perform as a trainer or a consultant, I can see that he has the prerequisites to excel in it. I would welcome an opportunity to work with him in the future." — ashok panikkar, taught Shravan at Meta-culture Dialogics "I met shravan on my first day at Ohio university. Shravan is a motivator who inspires those who are around him. He contributes ideas and is very good at marketing. He perhaps is the only chap who i know who can through his marketing skills get a A on a finance paper :).He is a proven leader having been the President of our batch.His level of competence leads to people having the confidence to approach him for ideas and solutions.He has the potential to be a successful entrepreneur. I recommend Shravan for his knowledge and skill as a top notch marketing professional." — Pankaj Rathi, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I met Shravan during Management Festivals in Bangalore and Mangalore. What started as a simple acquaintaince, has now grown as a very strong friendship. A well informed individual, Shravan, has displayed qualities of a Thinking Leader. His strong network of friends is a testimony of his good people skills. He has a strong Business Acumen, and It would not be a surprise if he chooses the path of entreprenuership. Organized, Knowledgable and Friendly! Qualities that make a Great Leader!! Wish you the Very Best My Friend!!" — Rahul Mathur, studied with Shravan at Mangalore University "Sharavan, A Knowledge Hub, workaholic, Think Tank who can really think & execute the job taken Page 10
  11. 11. to the end. It is good to know you, Shravan. With you experience & knowledge you are bound to cross Boarders. All the best. Qualities: Can see to the best of details. Execution to the end." — Padmanaabha Suncol, Owner, Target - Rendering Solutions, was with another company when working with Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "He is a person with a big pool of ideas, which have relevance in the market scenario. A person with immense knowledge and attitude to share it makes him a perfect mentor." — Swapna Sarit Padhi, Management Trainee HR, Bata India Limited, was with another company when working with Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "Shravan Sir is a great trainer as well as a good consultant. I know him right from the time he came to our college for training our senior in 2008. His in depth knowledge about the subjects he deal with makes him very much acceptable to his clients ( this is not only my opinion, but the opinion of all my friends who availed his services. Above all his friendly approach makes him differentiated from all those trainers whom I had met ever. Its my pleasure to recommend him to any others who would like to hire him. If you are concerned with the value for your money, you can definitely hire him without a second thinking..........." — Ratheesh Kumar, was Shravan's client "i met shravan while he visited our college, he is an exceptional speaker with wide knowledge in all the areas of global business. He is having an extraordinary skill to motivate people and bring out the hidden qualities in them. As a person is very friendly,soft,helpful and very professional. i recommend shravan." — Rakesh verma, Student, DCSMAT Business School,Kerala, was with another company when working with Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "It is difficult to explain about him in a paragraph. An incredible personality with an ever pleasant look and having a very sound knowledge about what he is doing and talking. He is capable enough to handle any session with his great enthusiasm. His sincerity towards what he is doing is really great." — Abhilash Parameswarath, was Shravan's client "i met shravan for the first time when he started taking training for us (PGDM). The days was so amazing that he took us to the new scenarios that happens in the current market happenings.... he is an eminent personality with a helping mind and enthusiasm i recommend you sir and wish you all success in your career" — Jyothis sasikala, Student, DCSMAT BUSINESS SCHOOL, worked indirectly for Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd Page 11
  12. 12. "It happened to listen his conversation with another friend in a coffee break, he sounded amazing to me instantaneously I recognized his leadership qualities, though the talk was small it was really pulling attention and I stood still listening to him. It didn’t take much time to learn that he is an adroit at public speaking, and with the same rhetoric skills he did achieved the deed of getting in to the shoes of student president. All has happened at our school “OHIO UNIVERSITY” and he was the elected president of our batch. Moreover he understands the strengths and weakness of what he got on the table and he would aptly come out with the solution to leverage maximum on the fathomed task. This makes him a splendid mentor and counselor. I must acknowledge that I have been under his guidance in many events and I felt extremely content with his advices. Since I knew him through my Alma matter, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Shravan Shetty for those who would want to add profuse value to their entities and professional and personal lives as well. Indeed I must say he possess the great leadership qualities who knows the nerve of his fellow colleges to the high end corporate elites. All the best with all of your future endeavors Shetty." — KRISHNA RAO DHARANENI, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I was referred to Shravan by my Professor so he could drop in to our college to provide some career guidance to us. When most of us where confused on which path to chose and were ignorant on what lay before us when we pass out of our college, Shravan stepped in to take the role of a mentor and guide us through the path. He used real life examples to make us understand the insights of how much smart work helps in achieving our goals. I, as the VP of Batch 13, am very grateful to Shravan for taking his time and mentoring us and providing valuable insights into the corporate life. The way he carried the presentation and the flow of thoughts were commendable. Would like to thank him on behalf of the batch and would always look up to him for any career guidance I would require in the future." — Ajay T G, was Shravan's client "We have studied together in Mangalore and I should say that Shravan was an outstanding speaker and an intelligent leader. Very hardworking and showed great interest in taking lead in organising all the events.I'm sure he is a gem to work with." — Sampath Kumar, studied with Shravan at Mangalore University "A person with Immense Knowledge and excellent Communication describes Shravan. He shared his advise and expertise with us . so that we can look into different aspects of our career. Its Really great to know such a person who leaves a lasting impression." — Prithviraj Singh Rathore, was Shravan's client "I have known Shravan since our MBA days at Ohio. Shravan is a great team player with very good communication. He remains conscious of delivering a good work product . “THINKER” is the word that best describes Shravan Shetty, you would always find him pondering over hundred different Page 12
