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In depth seo webinar


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In depth seo webinar

  1. 1. Webinar: An in-depth look at Search Engine OptimisationPresenter: Sam Shetty Date: November 2011
  2. 2. Today’s agenda■ The SEO Journey■ SEO 2011■ Social SEO■ SEO checklist 2011■ SEO Tools■ Q&A
  3. 3. 2001: A Crazy Search Landscape
  4. 4. The Algorithm (Keyword Use + Anchor Text) X Page Rank = Page 1 Listing !!! Simpler times. Spammier times, too.
  5. 5. SERPs All Looked Like This:
  6. 6. SEO Meant a Few Fundamentals
  7. 7. Or, More Often, Link Spamming
  8. 8. Fast Forward 7 Years
  9. 9. Google’s Dominating
  10. 10. But Not Much Else Has Changed
  11. 11. It’s a Whole New World
  12. 12. SERPs Rarely Look Like This Anymore
  13. 13. They now look more like this …
  14. 14. Or This …
  15. 15. Or This …
  16. 16. There’s Rich Snippets &
  17. 17. Video Results
  18. 18. SERPs Are Almost Always Personalised Search history, social networks, previous clicks and more impact personalization + rankings
  19. 19. Search Barely Requires Typing
  20. 20. Misspellings are a Thing of the Past
  21. 21. The Algorithm Has Changed, Too
  22. 22. In 2011, link-based factors (page and domain-level) have shrunk in the voters’ minds toonly ~45% of algorithmic components. Note: because the question options changed http:/ (and more options were added), direct comparison may not be entirely fair.
  23. 23. Make the Site Search-Engine Friendly
  24. 24. What Do SEOs Believe Will Happen w/ Google’s Use of Ranking Features in the Future? While there was some significant contention about issues like paid links and ads vs. http:/ content, the voters nearly all agreed that social signals and perceived user value signals
  25. 25. Most Important On-Page, Keyword-Use Factors (as voted on by 132 SEOs) My guess: Some voters didn’t fully understand the internal/external link anchors choiceNOTE: We surveyed SEOs about more on-page optimization features, but I didn’t include http:/ all on this chart as it would make the labels very tiny and hard to read 
  26. 26. Correlation of Social Media-Based Factors (data via Topsy API & Google Buzz API) Amazing: Facebook Shares is our single highest correlated metric with higher Google rankings.Although voters thought Twitter data / tweets to URLs were more influential, Facebook’s http:/ are substantially better correlated with rankings. Time to get more FB Shares!
  27. 27. Panda Effect .. Things to watch out for■ Duplicate content from pages in your own site.■ Over saturating for keywords.■ Excessive grammar, spelling and punctuation errors.■ Missing meta titles and descriptions.■ Duplicate content from off-site(including checking whether off-site pages have duplicated your pages)■ Poor user performance(time onsite, bounce rate, etc.).■ An excessively high “ad to content” ratio.■ Broaden your search with digital assets
  28. 28. New SEO process
  29. 29. Target KeywordsImportant to haveyour keywordsmentioned throughouta pageBUTDo not go overboard
  30. 30. Keyword strategy
  31. 31. “Good, Unique Content” is NOT ENOUGH
  32. 32. Discover What People Want
  33. 33. Build Links
  34. 34. SEO tools to consider■ Keywords : Google keyword tool , Semrush■ One page SEO : Optimiser report■ Blog Comment Management : Disqus, ECHO■ Link tracking :■ Social media monitoring : Trackur■ Social management: Hootsuite■ Social search : social mention■ Engagement : Post rank
  35. 35. (Old School) SEO Can’t Be Our Only Strength
  36. 36. You tube & Video optimisation■ You tube accounts for about 28 % of all Google search results■ You tube appears often on Google SERP results■ Create a branded you tube channel for your business■ Each video on your site should have its own page, indexable by search engines■ Write descriptive keyword rich keyword titles for your videos on You tube■ Provide video description for context, share video features■ Cross promote your videos on other social channels
  37. 37. Smart phone trends
  38. 38. Local SEO
  39. 39. Search Dominates
  40. 40. Search No Longer Works in a Vacuum Earning a click in the SERPs is merely one step in a greater process.
  41. 41. But is Nearly Useless By Itself
  42. 42. Every Marketer Sees This: But That’s Not Reality
  43. 43. Traffic sources All the traffic we receive that isn’t the result of paid acquisition or advertising
  44. 44. Traffic sources Referring + Other = 50% of our traffic? But this chart is basically saying Twitter, Facebook, blogs, feed readers and every non-search site that sends traffic is exactly the same.
  45. 45. What is important ?
  46. 46. In Social, Fragmentation Appears CertainUsers: 50mm 750mm 200mm 120mm 10mmUsers: 14mm Millions 14mm 6.5mm
  47. 47. It Lives in the Broader Inbound Funnel
  48. 48. You Probably Won’t Convert Well
  49. 49. Grow Your Social Network to Reach Searchers
  50. 50. Blogs are social
  51. 51. Purchase funnels are changing andDIGITAL is playing a role at every stage. Awareness Customers see conversations between brands & satisfied customers. This builds trust. Interest Reviews & active communities show Desire prospects that desired needs will be met. Consideration & Research Customers rely on a number of platforms to move to action Action Engaged new customers become great Advocacy ambassadors
  52. 52. Future: Shift from “doing social” to “being social” EXTERNALLY: SOCIAL BRAND • Actively listen & respond • Demonstrate social behaviour – compelling, authentic, transparent. • Community driven. INTERNALLY: SOCIAL BUSINESS • The expertise of company is available to people • Training & development internally for employees & business units to become ‘digital citizens’ • Social turns inward as teams collaborate internally
  53. 53. Social Can Spread aMessage Like Nothing Else
  54. 54. Today is aHugeInfluenceon Search
  55. 55. What should I do now !!!■ Data as content marketing■ Video content + SERP visuals■ Though Leadership – Blogs , Rel=Author■ Social networks for personalized rankings■ Link building with your social followers■ Long tail SEO■ PR through Social Outreach■ Viral worthy content■ Influence search suggest through branding■ Leverage though leaders to build content ( surveys)
  56. 56. SEO Checklist■ Content strategy■ Blog strategy■ Social Strategy■ Video strategy■ Reputation Management■ Social media monitoring
  57. 57. Conclusion■ Q&A■ Request a free site review■ THANK YOU■ Sam shetty