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A day in the life of a digital pioneer


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A day in the life of a digital pioneer

  1. 1. A Day in the life of a Digital PioneerSheryl Williams
  2. 2. Sleep patterns on your Clock
  3. 3. Monitor Your Vital Signs
  4. 4. Bathroom Designed for easy access
  5. 5. Check Your Schedule on an interactive flat surface
  6. 6. InteractiveKitchen
  7. 7. KitchenStovedisplaysRecipe
  8. 8. Surface KeepsFood Hot or Cold
  9. 9. Clothing with Nano-Technology tomonitor and transmit vital signs
  10. 10. Climate ControlledClothing
  11. 11. Shoes with GPS tracking toaid with Balance
  12. 12. Bio Health Chip in case ofan Emergency
  13. 13. Skype with Family and Friends
  14. 14. Video Conference with Students
  15. 15. Tools to Enhance Your Life FacialGoogle RecognitionGlasses Glasses Sixth Sense Google Technology Goggles
  16. 16. Google Glass – Augmented reality head-mounted display
  17. 17. Google Goggles• Downloadable image recognition app• Searches for pictures taken by handheld devices
  18. 18. Facial Recognition Glasses
  19. 19. Sixth Sense Technology from Pranav Mistry
  20. 20. Share via Technology with your Friends
  21. 21. The Future looks bright and exciting for Baby Boomers as well as the younger generationsOur Lives will be enhanced with the new technologies as we continue to be Digital Pioneers at any age
  22. 22. Photo Credits and Sources Audio- “Reconstruction” by Rob Costlow www.verichipcorp.com the-future-isolated-on-white-background.html