  13. 13. and better ways to get the finest result. Shravan has this intuitive ability to turn problems into opportunities. He is an enthusiastic guy and has great leadership qualities. I am certain Shravan will flourish as a consultant and wish him the very best in all his endeavors." — Chintan Mithaiwala, Student, Ohio University, was with another company when working with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan Shetty has the kind of stuff that great leaders are made off. During his tenure as the President of the Student Council at Ohio, he showed exemplary courage and tenacity in successfully dealing and overcoming various challenges. He displayed a great deal of maturity and understanding that belied his age and experience. With the sole goal of taking up the cause and welfare of his batch, he worked tirelessly in ensuring that their interest were always protected. He has all the important qualities of a young & passionate leader who given the right guidance and nurturing could make a huge difference in his area of work in the years to come. I wish him all the best." — Nirmal A, Corporate Relationship Manager, HR-ONE, was with another company when working with Shravan at Ohio University "I've been working with Shravan Shetty for the past four months and it has been an absolute learning and enriching experience. His span of knowledge exceeds probably anyone's i've ever known and probably will ever know. He has always been a guide in my line of work and knows exactly how to manage his team with effieciency. His managerial skills along with his keen sense of foresight is an admirable quality. I know I can always rely on Shravan to give me the best of advise whenever i find myself in a tricky situation. For me, I see him as an immense asset to Greycaps to take forward many ideas and ventures within the company to great heights. I will always recommend him." — Rasika Shetty, Asst. Manager - Product Management & Solutions, Greycaps India Pvt. Ltd., reported to Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "Shravan was instrumental in channelizing the efforts of students to make things happen in the College." — Harsha Rao, studied with Shravan at Mangalore University "Shravan is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective. He is a got a unique style when it come to the training,he is a helping hand wherever you are in jeopardy he is there next to you with a helping hand............" — Prashanth.G Menon, was Shravan's client "Shravan always possesses a bag full of practical ideas and the approach to execute each idea. With a package comprising of great communication skills, varied domain knowledge, great Page 13
  14. 14. interpersonal skills and thought leadership, shravan definitely is an asset to most companies." — Vivek Rajagopal, Business Analyst, Keane, was with another company when working with Shravan at Greycaps India Pvt Ltd "Shravan is known to me for some time and I guess his interpersonal skills are outstanding. I see him as honest, cheerful and as a great communicator." — Binu Jones, Test Manager, Allianz (UK), was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I know Shravan from Ohio days at School, more heard than met though! He has the enthusiastic diligence for every field he aspires making room for growth and opportunities! ..He is very motivated and Dynamic Corporate trainer & Coach, I'm sure he can take this to a bigger stage and set a up a platform for everyone to plugin. Working in different Geographies has added in him new dimensions and cross cultural perspectives & Ideas.. We both have got closer in collaboration with being contributors from different fields of play. I would Recommend Shravan as he will be an asset to any company he drives or works for! which brings immense value and great pleasure to be a part of it." — Rajshekar Chandraprakash, Student, Ohio University, was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan is an articulate and very sharp participant . He is able to grasp extremely complex topics quickly. He has a great understanding of Hr. He is a good team player and ensures that groupwork happens on time. He is funloving person and adds dynamism to any group that he is part of. Shravan is one of the best participants I have had and would be an asset to any learning process or group that he is part of" — Nitin Sanker, taught Shravan at CAMI & MEC "I haven’t had the opportunity to have know Shravan for a long time, but in the span of time I have gotten to know him he has managed to leave a lasting impression on me . Shravan is someone who comes across as very organized, hardworking and Head strong .He happens to be my super senior at Ohio College of business, but the fact that in spite of us not having meet or known each other before, He was more than willing to help me with my career plan and mentor me , speaks volumes of his character & easygoing nature .He has excellent interpersonal skills and is easy to work or reason with. All the best Shravan! Cheers!" — Arjun Bailey(LION), Student, Ohio University, worked indirectly for Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan comes across as someone who takes client satisfaction as his most important goal. He fashions his interaction around the need of the client and builds his modules accordinngly, thereby Page 14
  15. 15. resulting in a near match to the client's requirements. He is extremely dedicated and result oriented with a very detailed subject knowledge about his filed. I recommend Shravan as a very valuable asset to his employers, business partners and clients alike." — Asad Chaturvedi, was Shravan's client "I have met Shravan during "Global Business Review" sessions at DCSMAT. He is an expert in what he does and he does it with great passion,innovation and creativity. His sessions are always a memorable ones." — Anushree Pillai, was Shravan's client "Shravan is a thorough professional who is willing to learn continuously. He explores options continuously and during my interactions with him, he has gone the extra mile to provide the best training possible for Infosys." — Dr. Sujatha Muthanna, was Shravan's client "Hi Shravan... this was long due from my side... Shravan is a person with such dynamic personality that you fall at ease with him the moment you speak to him. I have known Shravan for quite sometime now and i can say that we have built a relationship that shares one common passion, HR. We have not met each other( That's pending,Shravan!!) but we have shared some insights of HR and have been in constant touch with each other. He has been of immense help in guiding me and giving me some real good advice on my career path. I have always admired his kind of work (T&D) and would like to get into that field one day.The passion that he puts into his work is something that can be of great learning. Wish you all the best in life Shravan. I recommend him for an everlasting bond, both personal and professional." — Mahesh Sharma, Management Associate - HR Division, TCS e-serve, worked with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "As a student of Ohio University, I have had the pleasure of knowing Shravan Shetty during my MBA course. He has been a tremendous student and an asset to our school. