Social Media Week New York 2011 Community Management Strategy for Leading Brands


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Social Media Week New York: Community Management Strategy for Leading Brands

Okay, so you have your Fan Page up, you have your twitter page, and you are starting to integrate Social Media into your marketing efforts. But why isn’t this enough? Social media is really about enabling and engaging in conversations. But whose job is it to engage in the conversations that are happening? If you’re not participating in the conversation, you’re missing a huge opportunity! Many brands are just now starting to understand the power of Community Management. In this session you will learn how to:

•Grow your company’s community and build brand advocates
•Capture share of voice in your brand’s category
•Improve your search rankings
•Generate Earned Media and get more bang for your marketing spend
•Build the internal capabilities and processes to manage conversations 24/7
•Set up an effective monitoring and measurement system
•Maintain compliance with the new FTC guidelines

This session shares the Dos and Don’ts of creating an effective Community Management Strategy. You’ll learn why and how to set up a network of community managers, engage in conversations across the social web, and how turn these conversations into real value for your company. Hear first-hand how they have helped leading brands over the last four years with their proprietary methodology build, grow, and engage communities

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Social Media Week New York 2011 Community Management Strategy for Leading Brands

  1. 1. Community Management Strategy for Leading BrandsShesConnected Multimedia
  2. 2. Let’s see who we have attending…• You work for a Brand?• You work for a media company?• You work for an agency?• You are a community manager?• If you are a community manager: • Do you work directly for the Brand? • Do you work full time as a community manager? • Part time? • Work for another company providing CM services?
  3. 3. ShesConnected Multimedia Donna Marie Antoniadis, Co-founder/COO Founder/Producer – Mobile Marketing Roadshow, Founder/President – Apperture Inc., Digital Marketing Agency. Selected at one of the top 20 Branded Women on Twitter 2010 @donnaantoniadis Mark Grindeland, Chairman & Co-founder 25 + years working with Leading consumer brands. VP/General Mgr Mobile Applications Div. – Livewire Mobile, Co-founder/EVP Marketing & co-founder m-Qube, CEO, Wunderman EMEA, SVP Digitas, Co-founder/Partner - Exchange Partners @mark_grindeland
  4. 4. Why does Community Managementmatter to your company?• Increased Brand Awareness• Reputation Management• Improved Search Engine Rankings• Increased Relevant Visitor Traffic• Improve Sales for their Products or ServicesSource:
  5. 5. Take aways from today’s session…• Learn TOP trends from Brands using Social Media• Quick summary of the latest stats….don’t blink!• Identify ways to increase share of voice within your brand’s category• Ideas for improving your search rankings• Learn how Earned Media gives you more bang for your marketing spend• Ideas for building internal capabilities/processes to manage conversations 24/7• Ideas for effectively monitoring and measuring SM• How to maintain compliance with the new FTC guidelines
  6. 6. Top Trends for BrandsSocial Media is driving consumer engagementand growth for brands 1. Social functionality makes websites fashionable again - social integration is key 2. Brands get their content mojo on – leveraging UGC and earned media (brands are becoming media companies) 3. Brands jumping into the conversation – building community management capabilities 4. Social Networking on the go – integrating to the wireless web (phones, tablets, gaming) 5. ROI – reaping the rewards (e.g. making real money from social media)
  7. 7. Your words and images haveas much to do with yourbrand as your product… “Social media is the web” 7
  8. 8. FacebookHow big is it? More recent stats…FACEBOOK• More than 620 million active users• 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day• Average user has 130 friends• People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook• Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events• Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month• More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month• There are more than 150 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices and are twice as active non- mobile usersSource:
  9. 9. Twitter & YouTube TWITTER • 105 million registered users and adding 300,000 users a day • In 2008 there were 300,000 tweets per day, by 2009 it had grown to 2.5 million per day. Today, there 50 million tweets per day—thats an average of 600 tweets per second YOUTUBE • Exceeds 2 Billion views per day • 24 hours of video is uploaded every second • Average user spends 15 minutes per day watching • 46 years of YouTube video watched each day on Facebook • 94 of Advertising Age 100 advertising on YouTube • Number of advertisers using display ads on YouTube increased 10 – fold last yearSource: , ,
  10. 10. BlogsBLOG STATS• 133,000,000 blogs have been indexed by Technorati since 2002• 77% of Internet users read blogs according to Universal McCann• 60% are 18-44 * 75% have college degrees and 40% have graduate degrees• One in four has an annual household income of $100K• Part-Timers, Pros, and Self-Employed Bloggers are blogging as much as or more than ever (73%, 76% and 80%, respectively), while Hobbyists are blogging somewhat less• 15% of Bloggers spend 10 or more hours each week blogging.• One in five Bloggers report updating on a daily basis• The most common rate of updating is 2-3 times per week• The majority of blogs use tags (85%) Source:
