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Technical Textile

  1. 1. Southeast University Department Of Textile Engineering I/A 251,252 Tejgaon Dhaka Bangladesh
  2. 2. Technical Textile Introduction:- Technical Textiles are defined as comprising all those textile based products which are used principally for their performance or functional characteristics rather than for this aesthetic or are used for non consumer application.
  3. 3. According to the industry some technical Textile are given by below:- 1. AGRO TEXTILE Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry & Fishing segments are called agro textile. Some applications of the agro textiles are given by below:          Preventing erosion. Fishing nets. For layer separation. In green house cover effects. In nets for plants. As sun screens. As packing materials for storing grass. Knitted nets. Anti birds nets. Materials for ground & plant water management.
  4. 4. 2. CLOTHING TEXTILE Clothtech includes the technical components of clothing. It has some important properties, such as, High resistance to temperature, High absorbency, Durability, Water proof, Pressure & other extreme condition. Some applications of the clothing textiles are given by below: In shoe components like shoe laces.  For insulation & structures like interlining.  Sewing products like sewing threads, labels, fasteners (Zips, Velcro)
  5. 5. 3. ECO TEXTILE Promote new innovations, In an eco friendly manner OEKTECH is the term used for technical Textiles that are used for environmental protection. Some features of eco textiles are given by below: They utilize ecologically grown fibres.  They are processed with leas drainaging inputs.  The processing units are equipped with good sewage treated. Some applications of the eco textiles are given by below:       Soil Seals. Textile drainage systems. Textiles for protection against hazardous substances. Textile noise barrier systems. Erosion prevention systems. Filter systems. Mobile containers.
  6. 6. 4. GEO TEXTILE A geo textile can be defined as; Penneable geo synthetic comprised solely of Textiles Geo textiles are extensively used with; Soil, Rock, Earth or any other geo technical Engineering material. Geo Textiles has three basic function & they are given by below:i. Separation ii. Stabilization iii. Filtration Some applications of the geo textiles are given by below:o o o o o o o o Roadways parking tots, loading areas & construction sites. Prevent drainage systems. Filtration, protection & separation function. Fluid transmission. For water way erosion control. Reduce soil piping & embankment erosion. Prevention of weed growth. Moisture conservation for horticulture.
  7. 7. 5. HOME TEXTILE A direct upon all sorts of consumer textile markets, including both clothing & furnishing these are called home textile. Some applications of the home textiles are given by below: Woven & knit wipes.  Non-woven wipes.  Ticking.  Spring Insulators.  Platform cloth (used in famishing).  Dust cloth fabrics.  Skirt linings & other fabrics (for used in furnishing).  Carpet backings.  Sewing thread are used in furnishing & house hold textile.  Curtain.  Bed sheet, Bed cover.
  8. 8. 6. INDUSTRIAL TEXTILE INDUTECH is the name given to textiles that are used for divers applications like filtration, conveying & cleaning etc. Some applications of the industrial textiles are given by below:              Dry & wet filtration. Polishing cloths. Needle punched felt. Open weave fabric. Drive belts conveyors. Loop & eye fastenings. Basic fabrics for coating. Coated fabrics. Fusing threads & rods. Fire retardant fabrics. Heat resistance fibres/yarns. Coated & extra dual yarns. Yarns for composites. High tenacity yarns.
  9. 9. 7. MEDICAL TEXTILE A general term which describes a textile structure which has been designed & produced for use in any of a variefy of medical applications including implantable application. Some applications of the medical textiles are given by below:i. Implantable products:- Soft tissue implants, Artifical tendon, Artifical cartilage, Artifical ligament, Orthopedics implants artificial joints, Heart valves. ii. Non implantable:- For wound care that includes absorbent pad (wound contract layer, base material viscose, plastic film) & bandages (simple elastic/inelastic, orthopedic, plastics, gauges, lint, padding). iii. Healthcare/Hygiene products:- Include bedding, clothing, surgical gown clothes, filters bandages, support & protective materials, surgical suture etc. iv. Extra corporeal device:- Artificial kidney, Liver & lungs.
  10. 10. 8. PACKAGING TEXTILE Sacks & bags made of traditional jute, cotton or natural fiber are gradually casting way for modern synthetic fibers. These technical textile are used in packaging & subsequent transportation are called “PACKETCH”. Some applications of the packaging textiles are given by below: FIBC big bags.  Laundry bags.  Sacks for storages.  Twine & String.  Non-paper tea bags.  Food Soaker pads.  Net packaging for storing.  Soft luggage.
  11. 11. 9. PROTECTIVE TEXTILE It is the new range of chemicals & fabrics being used by the armed forces that has redefined safety. Some applications of the protective textiles are given by below:       Tents, Sleeping systems, Weapons rolls. Fire Service equipment. Fabrics with water proof & b breathable membrane. Mountain safety ropes. Protective clothing fabrics for protections for fire, bullets etc. Special jackets. Fabrics for disposable garments.
  12. 12. 10. SPORT TEXTILE Some revolutionary new textiles are used in sports & leisure industry are popularly known ‘SPORTTECH’. Some applications of the sport textiles are given by below:Material technology & designed of equipment. Surface treatment of equipment. Sports wear. Sports foot wear. Artificial turfs. Sleeping bags. Ballooning & Parachute fabrics.
  13. 13. 11. TRANSPORT TEXTILE Technical Textiles that are used in this automotive or transport sector are ‘MOBILTECH’. Some applications of the transport textiles are given by below: Air bag fabrics.  Tires cord fabrics.  Automotive upholstery & other textile fabrics used in inside the vehicles.  Engine (Radiator hoses, power steering, hydraulic lines filters etc.)  Composites for body & suspension parts.  Comfort & decoration (seating, carpets, interior decoration)  Safety (seat belts, air bags, seat fire barriers etc.)