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Shravan. I feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his professional career as well. Shravan was a dedicated student and thus far his grades have been exemplary. In class, he has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and implement them. The main reason why he was elected as our batch President. Shravan has also assisted in the admissions office. He has successfully demonstrated leadership ability by counseling new and prospective students. His advice has been a great help to these students, many of whom have taken time to share their comments with me regarding his pleasant and encouraging attitude. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Shravan without reservation. His drive and abilities will truly be an asset to your establishment. If you have any questions regarding this recommendation, please do not hesitate to contact me." Page 15
  16. 16. — Krishna K C, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I know Shravan from many years, much before we met in person, I must say that he stands up to his commitment for his responsibilities. We did get to spend a lot of time once moving in as neighbours and that is when I saw him as a very warm, friendly and above all a very professional person. His biggest strength is his capacity to work endlessly till his work is complete and done, which is very rare to find these days. I recommend Shravan to all those who want to get the best out of their business." — Salma Akbar, Managing Partner, Prudence Consultants, was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan's strong analytical skills enable him to quickly grasp the nature of business and simplify complex business issues. He has a great attention to detail. He has what it takes to very skillfully manage the most difficult client situations while ensuring delivery excellence. Shravan is a hands-on, inquisitive, reliable resource with thorough domain knowledge. He has a friendly disposition and great team-spirit making him a valuable asset for any organisation. A master trainer and a communicator par excellence - thats Shravan for you." — Dr. Aadil Bandukwala, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "It was conspiracy of circumstances that I joined Accord just two months after Shravan quit Accord and it took me close to a year from then to meet him. But through the one year that I was at Accord, there was never a trainer who failed to speak of Shravan. I have heard volumes about the magic he created in his training programs, volumes about his conviction and belief system,his rapport with his colleagues, volumes about his management skills, the initiatives he took up at Accord, and not to forget his infectious sense of humour. All these led me to paint an approximate picture of Shravan. But when I met him, a year after I joined Accord, I realised my picture was not wrong, but it was just incomplete. Shravan had greater dimensions than what I had heard of. Shravan's focus, his depth of knowledge, his staunch faith in coaching combined with his natural ability to coach, all make Shravan an unmatchable trainer. I wish him the very best of luck in all his endeavours and feel honoured to be associated with him." — Deepti Natarajan, Consultant, Accord Consultants Private Limited, was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I always remember Shravan as a self-driven professional, with a high desire to learn and re-invent himself. He has high expectations from himself and demonstrates strong commitment to any assignment that he takes up." — Smitha Murthy, Principal Consultant and Unit Manager, Infosys Technologies Ltd, was with another company when working with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd Page 16
  17. 17. "I've known Shravan Shetty for two years, since I was a student at the Ohio University. He is a motivator and consensus builder with the ability to translate vision into ideas and ideas into action. Shravan rarely had an idle moment and always found some way to make things go more smoothly and did it all with a smile. Shravan’s attitude, application of effort and innovative spirit will be strong assets to any company. Please do not hesitate to call me if you’d like more information about this recommendation. Most Sincerely, Pavan Metri" — Pavan Metri, Student, Ohio University, was with another company when working with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan Shetty, the President of Class of Ohio University Christ Academy, 2006 and a fellow senior to me is a dynamic and highly revered person. He has been an inspirational leader. Being the President, he had alighted us to the reality of the markets and to define our objectives relatively. He is candid, intellectual and has a diverse pool of talent within him. I see him as a true brainwave. He has always spared time to give me guidance. Wish you all the very best!! Thanks a lot for being there for us...." — Disha Mandavia, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I got the opportunity to interact with Shravan during MBA; he was my senior in OHIO UNIVERSITY. During that time, I learned so many things sometimes watching him or sometimes talking to him. He is dedicated person having good analytic skills and always ready to take on responsibilities. His approach towards work makes him a idiosyncratic personality and he always come up with the solutions after giving ground work through intense research and analysis. He was also a good friend and always happy to help people around him. Moreover, about his leadership skills absolutely no words, Simply Amazing!! I wish Shravan all the best and success in all endeavours" — Jitender Singh, Student, Ohio University, worked with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I got the opportunity to interact with shravan during my college time when he visited our campus for facilitating GBR secessions for our batch. The distinct factor that made his secessions different from others were his dedication and sincierity towards his work. Through out the class he ensured that what ever he spoke of was generating value for the students in multiple ways. He was always positive and happy to help kind of a person delivering a possitive orientation to the whole batch of students. "I recommend him"." — ajish j, was Shravan's client "Shravan sir was one of the placement trainers in our college, Methodology adopted by him inorder to train us was the excellant i've been through. He has lot of energy which make others motivated .... I recommend him" — Gautham Shenoy, was Shravan's client Page 17
