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One thought - create your coaching elevator pitch


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An elevator pitch is what you will say when someone asks you what you do or what working with a coach will be like .So read this " One Thought "

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One thought - create your coaching elevator pitch

  1. 1. Shravan Shetty Career Coach Concept Credit :Shelagh Young Shravan Shetty – Career Coach
  2. 2. Take a moment. Think about what you will say when someone asks you what you do or what working with a coach will be like. In the film and television business people talk about having an elevator pitch ready. An elevator pitch is just a short , sharp, motivating and engaging summary of their TV or film idea. It is for those moments , such as when you share a lift, when you meet someone you want to influence. You cant risk boring them and they are too busy to make an appointment to see you. So you briskly pitch your idea whenever you get the chance . A successful coach needs to be able to do this too.
  3. 3. My Elevator Pitch I am a coach actually… I Here is my card. Call me when I can help you
  4. 4. • What will your elevator pitch be ? Try writing down some options. The say them out loud. Do they roll of the tongue easily ? • Try them out with an honest friend or a family member. Do they get your meaning ? Are they excited by the idea of coaching? • The opportunity to pitch for coaching business is there every time someone asks you what you do , so your first attempt should work as an answer to the typical question? ‘ What do you do ?
  5. 5. • This elevator pitch is really important because an excellent coach leads a process that differs quite a lot from the general common sense understanding of what coaching entails . This is possibly because the first ideas that come to mind when most of us think about ‘coaching ‘ are examples from sport. The sports coach is the most well –known example of a coach in action. • So if you are a coach , are you a in action coach ready with you elevator pitch ?