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  1. 1.  Industry: Worlds second largest retailing market after Walmart.  Founded: 3.June.1959  Headquarters: Boulogne Billancourt, France  Served area: Worldwide  Founder: Marcel Fournier, Denis Defforey and Jacques Defforey  Key people: Georges Plassat, Chairman and CEO  Employees: 364,969 (2012)  Worldwide Store Number:  France: 4635 Stores  Latin America: 675 Stores  Europe, Caribbean, North Africa & Middle East: 4314 Stores  Asia: 370 Stores Carrefour Carrefour At a glance:
  2. 2.  Born on 7.July.1925  Died on 6.February.2006  He was the the founder, share holder and officer of the French retail group Carrefour.  Denis Defforey chaired the board of the group from 1985 to 1990 . Carrefour Denis Defforey
  3. 3.  He is an Italian.  Born into an old family of Annecy, Italy  In 1959, Marcel Fournier and Denis Jacques Defforey meeting, working in the family business.  The business was wholesale food.  He officially registered the trademark "Carrefour supermarket" in July 1959.  On 15 June 1963, Marcel Fournier and Denis Defforey all open the first Carrefour hypermarket , in the south of Paris.  Died in 1985. Carrefour Marcel Fournier
  4. 4.  Georges Plassat was born on March 1949.  He is a French businessman.  Georges Plassat graduated from Switzerland.  He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Carrefour.  Mr. Georges Plassat has been the Chief Executive Officer of Carrefour SA since April 2, 2012 .  In June 2012, he became Chairman and CEO of Carrefour. Carrefour Georges Plassat
  5. 5. Carrefour Meaning of the Logo: Trading Logo of Carrefour:  Logos can convey many ideas in one simple design by using stylish or hidden design.  The logo features the letter “C” between two arrows that point in different directions.  In September 2009, Carrefour updated its logo
  6. 6.  “Carrefour” is the place where generally four streets are meet.  The first store of the Carrefour is situated where four roads are meet.  In French, this condition is known as “Carrefurcs”.  Hence the name Carrefour. Carrefour
  7. 7. Mission of Carrefour  They are totally focused on the expectations of their customers.  They try to offer their customers the best price and the best merchandise, in every store, in every country. Previous and Present View of Carrefour Hypermarket: Carrefour
  8. 8.  It’s necessary to know about the following terms to understand about the Carrefour hence this arrangement:  Retail  Hypermarket  Retail is the sale of goods and services from individuals or businesses to the end- user. Another name is supply chain. A retailer purchases goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers directly or through a wholesale, and then sells smaller quantities to the consumer for a profit.  Department stores  Discount stores  General store etc. these are known as Retail. Carrefour
  9. 9.  Hypermarket is a superstore combining a supermarket and a department store. The result is an expansive retail facility carries a wide range of products under one roof.  Hypermarkets allow customers to satisfy all their shopping needs in one trip.  First Hypermarket opened in USA by Walmart in 1987.  Carrefour is a hypermarket. Some Hypermarkets with respect to different Country:  Bangladesh:  Agora, opened by Brand Rahimafrooz in 2001.  Jamuna Future Park(Under Construction). It will be the biggest hypermarket of Bangladesh.  Egypt:  Carrefour  Hyper One  Makro  Spinneys, etc. Carrefour
  10. 10. Slogans of Carrefour:  French Slogans and  International Slogans. French Slogans were:  1988–2003 : With Carrefour, I positive  2003–2007 : Energy Wise  2007–2009 : Quality for all  2009–2010 : Positive is back  2010–2011 : Positively every day  Since 2012 : Low in price... but high in trust International Slogans were:  Choice and quality for everyone.  Life, the way I want it.  Every day, for you.  Positively every day, etc. Carrefour
  11. 11. Key Years_ of Carrefour 1959: Marcel Fournier and Louis Defforey established Carrefour. 1960: The first Carrefour store opened. 1963: Carrefour establishes its first hypermarket. 1970: The Company goes public. 1985: Fournier dies; by now the company has expanded to ten countries. 1991: Euromarket is acquired. 1998: The Company purchases Comptoirs Modernes SA. 2000: Carrefour merges with Promodès SA to become Europe's largest retailer. Carrefour
  12. 12.  With their customers’ needs in mind, they decided, in 1985, to replace their generic product line with an own-brand line produced for them for the most part by small and medium-sized manufacturers.  Today they sell internationally, food products that meet very strict specifications for price/quality ratio, taste, authenticity, safety, traceability and innovation. They also sell non-food products under their own-brand name.  Generally we can say that their products are as follows:  Food products: Approximately 2000 items.  Non-food products: Approximately 5000 items. Non-food product includes: • RMG(Ready Made Garment) • Medicine • Electronic products • Playing Instruments • BIO Products etc. Carrefour Products_ of Carrefour
