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Sc conf2012 sponsorshipdetailsaugustnp

  1. 1. SponsorshipOpportunities3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women Conference 1 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  2. 2. One night standwith your brand orlong-termcommitment?Create a satisfying long-term relationshipwith influential digital women.ShesConnected Conference Sponsorship is not just for theevent – it’s a year-long engagement strategy.We’re the only conference of ourkind that creates and activatescustomized engagement programsthat extend throughout the yearto ensure your brand is seen as aleader in social media and highlyengaged with influential digitalwomen.Your engagement program willprovide discussions andinteractions both online in theblogosphere, in Twitter andFacebook communities, as well asoffline at tweet-ups and theShesConnected Conference 2 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  3. 3. IntroductionIn 2011, our second annual Connecting Brands with Digital Women Conferencewelcomed a great group of Sponsors that made the conference a huge success. Wereceived remarkable support from our Sponsors, partners, and attendees.When it comes to blogging conferences we have incredible engagement results. In2011, we had over 97% share of voice (SOV), which means we had more peopletweet, blog, and post photos and videos about our event and our Sponsors than anyother women’s blogging event in Canada.ShesConnected will be hosting our 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital WomenConference on October 19-20, 2012 in Toronto.Here are the top three reasons you should sponsor the ShesConnected Conference2012. 1. Increase your Brand’s social influence 2. Learn about social marketing and how it can help your Brand 3. Engage and interact one-on-one with some of Canada’s most influential digital women, and learn how to create meaningful interactions with them.This conference offers the best opportunity for you to learn how to reach digitalwomen – the most influential and powerful consumers active in social space.We have a select number of sponsorship positions availablefor 2012. Learn more on why you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity: 3 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  4. 4. What Makes Us So UniqueThere are conferences that cater specifically to digital women and bloggers, andothers that cater specifically to brands and agencies. ShesConnected is the ONLYone that brings them all together in a unique and interactive forum.It’s the ONLY conference with a mission of finding better ways for brands anddigital women to work together in order to socially amplify brand messaging.Plus, it’s the ONLY conference that extends the conservation beyond theconference dates, helping brands to build long-term relationships with the digitalwomen who make this possible.“Brands get a crash-course on best practices for reachingCanada’s most influential women in the quickly evolvingsocial media universe.” 4 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  5. 5. No Average Women at OurEventsOur attendees are highly influential and want towork with brands• 1 = 1000!: If you connect with 1 influential digital woman at our conference she has the ability to connect your brand with thousands of other women. Conference attendees are among the top digitally connected women in Canada. They are active across all major social networks and have established relationships with other influential women.• We also cultivate new bloggers who will turn into next year`s power influencers. We constantly grow our network of influencers, refreshing our lists and preparing for emerging digital leaders. 5 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  6. 6. You’re in Good Company:2012 Sponsor List (so far) 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  7. 7. Social Conversation CalendarOur ongoing social conversationcalendar extends beyond event days intoa customized program of discussion andengagement about your brandmessages• ShesConnected Conference will deliver digital outreach and face-to-face content to include – Pre-conference, mid- conference, and post- conference Twitter Parties – Facebook fan page activation – Twitter conversations – Pre-conference, mid- conference, and post- conference blog posts• Your brand messages will be inserted into ShesConnected Conference marketing (i.e. Social Conversational Calendar)• You will increase your social footprint by connecting with influential digital women 7 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  8. 8. 5 Reasons to Sponsor1. You’ll increase your Brand’s socialinfluence. 4. You’ll get the best crash course educationThis is the perfect opportunity for you to grow in social media marketing you can find.your Brand’s social media footprint with topdigital influencers as your audience, and In a two days you’ll learn the inner workings of whatoften, your champions. you need to do to get your Brand noticed – and supported – by influential digital women and grow your social reach. You’ll understand the perspectives2. Your Brand will receive invaluable and successes of both sides: Brands and digitalproduct feedback from digital women. women, to help shape your social strategy.Unique to the ShesConnected Conference,our networking and interactive sessions will 5. Your Brand will receive long-termallow you to interact with top digital women benefits from ShesConnected that extendand get your Brand into their hands, andthey’ll tell you what they really think. beyond the 2-day conference. The ShesConnected Conference extends our Brand sponsors’ social media exposure and awareness-3. You’ll make meaningful generating activities beyond the conference, to pre-relationships with top digital women and post-planned experiences. We are not lookingwho can amplify your Brand. for the one-night stand but committed relationshipsBecause of the interactive nature of our with our Sponsors.conference, the sessions are catered to bothbrands and digital women. This allows yourBrand to build connections that will increaseyour social media profile and presence. 8 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  9. 