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SEO for microbusinesses


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Published in: Technology, Design
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SEO for microbusinesses

  1. 1. Presented by Sam shetty 20th June 2012Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)for micro businessesNetregistry Business Bites Webinar
  2. 2. Agenda■ Online marketing, Which one is right for me ?■ Planning your SEO implementation■ SEO process■ Latest Google updates■ Should I outsource my SEO ?■ Q&A
  3. 3. The Traditional Shopping Process is… Linear, predictable, analog, brand-controlledSource: The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive EC
  4. 4. The New Purchase Journey is… Non-Linear, multi-channel, digital, consumer-controlledSource : The OPEN Brand: Digital Trends for 2011 by Resource Interactive EC
  5. 5. Clicks are People !For you to achieve your goals, your visitormust achieve their goal first.“Visitors are only concerned with how theywant to buy and what is relevant to them”
  6. 6. Conversions• Most websites do not have a TRAFFIC problem …• However, every website has a CONVERSION problem !!!
  7. 7. Watch your data not just results!!“Successful marketers knowtheir goals, and they watchdata everyday and constantlyanalyse not only the results,but what data matters.”
  8. 8. The conversion Trinity• Are you relevant to MY query ?• Do I know WHY you are the right solution for me?• Is it obvious WHAT I need to do next ?
  9. 9. Which one is right for me ?
  10. 10. What will drive my traffic? *Via Forrester’s Interactive Marketing 2012 Report
  11. 11. Planning your SEO strategy• Do you have a USP for your business ?• Do you understand your customers needs ?• Do your potential customers search online ?• Where do you stand on search engines right now ?• Will your will website convert ?• Level of competition online ?
  12. 12. SEO setup• Setup up Google analytics• Setup Google webmaster tools• Setup Google +• Setup Google places• Claim your social space
  13. 13. Keyword research tools• Google adwords• Wordtracker• Keyword discovery• Semrush• Google insights
  14. 14. A Simple Process for Choosing Good Keywords High Volume (many searches/month) Low Competition Ideal Keywords!(weak sites/pages in the top 10) High Value (large % of visitors convert) More on this here:
  15. 15. A Simple Process for Choosing Good Keywords High Volume Google AdWords (many searches/month) Low Competition(weak sites/pages in the top 10) Gut Feel (or KW Difficulty Tool) High Value Gut Feel (or Analytics Data) (large % of visitors convert) Picking keywords doesn’t have to be a chore, and the process can often help you find topics for content you haven’t yet tried/thought of!
  16. 16. AdWords: The Best Choice (Most of the Time) The AdWords Keyword Tool Can Be Found Here:
  17. 17. Tools to Help with Accessibility
  18. 18. What About Those Awesome Video Results?! These are great fordriving clicks
  19. 19. You Have to Get These Right
  20. 20. Before You Get These Right
  21. 21. GOOGLE+ WILL BECOME THECORE OF GOOGLE’S SERVICES“The assumption is that everything will move over to usingthe Plus infrastructure over time”– Eric Schmidt, Google’s chairman
  22. 22. .USERS’ TIME SPENTON GOOGLE+ WILL PROVIDEGOOGLE WITH MORE DATA“For Google, everything that happens on the Internet is a complement to itsmain business. As people spend more time and do more things online, theysee more ads and they disclose more information about themselves - andGoogle rakes in more money.”– Nicholas Carr, The Shallows, P. 160
  23. 23. 25 PERCENT OF ALL GOOGLEEMPLOYEE BONUSES AREBASED ON SOCIAL SUCCESS“According to a leaked memo from Google CEO Larry Page, the companyis making its social efforts a top priority and will reward all employees ifthose products are a success — or dock everyone’s bonus if those effortsfail.”– Jolie O’Dell,, Apr. 2011
  24. 24. Great Content + SEO + Social Really Works. Great SEO Social Link + + +Content Friendly Sharing Building = Higher More More MoreRankings Readers Followers Influence = Virtuous Cycle of Inbound Marketing!
  25. 25. Link building tips• Product giveaways• Press releases & arranging coverage• Providing images for review posts• Offering content to affiliate sites & blogs• Link bait style blog posts• Product tools & tips• Post about latest trends in your industry
  26. 26. Google loves speed
  27. 27. Website Usability• Simple & Easy to use• Design pages for scanning and not for reading• Good, visible, site navigation• Talk the same language like your users• Prioritize the key information( users look for) above the fold• Trust & Creditability need to be reinforced
  28. 28. Google Penguin vs PandaUpdate
  29. 29. Should I outsource SEO ?• Do you have multiple sites ?• Do you have web design skills ?• Are you able to track results ?• Do you time to write articles ?• Are you able to acquire links for your website ?• Can you afford to spend 30 hours a month?Is 30 hours of your time worth .. $ 600 ???
  30. 30. Conclusion• Q&A• Request a free Consultation for your website• Thank you !!!• Sam Shetty