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Sewing Machine

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Sewing Machine

  1. 1. Sewing Machine
  2. 2. Prepared By : Mazadul Hasan sheshir ID: 2010000400008 13th Batch (session 2009-2013) Department : Wet Processing Technology Email: Blog : www. (visit) Southeast University Department Of Textile Engineering I/A 251,252 Tejgaon Dhaka Bangladesh Prepared By : ©right
  3. 3. Types of Sewing Machines Each machine makes a basic running stitch the same way, with two sources of thread. The top needle takes the thread down into the fabric. It is caught and looped via the bobbin apparatus and then pulled back up. The "feed dog" (a rough edged surface underneath the fabric) moves it along and the next stitch begins. Everything else is different. Mechanical Sewing Machines : A mechanical sewing machine is controlled by a rotary wheel. Any adjustment like the tension or the length or width of the stitch is made by moving a dial. These machines are very basic and tend to be less expensive than the other sewing machines. Electronic Sewing Machines : An electronic machine differs in that there are some functions that can be accomplished by pushing a button. A machine can have a number of motors for various duties and they are run via electricity. Computerized Sewing Machines : As sewing machines became more complex, more of these motors were added. A computer then coordinates all these functions. Think about a repetitive sequence of stitches being programmed, so you no longer have to replicate these movements over and over again. Nice! Types of Sewing Machines
  4. 4. by using whose it is possible to make a garments properly: There are a list of sewing machines Lock Stitch Machine/ Plain/ Regular Sewing Machine 2. Two Needle Lock Stitch Machine 3. Chain Stitch Machine 4. Double Chain Stitch Machine 5. Overlock Machine 6. Safety Stitch Over Lock Machine 7. Flat Lock Machine Sewing Machines 8. Flat seamer with the Cylinder Bed. 9. Buttonhole Machine 10. Button Sewing Machine 11. Bar Tack Machine 12. Blind Stitch Machine 13. Kansai Special Machine 14. Pocket Sewer M/C.
  6. 6. Plain Machine (PM): Stitch Class 301 (Lock Stitch) Use: Stitching all garments. Plain Machine (PM)
  7. 7. Over Lock Machine (O/L): Stitch Class 503,504(3 thread),515(4 thread), 516(5 thread) Use: Edging& light sewing. Over Lock Machine (O/L)
  8. 8. Chain Stitch Machine (CS): Stitch Class 401 Use: Waist band & Inseam of Jeans. Chain Stitch Machine (CS)
  9. 9. Feed of the arm machine: Stitch Class 401: 2/3 needle feed of the arm machine. Use: In seam & out seam of the pants. Feed of the arm Machine
  10. 10. Flat Lock/ Inter lock machine: Stitch Class: 406(3 Thread),407(4 Thread),602(4 Thread),605(5 Thread). Use: Bottom& Sleeve hem of T-shirt & polo shirt Lock/ Inter lock Machine
  11. 11. Kansani Machine: For multithread needle usage, up to 33 needle can be use. Use: Waist band of Jeans & top stitching of all garments. Kansani Machine
  12. 12. Button hole Machine: Lock stitching & chain stitching with Special thread Use: Sewing of light & heavy fabric’s garments button holding Button Hole Machine
  13. 13. Button attaching Machine: Chain Stitch300/100,(1L+1L) Use: Sewing of light & heavy fabric’s garments button joining Button attaching Machine
  14. 14. Eyelet hole Machine. Use: In jeans bottom hole Eyelet Hole Machine
  15. 15. Bartack Machine: Lock stitch. Use: Beltloop, pocketcorner, under the fly piece Bartack Machine
  16. 16. Snap Attaching Machine: 1. Snap Attaching m/c. 2. Shrank button. 3. Rivet. 4. Eyelet. Snap Attaching Machine
  17. 17. Blind Stitch Machine : Stitch Class-103. Use: Bottom hemming of dress pant Blind Stitch Machine
  18. 18. Basting Machine: Stitch Class-101. Use: Temporary stitching for garments assembly. Basting Machine
  19. 19. Zigzag Machine : Stitch Class-304. Use : For zigzag stitching. Zigzag Machine
  20. 20. Button Sewing Machine
  21. 21. Smocking Machine : One kind of Kansain machine. Pique Stitch Machine :Stitch Class- 209. Use:Collar of Shirt & Blazer lapel. Smocking Machine
  22. 22. Brand Name of Some Popular Sewing Machine

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