9. Why ShesConnected? We are a both a social networking site and agency. For the last five and a half years, ShesConnected has been actively engaging influential digital women. We are the only company to: • Own our own social networking site just for women, where women interact on a daily basis, and where they list their blogs, businesses, groups or events for free. As a result, we have created an expansive database that provides us with unique insight into how our community members engage in social media and with brands. • Run a wide variety of ongoing influencer programs and engagement tactics. • Host a one-of-a-kind annual conference where brands and digital women connect and interact. • Align ourselves with established and respected women’s groups across Canada for increased amplification. Our Our Agency executes Social Network Our Annual Our Women’s Group Influencer Programs & Conference Network Engagement Tactics 9 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  10. 10. Conference Details WHERE Toronto Convention Centre South Building, 222 Bremner Blvd. Toronto, Ontario M5V 3L9 WHEN Friday October 19, 2012 Saturday October 20, 20129:00am-6:00pm Registration 8:00am-12:00 pm Registration 10am-6:00pm: Sessions 9:00am-6:00pm: Sessions1:00pm-7:00pm : Exhibit Hall 10:00am-5:00pm: Exhibit Hall 8:00pm- 11:00pm Party 8:00pm- 11:00pm Party 10 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  11. 11. Check out the Highlightsfrom 2011 ydIajUtk 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  12. 12. 2011 Photo Gallery 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  13. 13. Pre- & Post-Conference Engagement DETAILSCommunity Outreach Pre- & Post-ConferenceWe offer our Sponsors the unique opportunity to begin engaging with influential digital women both prior to andfollowing the conclusion of the actual conference. Your involvement in our pre- and post-conference Twitterparties will allow you to engage and begin to develop your relationships with Canada’s top digital women. You willhave the opportunity to pose questions, and begin to track the topics and activity that is most important to thesewomen. ShesConnected has developed a conversational calendar, that keeps the dialogue open and keeps you andyour Brand top of mind for an extended period of time.Monthly Twitter PartiesWe find this is the best way for digital women to connect with brands is over adedicated Twitter party. If you don’t know what a Twitter party is you will soonbecome expert. Join all of the other Brands on a conference call while we navigatethough our chats which have run up to 8 million impressions on Twitter over a 1hour period. They are scheduled in the evenings.Best part of the Twitter parties: you will soon become familiar with the digitalwomen, so that when you meet them at the conference you will form a wonderfulbond.Twitter ChatsWe also do Twitter chats during the day. These are less formal chats focused on aparticular topics. For example, on Mondays we focus on how brands can work withwomen. Wednesdays is all about food.15 Conference Brand AmbassadorsWe practice what we preach. We have a team of 15 influential digital women whosupport all of our Sponsors and our conference.PartnersWe have a list of the best women’s groups that have access to highly engaged,influential digital women.
  14. 14. Pre-Conference Benefits DETAILSSponsors will receive significant pre-event exposure for your brand logo. You will receive the following brandexposure including: Brand logo on all conference material and website as well as key positioning on all of our socialnetworks which enjoy significant traffic and followers. Key locations include logo on our conference Facebook pageand Twitter account, full sponsor page with embedded corporate video on conference and ShesConnected Socialnetworks. Reach thousands of appealing and targeted digital women before the conference begins.ShesConnected Social NetworkWe use our own social network to promote yourbrand and our conference through banner ads, newsletters contests and a groupfor Conference attendees.Conference WebsiteWe don’t just place a logo on the conference website. We create a page thathighlights your company and your social footprint.Social FootprintShesConnected has a social footprint beyond just our own social network. Webelong to over 550 social networking sites and have over 300,000 twitterfollowers through our various accountsCommunity OutreachWe have an extensive community plan that takes advantage of our own socialfootprint, as well as our brand ambassadors and partners which consists ofleading women`s communities in Canada 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  15. 15. Onsite Conference Benefits DETAILSOnsite Logo RecognitionWe also offer several logo placements on all conference signage.Exhibitor Hall of Sponsor BoothThere will be a Master Exhibit Hall where all Sponsors will have the opportunity toconnect with the digital women. Sponsors have the option of handing out swag attheir booth or we can add it to the conference tote bag when they first register.Optionally, you can make an impact with a Sponsor suite. Ask us!Brand PassportWe will provide a Brand Passport, featuring your Brand’s logo, that encourages theattendees to network by visiting all of our Sponsors’ exhibits to receive Passportstamps. All completed Passports are eligible for prizes at the conclusion of theconference.Long Networking BreaksWe will schedule 30-minute breaks and 1.5 hours for lunch for added networking.We are finalizing other networking initiatives.Conference BagThe conference tote bag is available for you to add any products or marketingmaterial. We do recommend that you hand out items to the digital women whenthey visit you on the exhibitor floor. You have the option of doing both.Program GuideYour logo will be placed on the program guidePasses & Exhibitor PassesAs a Conference Sponsor, you will receive a select number of full Conference Brandand Agency Passes, as well as Exhibitor passes. It is important to have brandrepresentation at the conference. 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  16. 16. Post-Conference Benefits DETAILSThe fun doesn’t end after October 20 th. Select Sponsors will receive access to our valuable conference attendeedirectory, which provides a great opportunity to build upon your Brand’s existing strategy.Post-Conference Twitter Party/ ChatsWe will also conduct a post-event Twitter party that will allow Brands the chanceto engage with a newfound perspective gained at the conference. SelectSponsors will also receive exclusive logo placement in the post-event emailcampaigns.ShesConnected Conference 2013Continue the conversation and engagement with the attendees. Start planning toengage with digital women in 2013!
