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The importance of english in modern business


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usage of English in business and why it is so much important?

Published in: Business
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The importance of english in modern business

  1. 1. Sheryar Ali M.Muqeet Kashif Malik Bilal Samar Waqar Aslam Hassan Tariq Saad Zaidi
  2. 2. English language has become the fastest increasing scientific language in the world. The English language is at present occupying the position of a commercial language, connecting East with the West and South with the North. More than two billion people all over the world speak English and that number increases everyday.
  3. 3. According to many sources, there are at least 33 languages spoken today in Pakistan. It cannot be ignored that Pakistan is, scientifically and industrially, a backward country. This is only because of the negligence of understanding other languages. Keeping in view the international significance of the English language, it is of the foremost importance to promote this language along with our national and regional languages. It is the language of political negotiations, science, commerce and industry.
  4. 4. English has special or official status in more than 75 countries and is spoken as a first language by more than 375 million people. It is also the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. It is the most dominant language of diplomacy, business and science, economy, computer and internet.
  5. 5. More than 90% of websites are written and created in English with 80% of the data stored in the computers around the world is in English. An impressive 36% of the internet users communicate in English. Today a good knowledge in English belongs to the most important requirements in many professions.
  6. 6. Many multi-national companies when dealing with cross-border business communication will do it in English. English is a language of art, the film industry, music and books. English is a great trigger for increasing the self esteem of a person. Nowadays almost every field demands English.
  7. 7. English is very important language in this world and it is the easiest language of the world to learn. English is the ideal language for many governments around the world, and it is also prominent in business, education, world news, and communication. If you wish to be successful in International business, learning English is incredibly important. English has emerged as the global language of trade and commerce in the past few decades, affecting many key aspects of business in the modern world.
  8. 8. English spread throughout the world as a result of English colonial rule and enabled many of the indigenous peoples of the countries they governed to learn English. English became accepted as the standard for communication in many African and Asian countries which had disparate languages and dialects, and English soon became an accepted standard language for global trade and commerce. In the modern world, English is key in several major global industries.
  9. 9. BATA
  10. 10. Mr.Mushfiq Rana, Mr.Ahmed Shah and Mr.Munib told us that: Effective communication is the key to success. No matter how good your selling techniques are, or how good your marketing proposal is, poor language skills destroy all your efforts. And also it is important as a business professional to be able to communicate effectively with overseas business partners. Proficient and proper use of English is vitally important.
  11. 11. An organization’s opportunities will become limitless once their employees proficiency level in English increases. English is widely used in communication process. Communication with International Organizations like, WTO, IMF, World Bank, ISO.
  12. 12. English language skills will not only allow for access to commerce and trade, it also provides an efficient way by which business is conducted The use of English language for cross-border communications is important in many areas of trade ranging from tourism to the trade in financial services.
  13. 13. Customer service is one of the most important ingredients of the marketing mix for products and services. High quality customer service helps to create customer loyalty. Customers today are not only interested in the product they are being offered but all the additional elements of service that they receive from the greeting they receive when they enter a retail outlet, to the refund and help that they receive when they have a complaint about a faulty product that they have paid for. And also they are affected with your communication skills, customers prefers e English and see how much modernize is the company.
  14. 14. English is required for all airline crews and for air traffic controllers. In addition, English is the standard for the shipping and maritime industries. Nowadays, Travel guide books are in English, so you have to learn English.
  15. 15. Many of the world's largest stock exchanges are based in English speaking countries. English has become a key language for investment, foreign exchange, and banking. Many large corporations organize and pay for business English classes for their staff. Ambitious students from overseas often wish to study in an English speaking country in order to improve their English and therefore also their job prospects.
  16. 16. The New York Stock Exchange. The NASDAQ The American Stock Exchange. London Stock Exchange. Toronto, Australia, and Johannesburg.
  17. 17. English has become one of the key languages of the internet. According to the research, more than 90% of websites are written and created in English with 80% of the data stored in the computers around the world is in English. Anyone wishing to do work with computers or do business online needs a basic command of business English.
  18. 18. Also most of the data are in English, so in order to understand those data, you have to learn English. Most of the machines are in English, so in order to use them, you have to give importance to English. Online Marketing
  19. 19. The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. Marketing is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to customers. If you have to advertise a product internationally, you should advertise in English.