  18. 18. "I have known Shravan for a few years now I recommend Shravan as an executive coach for his skill to provide career advice which is practical in an artiulate manner with logic and clearly outlined steps keeping ones ambition in mind to scale up the value chain and the learning curve in the corporate world." — Kiran Kurkimath, was Shravan's client "An extremely analytical person with a high blend of creativity is a concise & precise description of Shravan. He has good managerial skills, is able to extract the best out of people which has helped him to take numerous responsibilities in his career. It was great to work with him. Hope he enjoys enormous success in his Consulting Career too." — Kajal Daftary, Student, Ohio University, worked directly with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan is one of the coolest customers I've come across during my college days. He was also the stiffest competition for events that we were in together. Also known as the brain, very well read and always ready to help people in guiding them. I'm sure this brain will go places. A great guy to work with." — Sumanth D.S, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "Shravan did a interesting project for me at TravelGuru as a student of Christ Ohio College. I recollect what impressed me most about this young professional was (a) his ability to ask fearless questions to make sure that he had all data available for his research (b) his innovative and fresh approach to the topic that we were working on, thus bringing in newer perspectives to the entire study (c) his team player quality that helped us to finish a large project on schedule I wish him all the best in his present career which sounds really interesting" — Deepak Mavinkurve, was Shravan's client "Shravan is been my colleague at Accord Consultants though we haven't had a chance to run programs together. The first thing about him which struck me is his uncanny confidence in self. This guy is very differnet and hence most unforgetable be it for his indepth knowledge about a vast range of subjects, his undeniable leadership ability,his knack for getting along and convicning people, attention to detail or just simply the infectious positivity he can bring in anywhere by just being there. Over the past two years have seen shravan move on from strength to strength but I believe he is only started his walk towards the top and the most is still undone. Wish u loads of success bro!!" — Damayanti Sarkar, associate consultant, accord consultants, worked with Shravan at Accord Consultants "Shravan is a diligent student of our college. His leadership skill is a tremendous asset for any Page 18
  19. 19. organization and definitely his quality of initiating a work points towards a futuristic leader who has all the qualities which all other popular leaders have." — Sumit Ambastha, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan in a nutshell - go getter! He seems to be a who has a clear sense of what he wants & maps it all out to get what he wants. A very helpful person." — Tanuja Gajria, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "I have known Shravan for more than 8 years now. We were classmates at SDM College of Business Management. We got along for a small interclass event. That's the first time I became aware of the talent that he possesed. From then on he started on with his journey of self improvement and was by far the best among us. He comes across as someone who is blessed with a diverse range of talents. He had stamped his authority on the inter-collegiate management fest circle in his graduation days and led many teams to success at various levels. He was the uninanimous choice to head the team for the inter-collegiate management fest "SYNERGY", which was held for the first time at the national level. He made sure that he had the right people at every level and also brought out the best in them to ensure that the fest was a tremendous success. From then on he has moulded himself into various roles and in the process of climbing the success ladder is now working with Grey Caps as the AGM, Human Capital Management. I recommend him as a very valuable resource to any organisation who can excel in any aspect of Human Resource or Marketing." — Madhukar SM, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "Shravan has impressed me as an intelligent and creative trainer. In all my interactions he comes across as a sensitive and empathetic person. Shravan's strength is that he chooses & goes for work he loves and then his work shows the love he has for that. Well read and updated. It is really nice knowing him." — Rachana Mukherjee, Senior Consultant, Accord Consultants Pvt. Ltd., managed Shravan indirectly at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "Few people live up to their name. Shravan is one of them. Shravan: meaning Reputation and Popularity. He is full of enthusiasm and his persistent effort to implement things is what inspires me the most. A credible man, whom you can count on blind folded. As the President of Batch 10 at Ohio University Christ College, I remember him as a passionate, articulate, proactive and an influential leader. Since the days at Ohio University Christ College as a junior to Shravan, I have always looked up to him for guidance; and he always took time out to help me. Every time I have the opportunity to meet Shravan, I am always excited to know his novel achievements. I am very pleased to recommend Shravan as mentor, who has the ability to bind everyone together with his ideas and his interpersonal skills." Page 19
  20. 20. — Prerna Malhotra, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I have known Shravan for over two years. We worked as colleagues at Accord Consultants. The first thing that impressed me about Shravan was his ability to connect with people and empathise with them. As I got to know Shravan better, I found that he is intelligent, witty, innovative and up-to-date with the latest trends in the field of HR, training and management. He is a committed worker and a wonderful human being. He goes out of his way to enrich his programmes and also the people around him. Every interaction one has with Shravan, leaves one richer. I have not observed Shravan handling a session but have heard rave reviews from participants." — Meenu Brouwer, Consultant, Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd, managed Shravan indirectly at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "I met Shravan as a fellow participant at a Basic Mediation Course in Bangalore. While Mediation is a very new concept in India, Shravan embraced it fully and demonstrated a natural capacity for listening and empathy. He was also extremely generous in assisting the non-native English speakers, those who were more comfortable in the local language of Kannada, to understand and participate fully in the workshop. These qualities -- ability to listen, empathize and support others -- are key qualities in a consultant. It is because of these qualities that I recommend Shravan." — Beth Fascitelli, Facilitator, Trainer, Consultant, Meta-Culture (centre for conflict transformation and dialogue), was with another company when working with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "Shravan Shetty was a student of mine. I have since followed his career closely and the work he has been doing in human resource training and development, a talent sorely needed among firms operating in India. He has performed brillantly and has the depth of insight to work constructively with individuals