  11. 11. Many Brands are starting to get more traffic on their fan page then their main website1)2) 19.3 52% 22 105% 16.4 88% 14.8 72% 14.9 91% 11.1 141% 8.3 80% 7.4 90% 7.4 100% 7.7 108% 1) Source: Adage. August 23, 2010 2) Source: Facebook, January 22, 2011
  12. 12. Social Media Strategy Framework 12
  13. 13. Community Managers stimulate conversations, drive communities, and give voice to the brand Publishers of Content such as blogs, Content is King – withoutS P O T video, articles, web pages Creators the content SM does not exits Post ratings and reviews, comments on blogs, contributes to online forums Critics Stimulates the conversationsS W E E T Invites friends, sends articles to friends Connectors Drives communities Maintains and updates profile Driving SM joins groups Joiners growth Views profiles, video, reads blogs, reviews & forum Page Spectators Views discussions Looks & leaves Inactives Ø 13
  14. 14. Community Management Tools• Stakeholder Map / Organizational Alignment• Customer Personas• Community Guideline Document• Marketing & Editorial Calendar• Messaging Matrix• Engagement flow & Escalation Guidelines• FAQs• Code of Conduct• Disclosure• Measurement and Reporting
  15. 15. Stakeholder Map & OrganizationalAlignment Marketing Public Relations Product Development Market Research Community Director Customer Care Competitive Intelligence
  16. 16. Socialgraphics Social Technographics classifies people according to how they use social technologies. Forrest can quantify the number of online consumers within these groups using their global Technographics consumer surveys. Creators Critics Connectors Joiners SpectatorsSource: “ 16 Inactives
  17. 17. Building Outreach List(blogs, social networks, twitter, forums, etc.) Identify Scrub & recruit Segment & clean influencers By list Target Groups
  18. 18. Set the ground rules…and make everyonefollows them!
  19. 19. There are a multitude of tools tochoose from… Build Community Build Buzz Produce/Share Engage Listening
  20. 20. Bring the tools to life with yourCommunity Management Team…
  21. 21. Engagement from Community Managers Community Managers initiate conversations and respond to conversations in three broad areas Responding to Initiating conversations conversations Outbound Pre-approved Inbound Engagement Content seeding Engagement Out reach to facebook Taking pre-approved Inbound engagement takes groups, fan pages, friends, content from CE and place when specific brand bloggers, twitter, by posting the content or links mentions are made across responding to their content. to facebook, groups, twitter, the different social media blogs, etc. platforms. The nature of the outreach takes many forms but the We post this content where We use the messaging primary goal is to build join, it is contextually relevant to matrix and escalation engage and develop the group, or discussions guidelines to respond to the communities. that already exist. This comments. This ensures prevents content being that the right person By doing so we are able to perceived as spam. addresses the comment leverage these communities with a pre-approved for our brand clients. messaging. 21
  22. 22. Starting by initiating conversations to buildrelationships, community and reach… Initiating • Generate fans • Join fan pages/groups conversations •Post on fan pages Outbound & groups • Stimulate conversations Engagement (Comment/Like/Share) Out reach to facebook groups, fan pages, friends, • Build “followers bloggers, twitter, by • Post tweets responding to their content. • Re-tweet category The nature of the outreach relevant tweets takes many forms but the • Tweet and re-tweet primary goal is to build join, Brand content engage and develop • Send and respond communities. to direct messages By doing so we are able to leverage these communities • Post content for our brand clients. • New Blogs •Cross links • Drive traffic to Brand blog(s) 22
  23. 23. facebook - Brand fan page engagementCommunity Managers interactwith the Brand page to drive 1interaction with the other fans.They post links of positivementions from blogs, twitter, 2and other sites. We use bit.lyURL links to be able to trackclick-through The goal is to drive awareness about the card benefits to fans and other facebook members. This drives earned media and helps with SEO
  24. 24. twitter – engagementCommunity Managers “follow” 1relevant Twitter members to growtheir “follower base”CM re-tweet relevant posts as 2part of the engagement strategyThe re-tweets are then seem by all ofthe CM’s followers 4 3 The re-tweet shows up on the CM’s page 24
  25. 25. Blogger – engagementCommunity Managers begin 1outreach by reading and postingcomments in response toBlogger postingsThey subscribe to email/RSS 2updates to re-engage and buildongoing conversations withbloggers after each new posting. 25
  26. 26. How it works… Social Media Monitoring 2 Crawls the 1 social web to identify relevant conversations 3 We use Radian6, a web-based social media monitoring and engagement platform to view relevant Collects conversations happening around your relevant brand and products in real time. conversations to enable 6 appropriate action SC Community Manager Reviews the posting and determines4 the appropriate course of action using Response to Post Posting the messaging matrix That would be great…but with the way the economy Collected Posting has been, its nice to see them launch the 5% card. You might want to take a look at the Flex Card “Might be nice if we could use where you can get cash for any unused Earnings ALL of our GM points on any which you can still apply to the vehicle. Ive see a new car we wanted vs limits....” couple of comments from people buying cars that saved a load by using their points. Here is a link to one: general-discussion/2625497-has-anyone-had-their- 5 gm-card-earnings-topped-off-for-july- yet.html#post1574522256 26
