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ShesConnected Post Conference Summary Version 1


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Shesconnected Post Event Conference update. Unprecedented engagement with brands and digital women. ShesConnected was the platform for engaging both brands and digital women and bloggers

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ShesConnected Post Conference Summary Version 1

  1. 1. Connecting digitalwomen & brandsPost event update: Oct.12, 2011
  2. 2. Gallery
  3. 3. Upon the conclusion of the second annual ShesConnectedConference it continues to be apparent that no matter what you callthem, bloggers, mommy bloggers or digital women, this segment ofbloggers has a significant level of influence when it comes to yourbrand.Creating relationships with these digital women is critical. Learningabout them and understanding how to work with them is essential forall brands today. ShesConnected believes that through ongoingengagement, brands can build meaningful connections with some ofthe most influential and well connected digital women in Canada.This year we hosted over 200 highly connected digital women toparticipate in our two day conference. Our sponsors participated inan amazing expo area, where they were able to engage directly withthese influencers. We also generated an impressive 53,000 postsusing the #SCCTO hashtag from July –October.Many of our sponsors trended during our pre-event twitter parties,further re-enforcing the influence of our bloggers. And we areexcited to continue the dialogue into November with our finalconference related Twitter party until we start promotion of our April2012 event.Donna Marie AntoniadisCo-founder & CEO, ShesConnected
  4. 4. Mommy Bloggers most coveted byBrandsMommy Bloggers talk more about brands than almost than any other groupmaking them one of the most significant blogging segmentsBlogging Statistics: Mommy Bloggers• 92% use Facebook to promote their blog• 75% use Twitter to promote their blog• 55% follow brands on social media sites like Facebook• 54% have been approached by a brand• Half say a brand’s reputation influences their decision to write about it• 72% of mom bloggers are being taken more seriously than they were a year ago Technorati 2011 State of the Blogosphere Report
  5. 5. Blogs gaining traction forconsumer reviews Cone Online Influence Trend Tracker August 2011
  6. 6. Engaging with Bloggers onFacebook and Twitter = GreatDividends • Engagement is about more than just blogs. Digital women also use other channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
  7. 7. EngagementSummary
  8. 8. 55,393 Twitter,Facebook & Blog Posts with the #SCCTO hashtag! July 1-October 2011 pulled from Radian6
  9. 9. Pre & Post Engagement via TwitterParties (Unprecedented RSVPs) July 31, 2011 August 31, 2011 November 3, 2011 (pre-event) (pre-event) (post-event)RSVPs: 363 RSVPs: 444 We are hosting a postNo. of Tweets: 9,298 No. of Tweets: 12,148 event twitter party toTrended: yes Trended: yes continue the conversationNo. Brands that trended: No. Brands that trended: between the digital women@NokiaCanada @FordCanada, @NokiaCanada, and brands. @ToshibaCanada, @CanadianMint, @MoslonTonia @PTPAMedia
  10. 10. Facebook,Twitter & BlogEngagement from Friends &SupportersIncreased awareness of eventthrough reach of oursupporters via facebook,twitter, blogs, websites andnewsletters:• Total friends & supporters Facebook Fans: 35,477• Total friends & supporters twitter followers: 56,350
  11. 11.– All womenapplied to attend via our socialnetwork for women.ShesConnected Social Network ShesConnected Conference Group ShesConnected BlogShesConnected the first Dual-Profile We created a group for conference We have an external blog where weSocial Network for Women where attendees with information and post information aboutwomen can list your blog, business updates right on our social network. or event for FREE! http://shesconnectedblog.com /view/shesconnectedconfere nce2011
  12. 12. ShesConnected ConferenceWebsitesVersion for Brands Conference website for Brands & Agencies Conference website for Digital Women
  13. 13. Conference Website: Detailed sponsorpages were created to make it easy for digitalwomen to engage with brand facebook, twitterand youtube accounts.
  14. 14. ShesConnected Twitter AccountsSponsors were added toconversational calendarsof ShesConnectedcorporate twitteraccounts which boast animpressive twitter @SCConference @ShesConnecte @BloggerWomenfollowing: 6,182 followers d 16,093 followers: 13,113 followers98,406followers @EventsforWomen 11,280 followers @WomenBizListing 7,634 followers @DonnaAntoniadis 44,104 followers
  15. 15. ShesConnected Facebook FanPageSponsors wereincorporated into thefacebookconversationalcalendar.1,794 fans
  16. 16. ShesConnected Youtube ChannelShesConnectedConferencevideos easilysearchable onShesConnectedYoutube Channel.
  17. 17. ShesConnected Flickr PageShesConnectedConference 2011photos easilysearchable onShesConnectedflickr account.
  18. 18. Great Awareness Created fromConference Badges(like a banner ad that is placed on a blog) Pre-Selection Advisors Attendees This badge was Created for 10 This badge wasplaced on blogs prior digitally influential placed on blogsto selection process women and placed once they were on their blogs selected
  19. 19. Event Engagement (on-site) Brand Passport Women were given a brand passport along with their name tag to encourage them to engage with all the brands. Brands were given stickers to add to a digital woman’s passport after they took the time to meet with them As title sponsor – Ford had a total of 7 activations on the Brand passport
  20. 20. T-shirt that keeps on promoting: Co- branded Custom Twitter-handle conference T- Shirt for all digital women!/MumsnChums/status/122053492809543680!/raymitheminx/media/slideshow?url!/WhispersInspire/status/122350054043426817
  21. 21. Media Summary
  22. 22. Toronto Star“Women bloggers influencemillions and want to be paid for it”Toronto Star Fri Sep 30 2011 REACH• an average of 2.6 million unique visitorsper month. An increase of 85% from the same time lastyear. (audited by ABC Interactive - November, 2006)SATURDAY STAR CIRCULATION•Total: 546.819
  23. 23. 24 Hours“Getting women connected”24 hours (Toronto) Thu Sept 29 2011CIRCULATION•Total: 245,126
  24. 24. Marketing MagazineOct 10, 2011 TOTAL READERSHIP • Read by 128,069 industry professionals and top decision makers including Presidents and Vice-Presidents of Advertising and Marketing, Brand Managers, Agency Executives, Media Buyers and Planners, and their suppliers. • Reader-per-copy rating of 16.6, the highest figure in the market. CIRCULATION •Total: 7,715 •Paid circulation: 100%
  25. 25. Program GuideAdded as an insert on Marketing Magazine
  26. 26. Next Steps
  27. 27. Post November 2, 2011 TwitterPartyWe began promoting the ShesConnected conference in July 2011 and will be hosting the post event twitter party November 2nd 2011.Let’s discuss ways ShesConnected can help your brand continue to engage with digital women!