twice his age, not a easy feat in India. He took to heart his lessons in my class and has continued his quest for knowledge beyond the classroom setting. He works easily and well with fellow travelers on the road to the future challenges facing firms in a very uncertain world. Preparation of human resource talent in this day and age requires more than simple content instruction. It has so much more to do with building their confidence to deal constructively with uncertainty. The attributes that Shravan possesses makes him particularly well suited to such endeavors." — John Keifer, was Shravan's client "I first met Shravan during our college days when we were both participants in Inter-collegiate events; Today I regard him as my best friend. Shravan is a class apart.. the kind of person one meets only once in a lifetime. Shravan is an inspiration to others - Be it his passion for coaching, his attention to detail, his original and very actionable ideas, his ability to solve problems big or small, his multi-talented personality, amazing all round knowledge and his remarkable spirit to always "do Page 20
  21. 21. more". Shravan truly believes in his calling - to help others achieve more. He is on his way to greatness and I recommend him strongly to anyone who wishes to bring a positive force into their professional and personal lives." — Nisha Abdulla, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "Shravan is a fantastic person. He was co-participant with me at the Learning Development Manager Program. He has the ability to make any kind of work interesting and fun filled. He is an excellent trainer and also very meticulous in all training related work. I would like to get more opportunities to work with him!!" — Nilanjana Chakraborty, Instructional Design Manager, OnTrac, worked directly with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I have not worked directly with Shravan, but known him as a fellow student in the same university. During that time, Shravan showed both initiative and leadership. He was a dedicated worker and a good organizer, having put his skills to work as the president of his batch and also at coordinating various events. He was also a good friend and always ready to take on responsibilities and help people around him. I wish Shravan all the best and success in all his endeavors." — Narasimhan Chakravarthy, Senior Consultant, Symphony Marketing Solutions, managed Shravan indirectly at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Comparison is something everyone hates but yet i commit that mortal sin for one reason only that Shravan Spielberg Shetty is one truck loads of ideas in himself. As a colleague he has always been the kind to take time and help everyone of us at different intervals in Projects we are involved in. His concepts have not only been practical but also very out the box. The ones that clients are very appreciative for. Besides idea and concepts he has a affinity for detail one that ensures him into gettin into the nitty gritty of every single aspect of his job, his structured approach has always given everyone an HEADACHE cause in meetings there is no one better prepared than him. Whether it is having surveys in place, or work done by others in the same sphere its always a very Shravan trait to have those facts in place. This is the best way i could summerise Mr Shetty. Best of all for all your furture endeavours!!" — Lloyd Saldanha, Quizmaster, Greycaps India Pvt Ltd, worked with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I have known Shravan for the past 10 years. He is my best friend!! I had the opportunity to work very closely with him during our 3 year course at SDM. Prior to BBM i used to be just an ordinary student all my life.. just doing things as it came without any passion....basically... a no one... having no visibility... It was in the 1st year of BBM, that things started changing dramatically... Shravan had instilled confidence in me and helped me discover my potential..He helped me develop my leadership qualities....He introduced me to a lot of extra curricular activities...and the Fest circuit in Page 21
  22. 22. particular. I started growing with more and more confidence...Every year i grew step by step. I was the Sports secretary during the 1st year, the next year i went on to become the Management Secretary and in the Final year.... The Silver Jubilee Year of our college.... I was the President of the Student's Council. All this would not have been possible without Shravan by my side... Both of our Characters complimented each other... In our college Shravan was considered more as a Professor than a Student.... Everyone looked up to him.... The juniors..the classmates.. the seniors... the super seniors....he even helped out some of the Faculty members with their Post Graduate and Phd projects. He has tremendous respect from all.... Now coming to our Management Fest "SYNERGY" - It was one of the Iconic fest in the Fest circuit.... It was this fest that gave our college National Visibility.... Before we joined SDM. Synergy was a local fest, and was restricted to a handful colleges. It was during our tenure in college that Synergy grew dramatically... In the 1st year it was a State Level Fest, the 2nd year it was a South India level fest and in the Final year it was a National level Fest. This growth was possible because of the tremendous contributions of Shravan... right from the 1st year , he was involved in all the aspects of the fest....from planing..designing games... and perfect execution...Even the seniors in our college came upto him for a lot of advise and innovative ideas... In the 1st year he was an event co-ordinator... in the 2nd year he was a crisis manager of Synergy and in the final year he was the CEO of Synergy.. In the games he brought about plenty of innovation.... he set a benchmark for the others in the fest circuit... Participants remember him even till this date... He is considered a LEGEND in our college and the Fest circuit.... As an individual.... he is very honest, a diplomat, an Innovator, Motivator, charismatic..and is always on the lookout for change and development... To me.... he is my guru..." — Ajay Krishna Naidu, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "I have worked with Shravan on various assignments during our MBA program. He has always played a vital part in group assignments with is strategic thinking and process oriented approach. Apart from his vast knowledge on business topics and his polished communication and presentation skills, his leadership skills are an asset to any organization he works with. Shravan has been part of my decision making process be it career or business and he has the remarkable ability to inspire and motivate people around him. I see him as one of the most focused person and his passion for excellence and performance will definitely take him places. He has always stressed on the benefits of networking and today is one of the most networked professional in our batch. I recommend Shravan for career counseling and consulting projects." — Shailendra H Chandrasekar, Student, Ohio University, worked directly with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "A very enterprising, talented student - among his friends he stood out as a person with creativity and ambition." — Kiran Vasant, advised Shravan at SDM college of business management Page 22