  13. 13.  Products are their core business.  A broad product offering with everyday low prices  Their product offer is based on a number of unchanging principles:  a broad selection  the lowest prices  the highest quality  compliance with manufacturing conditions and  a balanced diet for all and promotes responsible consumption  Satisfy the needs of as many people as possible: To cater to the needs of their customers throughout the world, they refine their offering to provide them with a selection of fresh products, products from local suppliers, major-brand products, essential non-food items, the best new innovations and day-to-day retail services. Carrefour About their Products:
  14. 14.  Satisfy the needs of as many people as possible: The Carrefour product range has been carefully developed to reflect the social responsibility principles that underpin the Group’s actions.  Ensuring product quality Quality is essential for gaining their customers’ trust in the long term. Their products all meet strict and intangible requirements in terms of quality and safety. They must reaffirm their quality culture continually, making sure they are the best they can be, particularly in fresh products and others.  Supporting responsible procurement We are working on our sourcing processes at an international level: • They are making efforts to protect biodiversity and natural resources and thus ensure the economic sustainability of our activities. • They are taking tangible actions to improve the traceability of their sources of supply. • They also support their partners and suppliers in their approach to corporate social responsibility and in continually improving working conditions on the production line. Carrefour
  15. 15.  The Carrefour Social and Ethical Charter for suppliers: They maintain long-term partnerships that value their suppliers’ long-term commitment to responsibility.  Guaranteeing the best prices every day:  Offering their customers products at a fair price which is essential for Carrefour.  Their pricing policy is based on low prices every day.  Improving the legibility of their product range They must ensure that their offering is of high quality and easy to understand, particularly in terms of pricing. Carrefour
  16. 16. Their reputation has been built over the years thanks to the quality and freshness of the products.  Over 2000 food items.  You’ll find a great range of sustainable fish at the dedicated fish counter.  “Butchers” will help you choose the right cut of meat for your dish  Freshly-made bread  Cakes from their store bakery  Fresh fruit and vegetables from all over the world  International specialty cheeses and dairy products  Spices  Snacks  Juices  Ready-made cuisine and even a juice bar Carrefour Food Products of Carrefour
  17. 17.  GMO means genetically modified organism.  It is a novel organism .  Scientists have cited many health and environmental risks with genetically modified (GM) foods.  As a result of these risks, many people in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and other nations are demanding non-genetically modified (non-GMO) foods. Carrefour GMO foods: GMO
  18. 18.  In genetic engineering of food plants, scientists remove one or more genes from the DNA of another organism, such as a bacterium, virus, or animal, and “recombine” them into the DNA of the plant they want to alter.  By adding these new genes, genetic engineers hope the plant will express the traits associated with the genes.  Carrefour offers Non-GMO foods to their customers Carrefour Non-GMO foods:
  19. 19.  Gluten is the composite of a gliadin and a glutenin.  Gluten is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye.  Gluten may also be found in some cosmetics, hair products.  Gluten is very harmful for allergic people.  About 1 in 133 people in developed nations have allergic reactions to gluten. Carrefour Gluten Free Products by Carrefour
  20. 20. Wheat is most pronounced as a great source of Gluten, which is harmful for person who have allergy  Carrefour ensures gluten free products to their customers. Carrefour
  21. 21.  Another name is Organic Products  These are agricultural products cultivated without fertilizers or other chemicals.  This is done by using methods with respect to nature and ecosystem.  Advantages of BIO Products  Better for our health because they are pure and rich in nutritive value.  Friendly to nature and ecosystem  The Carrefour organic line is today represented by 130 fresh and frozen products and grocery items. Carrefour Non food Products of Carrefour BIO Products:
  22. 22.  Carrefour Introduces Specialist Organic Store Concept  The organic supermarket chain Naturalia, founded 30 years ago, by Carrefour.  Now approximately 70 organic supermarkets are present worldwide. “Coeur de Nature” another organic supermarket is opened by Carrefour in May, last year. Carrefour
  23. 23.  Carrefour's Ambition about Bio Products: “Making organic food available to everyone.”  Twenty years after they launched their first organic product.  Product name is: “The Boule BIO organic loaf”  Carrefour listed 2,000 own-brand organic food lines across the Group in 2012. On 20 March 2013, Carrefour opened its 1st store completely dedicated to organic products in the Paris. Carrefour
  24. 24.  From Sony and Canon to Apple and Nikon, keep up with the latest technology from all the leading international brands.  Customer can choose from a huge range of  laptops  USB cards  memory card readers  flash drives  external hard drive  Batteries  car radios  mobile phones  digital photo frames, headphones and digital cameras. Carrefour Electronic Products:
  25. 25.  Technological developments linked to mobility are having a radical impact on consumption patterns.  Carrefour’s latest mobile innovations are evidence of this change and shape what shopping will be like in the future.  Customers can use the “My Carrefour Shopping" app to do their shopping whenever they want from their mobile phone.  Customers can then choose to have their shopping delivered or pick it up at the drive of their choice.  260,000: the number of times the “My Carrefour Shopping" app was downloaded in 2012. Carrefour The mobile revolution
  26. 26.  Playing and learning go hand-in-hand with children.  Stretch their imagination with a great range of the latest ‘must-have toys’ and traditional games.  For babies and young teenagers, Carrefour offers a variety of products to suit every child’s needs.  Available products are:  teddy bears,  train sets,  toy cars and racing sets,  card games,  soft toys,  dolls, toys for babies,  board games, arts and crafts kits, model cars, painting sets, action figures, science kits. Carrefour Playing Instruments
  27. 27.  Carrefour are a leading global online fashion retail company.  Which offers cheap clothes and wholesale clothes featuring the very latest fashion trends.  More than 200,000 product lines .  Mentionable RMG products are  Jeans and T-shirts for both male and female.  Shirts  Female wears etc. Carrefour RMG(Ready Made Garment)
  28. 28.  Groceries are unavoidable in our daily life.  Carrefour provides approximately all necessary groceries to their customers.  A short list of groceries:  rice,  pasta,  snacks,  cooking oils,  salad dressings,  sauces,  spreads, herbs, spices, seasonings,  breakfast cereals, jam, honey, sugar, salt, household supplies,  canned vegetables and fish, soft drinks, juices, beverages, instant drink mixes and candy etc. Carrefour Groceries
  29. 29.  Carrefour offers furniture & storage, sofas, armchairs, recliners, ottomans, dinning room tables & chairs, coffee tables, barstools, bookcases, beds, mattresses, bed frames, headboards, nightstands, bedroom dressers, bathroom products, office furniture and carpets etc. as their Furniture & Household products.  Kitchen & Dining ware You’ll find everything you need in store including cups, plates, bowls, teacups, saucers, knives, forks, spoons, serving cutlery, cutlery sets, ladles, drinking glasses, juice jugs, dinner sets, serving bowls & platters, tea sets, cappuccino cups and crystal ware. Carrefour Furniture & Household
  30. 30.  Carrefour has a huge rschool bags, office and filing equipment, pens, staplers, rulers, filing cabinets, hanging ange of writing stationery, notebooks, drawing stationery, school materials, folders, blank paper reams, filing trays, ring-binding files, scissors, sticky notes, writing pads, desk organizers, tape dispensers, plastic files and paper clips. You’ll also find a great selection of books, magazines, dictionaries and reference books. Carrefour Stationery
  31. 31.  Today the demand of Beauty & Personal Care is unexplainable.  Carrefour carries hundreds of ranges of beauty and personal care products.  Including: face creams, body lotions, skin lightening creams, make up, perfumes and fragrances, deodorants, skin care, shampoos, hair treatments, hair gels, hair colorants, hand & nail care, foot care products, dental hygiene, lip balms, soaps, shower gels, foam baths, razors & razor blades, aftershave and cotton wool. Carrefour Beauty & Personal Care
  32. 32.  Everyone likes planning a holiday.  Today travel and outdoor materials are also an mentionable thing.  Carrefour supplies to their customer:  travel luggage, passport holders and children’s backpacks. For the more adventurous, check out the camping equipment and barbeque grills. Carrefour Travel & Outdoor