  27. 27. Defined Escalation ProcessSC Community Manager Reviews the posting and determines the appropriate course of action using the messaging matrix
  28. 28. Content as a Strategic Asset Content should be designed with the context of the media used to communicate and engage with the consumer Description Examples The Role EARNED MEDIA: When the • “Like”& Member “follow” on FB Drives efficient brand awareness (The “How” & “Where”) consumer becomes the channel • Consumer’s page/blog/twitter and brand engagement • Word of Mouth SHARED MEDIA: When neither • Fan Page Becomes the core vehicle for the consumer or brand own the • YouTube Channel consumer engagement with the Media media, but share it • Twitter brand PAID MEDIA: When the brand • TV/Radio/Print/Outdoor Used to strategically spread the pays for use of the media • Display brand and becomes a catalyst for channel • Sponsorships shared and earned media OWNED MEDIA: When the brand • Company Owned Retail Stores The representation of the Brand owns and controls the media • Website/company Blog expressed through company channels • Publications/newsletters/email owned assets. USER GENERATED CONTENT •Comments/Blog Postings The consumer’s expression of (UGC): When the consumer • Images and Video what the brand means to them. (The “What & Why”) develops the content • Audio (e.g. Podcasts) Enables 2 way Communication BRAND ENABLED CONTENT: • Applications/Widgets Gives consumers the vehicle to • Badges Content Brand enables consumers to express affinity for the brand associate & adapt content • “Like/Follow” & Comments PURCHASED CONTENT: Brand • Endorsements/sponsorships Drives brand association and purchased or licensed content • Paid Editorial (e.g. Blogs, provides reach and access advertorials, etc.) • Sponsorships OWNED CONTENT: When the • Retail store design, web, The foundation of the Brand. brand produces and develops publications, etc Used to orchestrate the image, 28 their own content (Video/Images/Audio/Copy) tone, and voice
  29. 29. Media Consumption vs Ad Budget There is a significant misalignment of Advertising spend verses the time spent on media by consumers and an opportunity to leverage CPM rates more effectively… 29
  30. 30. Social Media – Measuring the value Leading brands are starting model and measure Earned Media
  31. 31. Develop an editorial calendar tied to yourmarketing plan… 2010 Editorial CalendarContent plan
  32. 32. American Express OpenAmex has created one of the best examplesof integrating Social Media with AmericanExpress Open…Amex Open - HIGHLIGHTS• The Small Business Owner – Social Network• Traffic on has grown 350% year over year.• 311,000 + fans on facebook• More than 15,000 Twitter followers – driving significant site referrals
  33. 33. American Express OpenSocial Media is driving real business resultsfor American Express… SITE TRAFFIC = 622% GREATER THAN NEXT HIGHEST SITE IN PEER GROUP TWITTER GENERATING OVER 7% REFERRALS TO AMEX OPEN SITE
  34. 34. Social Integration – Brand dashboard It’s all about being “connected”…ONLINE FASHIONCOMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS• Connect directly to facebook, twitter, and YouTube• Moderated twitter feed – shows how Gucci is engaging in the conversation• Drives Mobile Adoption
  35. 35. Brands as Content ProducersBurberry has embraced the spectrum of content types and havetied them together to tell their story and express the brand…OWNED CONTENT PURCHASED CONTENTStore design/merchandising Burberry AcousticBRAND ENABLED CONTENT USER GENERATED CONTENTArt Of The Trench
  36. 36. Integrating Media to drive generate“earned media”Dolce and Gabbana have done a nice job managing the brandacross media platforms generating great value through earnedmedia… OWNED MEDIA Web SitePURCHASED MEDIAOutdoor EARNED MEDIA Consumer Blogs SHARED MEDIA YouTube Channel
  37. 37. Brands get their Content Mojo onStarbucks leverages User Generated Content to gainStrategic Advantage and engage the consumerSTARBUCKS - HIGHLIGHTS• Using consumer suggestions to drive product, service, and brand innovation.• Platform to engage in a dialogue with the consumer• Giving consumers their 15 minutes of fame• Starbucks generated $67.8 million of Earned Media in Fall 2010Source: Media Post 12/07/2010
  38. 38. Burberry – the art of consumerenvolvementThe consumer’s expression of thebrand on Burberry’s websitethrough that is carefully designedand moderated…BURBERRY - HIGHLIGHTS• Consumers share their story of the brand• Functionality lets them share, rate, comment and connect with their social circle
  39. 39. ROI of SocialBrands are generating significant ROI on theirSocial Media Efforts….ROI CASE STUDY - HIGHLIGHTS• Burberry: Social microsites secured 1,000,000 fans and a 10% increase in same-store sales• Starbucks: Generated $67.8 million of Earned Media in Fall 2010• Cadbury: 22,000 fans of Cadbury Wispa petitioned the company on Facebook to bring back the discontinued chocolate bar. 40 million bars were released and sold out in 18 weeks, a rate of 4 per second• Dominos: Credited Foursquare with a 29% pre-tax profit through promotions that encourage people to check in to their stores• IKEA: Used one of the most popular and basic functions on Facebook, tagging pictures, and used it to IKEA’s advantage to promote its showroom products from sales people to regular people creating recommendation and advocates all over the world and a +15% lift in sales.SOURCE: Compiled by 10/19/2010
  40. 40. Thank You!