  23. 23. "Shravan He is been an inspiration for many, a true leader who leads by example. True motivators, a guide who helped me discover myself and enriched me with qualities that would help me win. He is a very well read resourceful person who believes in concept of sharing his knowledge and learning from others. His professional growth speaks for his caliber, his skills and attributes will not take him much time to set new standards and create revolution in his profession for others to follow. I am proud to have him as my friend, my guide. He is unique, a gem which you find one among thousand." — Prakhyath Thejveer, was Shravan's client ""Shravan was two years junior to me at SDMCBM. What struck me from the beginning was the hunger to learn new concepts which was supplemented from a lot of research and reading from his side. When he was in the team that was organizing the management fest come in fore his mentoring, networking and organizational skills which he has honed to near perfection now. What is important is that not only was he was able to comprehend/process the information but also recall it when needed. He is always able to substantiate his viewpoints very well. Post my MBA Shravan has been one of the guiding forces of my career ,as he was able to give me inputs like for example the soft skills trainings upgradations i needed from time to time and various inputs that have helped me shape my career in a much better manner. I recommend "Shravan Shetty" for his Intellect, his leadership skills, his conceptual and practical knowledge on management concepts and for his mentoring skills" — Anjali Pai, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "I know Shravan from the day I Joined OHIO India Program as Assistant Director (Special Projects}. I have seen Shravan as a benevolent and exemplary student leader. His ‘all encompassing attitude’ and ‘seeking a solution to a conflict or problem' has put him in a different plane from his peers. I for believe, the root of being a fantastic human-being comes from the fact of eagerness to learn whatever small the question in hand may be. I have no hesitation in endorsing Shravan. I wish him all the best for his personal and professional life." — Amalendu Jyotishi, taught Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan had been hired as a trainer for the sessions of professional behaviour and corporate culture for Infosys recruits. I was one of the new recruits. He was very innovative, friendly and approachable, as also very professional. I have had quite a few sessions with him over the period of two years while I was working with Infosys Technologies Ltd. and throughout the period of our interaction, he has struck me as a very responsible professional who knows what he is doing and excels at doing it." — Abhijit Deb Roy, was Shravan's client "I met Shravan in the Mediation workshop given by Metaculture. He was one of its stars. He shone Page 23
  24. 24. through his wit, his quick understanding of complicated situations, his diplomatic interventions in delicate communication, his personal charisma and yes, no less importantly, his natural charm. It was a pleasure to be learning with and from him. Myriam Morgenstern" — Myriam Morgenstern, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "He is a true leader, who guided batch-10 of Ohio Unviersity. He is visionary and inspiration for people like me. He is having good clarity of thought in things he do and go getter. He clarified lot of misunderstandings that i have during the college and help me to overcome obstacles. He has given good support to the students, management and professors being a president for Batch-10." — Muni Vinay, Student, Ohio University, worked indirectly for Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan & I got a chance to work together when we had to conduct a management fest and I had to co-ordinate with him on conducting the Computer Science fest in our college. Shravan's deligence, foresightedness and leadership abilities, helped us win laurels, by puting up a for an outstanding show. He has been a friend to a friend, a mentor to many, and is an incredible friend. His jovial nature, ability to keep a cool head in times and most importantly, this capacity to deal with situations, is something that I truly appreciate in him." — Anoop Kudva P, studied with Shravan at SDM college of business management "Shravan has everything what a good leader needs to posses. He has excellent interpersonal skill and builds trust with other people in no time. He is natural problem solver with analytical mind. I wish him luck in his future endeavours." — Sorabh Bajaj, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without losing sight of the strategic objective." — srrinivas n, creatives, greycaps, worked with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan is a Thinker, a thinker who focuses and brings his thoughts into reality and I bet a very few people can do that. I have had the privilege of working with Shravan for a few months now and im glad that our wavelengths match. In an organisation, esp when you are at a position of AGM, you need to play many roles and Shravan plays all his roles well. From problem-solving to forecasting, helping your colleagues with any problem to once a while giving some gyaan sessions. Teaching is his forte and he is so much at ease when it comes to handling queries. He is a master mind who is gifted wit Proactiveness and he is creative too when it comes to helping me with my branding ideas. Highly confident and intelligence by his side, this 28yr AGM is all set to break grounds with his brilliant ideas." Page 24
  25. 25. — Sowmya Bk, Senior Manager (Strategy) & Head Solutions, Greycaps (I) Pvt Ltd, worked directly with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I have known Shravan in the capacity of a close friend, a college senior and a mentor. My take on life is that it’s a roller coaster ride with its highs and lows. We all pursue happiness in life and we look forward to having friends who can dazzle you with their wit, never-say-die attitude, intelligence and self-belief. Shravan is one such person who walked into my life; and we have been friends ever since. We all look for inspiration and find it in the most unusual places, be it our dream job, our life partner, our favorite song or anything else. Shravan is a person who inspired me to be “more”…more than what I ever thought I could be! I know for sure – that is not a easy feat. At a professional level, I have taken career guidance from him and have spoken to others who have benefited from it. Shravan believes that his true strength lies in helping people realize their potential and inspire them to be more. I agree. He is very passionate about his work. His strength lies in his ability to seamlessly combine his passion, intelligence and his ‘never-say-die’ attitude to achieve results." — Vittal Kamath, was Shravan's