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Liverpool Chamber Top 10 Challenges -Event Management


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Liverpool Chamber Top 10 Challenges -Event Management

  1. 1. SHORTWORKS compiles The Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Organisers 1. Be Memorable In this modern age of distraction it is importantto make events memorable and to make sure that guests ofthe event are remembering,and even talking about, the event days and weeks after it is over. Simple solutions like having photographers atthe event can help people source outthe events social networking accounts to find the photos and provide another opportunity to repeatthe message ofthe event and be aware of additional events through the social network’s future news releases. 2. Shrinking Budgets Event planners need to provide their clients with creative solutions to combatshrinking budgets.While the economic downturn continues eventmanagers are having to continuing offering unique,inspirational events on tighter and tighter budgets. 3. Short Lead Times Shorter lead times have become prominentover the pasttwelve months.Event organisers will continue to face the challenge ofshortlead times butif they can push for budgets to be signed offearlier,this additional time can be used effectively to source the mostcosteffective and suitable venue and suppliers will help you deliver more memorable and unique events ensuring you see a better return on investment. 4. Rise In Costs Adapting to the inevitable rise in cost or finding other ways of keeping costs down has been a concern that is as relevant today as it has been for many years now.Event organisers have become accustomed to venues and suppliers offering clever and creative incentives and discounts to keep their spending down and mustadaptto these continuing policies. 5. Environmental Issues An increased sustainabilityand environmental focus is more essential in today’s corporate environmentthan ever before, and the continuing demands ofan ever more expressive population means thatcompanies need to address their green initiatives in an open transparentmanner,reduce their carbon footprintand engage in corporate social responsibilityin a manner that will satisfythe communities effected. 6. Technology Keeping up-to-date with new developments,products and services through social media,newsletters,relevant marketing materials atexhibitions.The demand on event organisers to deliver something new and fresh will be a further challenge throughoutthe years that come and will enforce event organisers to think outside the box.
  2. 2. SHORTWORKS compiles The Top 10 Challenges Facing Event Organisers Technological advancements can be at the heartof remaining sustainable and cost-efficient.Implementing effective digital solutions can help to streamline administration,communication and other internal processes,whilst simultaneouslyacting as a key marketing tool,enhancing overall brand awareness and brand reach. 7. Having The Right People Allocating the right resources with the right skills is an everyday challenge for mostbusinesses,butin the ever changing world ofevent managementthis challenge require constantsupervision and updating.Nothaving the right people managing an event can be a recipe for disaster.Eventmanagers need full visibilityinto the skills and workloads of all their resources,vendors,contractors and outsourcers.Once event planners know everyone’s capabilities and their tasks itbecomes far easier to work out who’s doing whatand how to allocate the resources at their disposal. 8. Staying On Track Failure to keep track of the changing scope ofthe event. Anyone who has worked in event managementfor any length of time realise thatmostevents will have changes in plans before the big day. Failure to keep track of these changes can mean an out of control budgetor an impossible time frame.The key here is to ensure that their is a formal tracking process thatwill documentany changes and thatthese changes are analysed and communicated effectively to all the stakeholders and keptunder control. 9. It's All In The Planning Failing to plan is planning to fail. The mantra behind the old cliche is certainly essential to overcoming the challenges metin today’s event managementenvironment.A lack of an agreed upon plan increases the risk thattasks related to the event will fall through the cracks and ultimatelymiss a major objective ofthe event. a well defined and agreed upon plan will help planners tackle every task effectively and raises the awareness ofall the activities involved in the execution of the event. 10. Anything That Can Go Wrong, Will go Wrong Ultimatelywithin event management“anything thatcan go wrong will go wrong”. Surprising and frustrating lastminute changes thathave the potential to throw the event into a tailspin are common place in the changing world of event management.Performing eventrisk assessments can help with identifying where possible changes can occur,or where issues thatcould possiblyderail the event or prevent you from delivering the expected results are likely. Event risk assessments can help mitigate these possible challenges and understanding where the weak links ofan event plan are. Sourced from: Institute of Event Management