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Under search engine advertising webinar

  1. 1. Pay Per Click Advertising Increasing your ROI with qualified leadsPresenter: Sam Shetty Date: Oct 2011
  2. 2. Agenda■ Why should I consider Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?■ What is Search Engine Advertising?■ The SEA Process■ Conclusion
  3. 3. Website Traffic “Website traffic ismeaningless unless itconverts into leads”
  4. 4. How many sites will they visit? 52% of consumers visit only 1 or 2 sites when researching a product*■ 36% visit 3-5 sites for research■ Only 12 % visit 6 or more sites!* Source: ACRS “The Internet’s Role in Offline Purchase Behaviour”, Feb ‘09
  5. 5. Research process
  6. 6. Why should you consider?
  7. 7. SEO limitations■ Takes longer to get near the top■ Google is always one step ahead■ Flash websites are much harder to optimise■ High competition for the best keywords■ Difficult to rank high for generic keywords Is there something else I can use to get around these problems?
  8. 8. What is search engine advertising/ PPC …a form of Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion. Wikipedia
  9. 9. Common SEA problems■ “My daily budget gets blown quickly!”■ “The ads don’t appear like they’re supposed to”■ “My company can afford more”■ “It’s too expensive”■ “‘Tyre-kickers’ waste my money”■ “My ads have a high bounce rate”
  10. 10. Is PPC right for me ?■ Does your business have a unique selling point ?■ Do you stock products ?■ Do you need to feed your sales team with leads ?■ Low cost of lead acquisition■ Do you need to measure ROI ?■ Ability to focus on specific locations , time zone■ Ability to change your marketing message daily■ Better conversions
  11. 11. Flexibility
  12. 12. Where should I advertise ?
  13. 13. Google adwords
  14. 14. Why AdWords ….
  15. 15. How to get started ??■ Set your goals ( Sell online or generate leads )■ Keyword research■ Set your daily budget for adspend■ Decide on your USP ( Why should someone consider me?)■ Decide on your campaigns ( Create multiple campaigns)■ Setup Google analytics & conversion tracking■ Setup Google website optimizer■ Landing page
  16. 16. Keyword Research■ (https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal)
  17. 17. Daily Budget■ Decide on days of the week you want to advertise■ Number of clicks required for conversionDaily Budget = avg cpc X No of clicks = $ Daily spende.g if the average cpc is $ 1.00 and if you need 15 clicks to get one conversion = Daily budget $ 15
  18. 18. Google website optimizerwww.google.com/websiteoptimizerKey features■ A/B Split & Multivariable Testing■ Increase sales and conversion rates.■ Decrease Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)■ Increase time spent on your site.■ Eliminate guesswork from site design.■ Articles and tips on website optimization■ Advanced testing strategies
  19. 19. Setting up a PPC campaign■ Easy to setup■ Decide on a daily budget■ Set your maximum cost per click (CPC)■ Create a keyword list■ Write an ad which attracts customers■ Decide on a ‘call to action’■ Track, monitor, modify and improve■ Landing pages
  20. 20. How to make it work ?■ Quality Score ( 0 – 10 ) # Max CPC ( maximum cost per click) # CTR ( Click through rate ) # Quality of Ads # Load time ( Time it takes for Google to load your website)■ Better Landing pages■ Good call to action
  21. 21. Case Study 1300cruise■ www.1300cruise.com.au■ CPC for keywords like Kimberley cruises is $ 7.00 per click■ With a daily budget of $ 70 a day, the expected number of clicks will be around 10 to 14 clicks a day■ When someone clicks on their Ad , they are sent to the home page and website visitors are expected to use the cruise finder option on the website.■ The client was hardly getting any online leads or Inquries 15 visitors a day ---- 0 inquries■ Monthly budget of $ 2400 with hardly any results
  22. 22. Conclusion■ Do I know enough ?■ Q&A■ For a free consultancy, Call 1300 638 734■ Email sam.shetty@netregistry.com.au for a copy of the webinar presentation.■ Thank you