  17. 17. Sponsorship BenefitsSummary DETAILS TITLE PLATINUM GOLD SILVER BRONZEPre-Conference Marketing X• Exclusivity: no competing companies in your industry X X X X X• Brand logo on all conference material, conference website X X X X X• Brand logo on X X X X X• Detailed sponsor page on conference website including your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feedsCommunity Outreach Pre- & Post-Conference• Lead sponsors in monthly Twitter parties X• Participate in monthly in Twitter parties X X X X X• Inclusion in Conversational Calendar (based on X X X X X sponsorship level)• Participate in monthly conference webinar (based on X X X X X sponsorship level)Media X• Quote in the press release X X X X X• Included in the press releaseConference Benefits X• Speaking opportunity X X• Premium seating at conference tables X• Logo on conference tote bag X X X X X• Product placement in conference tote bag (for 500 digital women) X X X X X• Placement on all conference signage, Brand Passport X X X X X• Exhibitor Space (based on sponsorship level)Conference Passes 15 10 8 4 2• Number of Full Conference Brand & Agency Passes 10 5 3 2 1• Number of Exhibitor PassesPost Conference Benefits X X X X X• Attendee directory X• Lead sponsor in Post-Conference Twitter party X• Premium Brand logo placement in post event email campaigns
  18. 18. Incremental Sponsorship Options DETAILSSocial Media Makeover SponsorMake-up and hair Sponsors. Every influential woman knows it is important to havegreat hair and makeup! We are looking for our official beauty Sponsors. Digital womenget their makeup applied and get their hair styled. Then they can get their photo takenby a professional photographer.Official Print SponsorIt’s great to be digital but even better when you can actual print out your photos.Become the official printing centre of ShesConnected. Wireless printing will be placedon a big board to be picked up by attendees.Customized Twitter Handle T-ShirtWe will create custom t-shirts with the Twitter handle of the digital women selected toattend. We will customize the message for you. For example: @TwitterHandle gotconnected at ShesConnected Conference. These were a big hit in 2011Water Bottle SponsorHelp us in our efforts to be green by providing eco-friendly reusable water bottles withyour Brand logo! Digital women will receive the water bottle at registration and willhave the opportunity to use it throughout the conference at water stations and take ithome with them.Social Evening Party SponsorsWe will host networking events on Friday evening and Saturday evening. Your Brandwill receive exposure and the chance to host an impressive group of women during thefun, post-conference social parties.Official Clothing, Shoe, Accessories SponsorWant to have your new line featured at the ShesConnected Conference! We havegroup of 15 Brand Ambassadors who would be happy to wear your clothing during theconference.
  19. 19. Incremental Engagement Options DETAILSBlogger Amplification Programs• Generate BUZZ around your site by working directly with bloggers to help promote your Brand, by increasing awareness, and by reaching for shorter-term promotional initiatives.• Get your product directly into the hands of your target demographic prior to or after the conference.Exclusive Twitter Party/ Twitter Chat• A short, fast-paced conversation around a pre-determined topic using Twitter and Facebook platforms with an initial question to start the conversation. Responses and comments are connected using #hashtags or keywords.• This is an exclusive party pre- or post-conference.Themed Twitter Party/ Twitter Chat• A short, fast-paced conversation around a pre-determined topic using Twitter and Facebook platforms with an initial question to start the conversation. Responses and comments are connected using #hashtags or keywords.• Will be SHARED between two or more similar clients pre- or post-conference.Online Advertising Options DETAILSNewsletter Ads• Banner ads• Road blocking• Full page Sponsorship• Text Ads• Content IntegrationNetwork Ads on ShesConnected Ad Network(Launching November 2012)Build your Brand with:• Association with the Internet’s best content• High impact online executions
  20. 20. Become a Sponsor Today!Our sponsorships are selling quickly. Schedule a callto find out how your Brand can get connected withCanada’s top digital women today. Top 20 Best Branded Women on Twitter 20 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women
  21. 21. 3rd Annual Connecting Brands & Digital Women