  33. 33.  Six new commitments was taken for their customer in 2007.  Commitments were: 1. The quality assurance 2. The speed of checkout 3. The right to change your mind. 4. The availability of products in catalogs. 5. Respect of price displays. 6. The answer to all your questions  To help their customer in shopping, online shopping was added in Carrefour in 2000.  The online shopping site is namely “ooshop”. Carrefour Priority of their customers ooshop logo
  34. 34.  Net sales  €76,789 million, 2012  +0.9% Compared with 2011  €76,067 million, 2011  2012, net sales by geographic region (in €M):  France: 35,341,  Europe (excluding France):20,873,  Latin America: 14,174,  Asia:6,400 Carrefour Financial overview
  35. 35.  €2,140 million , 2012  2.6% less compared with 2011  €2,197 million, 2011  2012 current operating income by  geographic region (in €M) :  France: 929  Europe (excluding France): 509  Latin America: 608  Asia: 168 Carrefour Current operating income
  36. 36.  €1,233 million, 2012  Which is 3.3 times more than 2011  371 million Euros, 2011. Carrefour Net income
  37. 37.  Stock market overview  At December 31, 2012, Carrefour shares were in 22nd position.  It was in terms of market capitalization.  The weighting was about 1.6%.  Graph showing Carrefour 2012 Share price performance Carrefour
  38. 38.  Advertisement is an unavoidable part in product business.  It helps in spreading the name of a product to the customer.  Carrefour advertises their products through:  Media  Electronic media  Facebook etc.  At the previous day of Christmas, an advertisement was as follows: “Tonight is Christmas Eve and you still have no ideas for an appetizer? For latecomers, here are some recipes for a chic and delicious drink! Good Christmas Eve to all”. Carrefour Their Advertisements
  39. 39.  Mayan Calendar; End of the World and Their Advertisement!  “According to the Mayan calendar, there are only 7 days before the end of the world! It is therefore high time to discover our special Cuvée "End of the World," the bottle "Bouquet Final“  Sold exclusively at Carrefour hypermarkets from 17 December”.  Until the fateful day, Carrefour offers you imagine your last "moments”.  Precaution: “The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for our health.” Carrefour
  40. 40.  Carrefour Introduces Organic Store Concept for first time in the world.  Concentration about the uses of natural fibres instead of man-made fibres in different purposes; i,e; cloths, bags etc.  Rejection of plastic. Carrefour Carrefour's thinking about environment:
  41. 41.  In May 2007, more than 30 employees were taken to the hospital in Indonesia. It was because poisoned by CO2.  On 26 June 2007, the company was convicted in a French court for false advertising.  Carrefour has also received criticism for engaging in sweatshop practices.  On 7 May 2009, the French government asked a tribunal to fine Carrefour some €220,000 for more than 2,500 violations.  China Boycotted the supplies of products of Carrefour in China in 2008.  Chinese search engines and blocked access to Carrefour's website in China for a short time.  But today there is no problem between China and Carrefour. Carrefour Criticism and Controversies around Carrefour
  42. 42.  Work to ensure that every shopping transaction benefits as many people as possible.  Long-term global vision.  short-term local actions.  Set up of their Volunteer Team, with an aim “humanity for all”. The photo was during Haiti Earthquake. Carrefour Social welfare
  43. 43.  CD (Carrefour Development)  Alternative name: Development Junction.  Established in 1997.  The Carrefour Development(CD) works for human and social development. It is involved in  Education,  The promotion of human rights,  Health and community development.  The fight against child labor.  Operational level: National  Works with age groups : Children 0 - 18 years. Carrefour Social welfare
  44. 44.  The real support of their worldwide customers.  The second position in the world in retail business after Walmart.  They gives economical stability to a lots of worker. Because more than 360,000 employees are work here.  Where above 93.6% employees are permanent. Carrefour Carrefour gains
  45. 45.  Carrefour to rebrand smaller stores: Today the Carrefour hypermarket is shifting to its smaller shops. Carrefour is focusing on smaller stores to continue their growth with full concentration.  Carrefour eyes 30 new cities for China expansion: French retail giant Carrefour has confirmed plans to increase its presence in China through expansion into 30 new cities over three years.  A new supply chain model is taken by Carrefour to overcome the future difficulties. Carrefour Future plans of Carrefour