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Questions Young leaders Ask


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This is a set of questions from a survey put across to school leaders and school students across age groups. The respondents were from both genders. The youngest was 9 years and the oldest was 17 years of age .

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Questions Young leaders Ask

  1. 1. Q & A OPEN HOUSE
  2. 2. High Five • What is Leadership ? • What are the important characteristics needed to be a Leader? • How do you know that you are a Leader ? • What are the negative aspects of being a Leader ? • What is your attitude towards being a Leader ?
  3. 3. 1 • What is Leadership ? Our Survey found that although some elementary age students referred to leadership as power , authority , and control, the majority of students defined leadership in positive terms. The responses reflect a wide range of characteristics and behaviors of leadership. In general the older students identified leadership as a multidimensional concept
  4. 4. Leadership is being a part of a team , not just the leader of a group. You are not a leader if no one is following. Male , 16 A Leader is a person who helps others, learns different skills, and develops the character to live a life of excellence Female , 13 Leadership is when you motivate others by example , word of mouth, and influence. It also includes bringing out the full potential in someone. Male , 14 Leadership is influencing or helping others to accomplish a mission or a goal. Female , 9
  5. 5. 2 • What are the important characteristics needed to be a Leader? Our Survey showed that students identify a wide variety of characteristics of a leader: However several characteristics emerged a being frequent. Those characteristics were - Communication – Responsibility – Self-Confidence- Intelligence- decision making skills- Others that were important but not cited as frequently were -Perception - Control of emotions - A strong sense of morality – And the ability to take a risk to be honest despite Peer pressure
  6. 6. 3 • What are the negative aspects of being a Leader ? Our Survey revealed that the majority of responses have to do with the way other people may respond someone in a leadership position. Specific reactions from others that the students identified as negative were Hate-Jealousy- Loss of Faith- Criticism- Blame- Rejection Stress – Pressure- the lack of privacy- possibility of making a mistake-amount of time required for leadership position
  7. 7. 4 • How do you know that you are a Leader ? Our survey found that all of the students responding to this question do believe that they are leaders. - Some students stated that they know that they are leaders because of the way others treat them with respect as role models. - Other Students cited personal qualities as indicators of their ability to lead such as comfort in leadership positions- being a trendsetter- persuasiveness-the ability to withstand peer pressure- and the ability to take charge.
  8. 8. 5 • What is your attitude towards being a Leader ? Our survey found that students regarded leadership with pride, honor and seriousness. They also stated that being a leader is fun, challenging and rewarding. Some students felt that Leadership should be a shared responsibility because to much leadership from one person can result in a negative situation.
  9. 9. L.E.A.D.E.R • Learner - Former President A.P.J Kalam • Enthusiastic - Steve Jobs • Articulate - Barack Obama • Daring - Kiran Bedi • Empathising - Mother Theresa • Role Model - All of them Who are the Leaders you Follow ?
  10. 10. Any Questions?