client "Shravan is a hardowrking and sincere person with a continuous learning orientation. he is a funloving person and has great people skills" — Nitin Sanker, Managing Director, middle earth, was with another company when working with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "Some of the qualities that stand out when it comes to Mr. Shravan Shetty are his ability to think beyond the obvious, his analytical prowess and his ability to articulate them in the best possible way. I had the opportunity of working with him in several assignments, both as a colleague as well as a vendor partner and he has always pleasantly surprised me with his thinking. He is very passionate about ideas and takes the quickest of time to turn it around and implement them. I recommend Mr. Shravan as someone who is passionate, articulate, highly analytical and forward thinking and a definite team player." — Dewaker Basnet, Freelance consultant, Myself only, was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan is one of those rare people who possesses a multitude of talents. He has the ability to think past the obvious aspects of a situation clubbed with an intense interest in overcoming difficult challenges. He possesses strong organizational skills and is a natural leader with amazing persuasive techniques. He performs brilliantly as a team player and as an individual contributer. His knowledge and awareness are all-encompassing. Always a learning experience when in his company. It is an honour knowing and working with Shravan. He has the drive to make a difference in whoever he meets and whatever he does." Page 25
  26. 26. — Janani Chakravarthy, Research Analyst, Nextlinx India Pvt Ltd, worked directly with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan was a participate in one of our public workshops for Learning and development. He is one of the true professions, who believe and invest in continous learning throughtout their career. His contribution to the training sessions have enhanced the learning experience for the fellow participants and also the facilitator. His experience and insights into the L& D domain provoked active participation among the participants and resulted in a succesfull program for Sr.Trainining professionals. Rgds Neetu Bansal" — Neetu V Bansal, Entrepreneur, Vibrant Serve, was a consultant or contractor to Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan is a dream colleague to have. He is proactive in helping out others. Attention to detail, indepth knowledge and ability to think beyond the obvious are his major strengths. The way he turned the setbacks in his life as opportunities is a testimony of his positive attitude. His passion for coaching is apparent when you come to know his started a firm of his own when he was in his 12th class. self-driven and very focussed to his job makes him a complete professional. As a trainer he has impacted many lives and as a coach he will impact many more .. All the best shravan." — Ramakrishna Rao, Associate consultant, Accord Consultants, worked directly with Shravan at Accord "Shravan, How can you describe this guyi guess the best comparison would be a Duck, calm on the surface but paddling away furiously beneath the surface. working with him was a great experience his ability to look at things differently & his energy is amazing. Training for him is more than passion, he has made it his mission in life to help people." — Sandeep Shetty(, Associate Consultant, Accord Consultants, worked directly with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "I have known Shravan for close to 2 years now and found him to be enterprising, resourceful and enthusiastic. He has a great 'willing-to-learn' attitude combined with an extremely helpful disposition. He brings with him a variety of out-of-the-box perspectives that lend to better results.He is very detail oriented and also makes the job enjoyable at the same time. He has a great sense of humor, which made working with him all the more enjoyable! I wish Shravan all the very best and I know that he is on his way to making it BIG in his field!" — Mandira Sharma, Consultant, Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd, worked directly with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "Shravan is a man full of qualities and skills which is required by a successful professional. I studied with Shravan during our MBA course. Shravan possess excellent leadership skills which he proved Page 26
  27. 27. when he lead our batch as the president of the student council. His communication skills sets him apart from many. He reads a situation very well and takes an appropriate action accordingly. I highly recommend Shravan for his internet research skills. I am very confident that Shravan will be a key asset to any organization he works for. I wish Shravan every success for your future endeavors." — Pratik Jain, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "I know Mr.Shravan from the time we studied together at SDM College. He has expertise in Business development, Corporate training and Public relations. He is also good at Event management. I ahve seen him working at Accord Consultants. He is good at Key Account Management. He was a member of the editorial team there for their monthly news letter. He has taken several workshops for his clients. To name a few, Infosys, Tesco India, Convergys Etc...Etc. I recommend Mr.Shravan as a excellent expertise in Man Maanagement." — Nataraj G, Branch Manager, Sprism Investment Servives Pvt.Ltd.,, was with another company when working with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "Shravan and me go back a few years now... he joined us at Wings as a Sales Associate. This was a short term assignment wile he was a full time student. I admired his eagerness to learn, his curiosity to know more and appreciation of all his interactions. He was truly a breath of fresh air! Sharvan also made an appearance in my personality development sessions - once again his demeanour, maturity and professionalism made him stand out. It is easy to understand why Sharavan has come this far - his tenacity and people skills make him an original! All power to you Sharvan - learn and share the wisdom my friend!" — Diana Saldanha, HR Lecturer, St. Aloysius Institute of Business Administration, managed Shravan at Wings "Shravan is a motivated young man of numerous talents and considerable self discipline which was precisely why he was voted the president of our MBA class of 2006, Ohio University Christ College of Management Education. He is a versatile communicator, an effective team player, very firm but fair and always preserves the individuality of his team members. He is filled with immense confidence in his abilities, insightful analytical skills and has a positive attitude. He was one of the few guys in our MBA class that I know of, who could demonstrate genuine intellectual curiosity - a curiosity that was often accompanied by his excitement or enthusiasm for an idea. He has incredible creative energies and a refreshing optimism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. I highly recommend him for any position of work, leadership, or any other capacity in which he can spread his excitement and share his talents with others." — Seema Menda, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan and I have worked together in several team projects during my MBA. Shravan is a great Page 27
  28. 28. professional to work with, full of enthusiasm and energy. While working together he has provided great leadership and guidance. He has come acrossed as a person who plans to do everything in the last minute but meets the deadlines:). This definitely demonstrates his capabilities of handling situations under pressure:).I have enjoyed working with him and have benefited quite a lot from his guidance and advice.He has led our Student body as a President and has displayed exceptional leadership qualities. A strong communication skill is his one of the highly noticeable skills and helps him to a great extent in getting things done. As an MBA student he always used to bring insight and energy into the classroom. Though he is passionate about Training, his knowledge of Marketing and Brand Management industry is unsurpassed. Shravan always takes time from his busy schedule to clear a person's doubt. His personality and willingness to help are truly inspirational. He has been my strength and my mentor in my professional life. I wouldn’t have been what I am and I wouldn’t have learnt what I have without him. He will definitely be an asset to any organization." — kausal shah (, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan a man with a list of qualities that every one wants to posses of and excel in the way he does. A storehouse of knowledge. This guy is amazingly self motivated and one can rely on him to be a mentor, guide who has such a versatile style and quality to bring the best out of anyone that you yourself will be amazed at the ease with which you achieve things when this guy is there with you. He is the man that one can look upon to when its a matter of crisis not just because he is intelligent but also because of his impeccable ability to read the situation and the issue behind it. He will be an asset to have wherever or whicever field he is. Kartik Balakrishnan Dynea Chemicals Europe" — Kartik Balakrishnan, studied with Shravan at Ohio University "Shravan brings across the table a wonderful gambit of business intelligence , people skills, training perspective and excellent qualities of a naturalist leader who serves the committment to exude qualities of a team player par excellence and invaluable company asset. His verve and wit relating to the areas of human capital management is unsurpassable and its a pleasure brainstorming with him on topics ranging from corporate training to Business strategy to issues relating to upgradation of the mind set of the academia. An avid reader of many disciplines , Shravan comes across as a versatile yet extremely well read and a seasoned one at that." — Sourish Ghosh, AGM- Business Strategy, Greycaps India Pvt Ltd., worked with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "I have known Shravan since the days that we were together in college. In all the opportunities that I had to work along with him, he always brought another perspective to the table and a unique kind of leadership where one did not feel stifled but empowered. Over the course of my career and recently regarding my personal venture, he has been a valuable source of sugggestion that I possessed for free. He has the capacity to turn a problem into an opportunity and a delightful Page 28
  29. 29. resource of fresh ideas for all who are associated with him." — Vivek Srinivasan, Student, Ohio University, worked directly with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "I have known Shravan in a variety of capacities for many years. He is one of the brightest and most enterprising people I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a very diligent, innovative and detail-oriented HR professional with keen interest in training and development. He is a committed, forward looking and motivated team player with tremendous problem solving abilities. I wish him all the success in his future endeavours." — Oliver Pereira [LION], Senior Consultant, Beresford Blake Thomas Ltd, was with another company when working with Shravan at GREYCAPS INDIA PVT LTD "Shravan Shetty is a person who has a knack for details. His innovativeness and ability to look at an issue from various perspectives is one of the finest qualities that he possesses. His passion for training and his desire to make a difference in the lives of whoever he comes across makes him a fine gentleman." — Dewaker Basnet, Consultant, Accord, worked directly with Shravan at Accord Consultants Pvt Ltd "I am very pleased to recommend Shravan, a person who talks the talk and also walks the walk. I have known him for over 2 years. Indeed an enthusiastic, energetic , mature individual who can change lives. He is endowed with the power of speech and uses it to the best of his ability. I have worked with him on many projects and found him compassionate and genuinely well rounded. Really good at cultivating relationships with the potential to contribute to it whenever needed. He is a coach." — Himanshu Prasad (, Information Wealth Manager, Ladder Consultancy, worked directly with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan is a born leader. The man who doesn't rest until his people are given the best that they deserve. He is one person who always thinks for everyone in this very "me-me" soceity. He is an exceptionally bright, enthusiastic and hard-working chap. Has a maturity that should shame many a people, given his age." — Ashwin Satyanarayana, Alumni, Ohio University, managed Shravan indirectly at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "An extremely gung ho, thoroughbred in a professional environment. Very smart and an independent individual who always brought a very different dimension to an intriguing problem or brainstorm. A very ORIGINAL individual and a hardworking guy." Page 29
  30. 30. — Deepak Mehta, Business Development Manager, Pvt Ltd, worked with Shravan at Greycaps "Well talented and expertise in Man management. Self driven person." — SUDHEENDRA HEGDE, Recruiter-Human Resources Division, Toyota Kirloskar Motor India, was with another company when working with Shravan at Ohio University Christ Academy (Formerly Ohio Manipal school of business) "Shravan is an excellent, organised hard worker who knows exactly what he wants and achieves it successfully. his sharp thinking, leadership skills, control & decision making skills can add value to any organisation.its a privelege knowing him." — Rishi Udeshi, corporate Relationship Manager,, worked with Shravan at Greycaps "It is great to see an Indian growing to a top level. I appriciate sarvan for utilising the resources whatever he got." — David Solomon, Owner, Mirror Consultancy, was Shravan's client "Shravan's amazing Interent research skill brought new dimension to our product GAP. All the Best for all your future ventures." — Yadav Kumar (, Owner, SchoolKingdom Pvt Ltd, managed Shravan indirectly at Greycaps Contact Shravan on LinkedIn Page 30