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it contains how management is taking place in Pepsi !

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  1. 1. Pepsi Co..Presented by:- Sheheryar Ahmed Qureshi Salman Ayub Khakwani Anum Zubair Karim Faisal Rasheed Ammad ShahidPresented to:- Sir Waseem Ahmed
  2. 2. Pepsi Co.Introduction:- We are the largest beverage companyin Pakistan (A Franchise of PepsiCo Inc.) with a successfulbusiness history of more than 25 years.Mission Statement:- “Mission is to produce Pepsi Co. quality beverages, maintain market leadership by growing our sales volumes, strengthen our marketshare, deliver ROI to all of its stakeholders and fulfill its responsibilities in the community”.
  3. 3. Pepsi Co.History :- Pepsi is a carbonated soft drink produced and manufacturedby PepsiCo. The drink was first made in the 1890s by pharmacistCaleb Bradham in New Bern, North Carolina. The brand wastrademarked on June 16, 1903. There have been many Pepsi variantsproduced over the years since 1898.It was first introduced as "Brads Drink" in New Bern, NorthCarolina in 1898 by Caleb Bradham, who made it at his pharmacywhere the drink was sold. It was later named Pepsi Cola, possiblydue to the digestive enzyme pepsin and kola nuts used in therecipe. Bradham sought to create a fountain drink that wasdelicious and would aid in digestion and boost energy.
  4. 4. Pepsi Co.What is Pepsi Co. Management ? Coordinating an over seeing the work activity of others sothat their activities are completed Efficiently & Effectively.Who are Pepsi Co. Managers ? Pepsi Co. Mangers coordinates and over sees the workactivities of employees of Pepsi Co.
  5. 5. Pepsi Co.What function do Pepsi Co. Managers Perform ? Interpersonal Roles Informational Roles Decisional RolesWhat is the view of Pepsi Co. Managers ? Omnipotent Symbolic
  6. 6. Pepsi Co.How is Pepsi Co. Manager’s Job is changing ? Changing Technology Changing Security Threats (War on Terror) Increased emphasis on organizational and Managerial Ethics Increase Competitiveness (Amrit Cola, Makah Cola)
  7. 7. Management Hierarchy Managing Director M. Imran Khan Chief Operating Officer M. Tariq Javed General Production Finance & Manager Manager Sales Manager M. Bin Bhatti Anjum Pervez M. Asif Khan
  8. 8. Management Hierarchy Senior Manager Senior Manager Senior Manger Admin Finance Accounts Saif Ulla Zia Muhammad Ahmed Zafar Iqbal Senior Manager Senior Manager Senior Manager Production & Mechanical MIS Quality Workshop Rai Zeshaan Azhar Javed Akhtar HussainSenior Manager Senior Manager Store Purchase Mehmood Ahmed Abid Latif
  9. 9. Management Hierarchy Middle Manager Admin Deputy Assistant Manager Manager Non- Managerial Staff
  10. 10. Organization… What is an Organization ? A deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose. Pepsi Co. as organization ? Pepsi Co. is well known for its Pepsi beverages products . Thisis a multinational corporation also responsible for the productionof Frito-Lay, Gatorade, Tropicana & Quaker Products but only ininternational Markets.
  11. 11. Pepsi Co. Characteristics& Structure Common Characteristic of Pepsi Co. as Organization ? * Distinct purpose (Mission) Organizational Structure of Pepsi Co. ? * Adaptive Organization.
  12. 12. Parameters ofManagerial DiscretionOrganizational Culture :- A system of shared meanings and common beliefs heldby organizational members that determines, in a large degree,how they act towards each other.Dimensions of Organizational Culture :- * Attention To Detail * Outcome Oriented * People Oriented * Aggressiveness
  13. 13. Pepsi Co. OrganizationalCulture Sources of Organizational Culture :- * Past Practice * Behavior Of Top Management Managerial Decisions Effected by Culture :- * Planning * Organizing * Leading * Controlling.
  14. 14. Pepsi Co. OrganizationalCulture Cont’d..  Pepsi Co. Facing Cultural Issues :- * Creating an Ethical Culture * Creating an Innovative Culture * Creating a Customer-Responsive Culture  Workplace Spirituality in Pepsi Co. :- * No Work place spirituality
  15. 15. Parameters Of ManagerialDiscretion Cont’d…. Pepsi Co. External Environment :- Coca-Cola, Government, Bottle Suppliers, etc… Components of the External Environment :- * Specific Environment * General Environment
  16. 16. Pepsi Co. EnvironmentExternal Environment :- Specific Environment :- * Coca-Cola, Amrit Cola, Makah Cola etc. * Bottle Supplier, Water Supplier, Other Material Suppliers. * Customers (You, Me and Our families) * Public Pressure Groups( Jamatul Dawa) General Environment :- * Economic Recession * Political Instability * Social Culture of Pakistan
  17. 17. Pepsi Co. EnvironmentCont’d.. How the Environment Affects Managers ? * Environmental Uncertainty : Pepsi Co. managers have knowledge of and are able topredict change their organization’s external environment is affectedby, they keep two things on their mind while making any prediction :- * Complexity of the environment. * Degree of change in environmental components.
  18. 18. Organization Stakeholder
  19. 19. Human Resource Management What is Human Resource Management for Pepsi Co. ? For Pepsi Co. human resources Management can be a significantsource of competitive advantage. Why Human Resource Management is Important for Pepsi Co. ? * Skilled People * Production Quality Control
  20. 20. Human Resource ManagementCont’d…. Current Issues Pepsi Co. Facing in H.R.M ? * Standard of Education * People Demand How do Pepsi Co. Measure the performance of Staff ? * Overall Task Oriented * Staff Administration
  21. 21. Human Resource ManagementCont’d…. Different Trainings provided by Pepsi their Staff ? * International Visits & Seminar’s * Local Discussion Programs How do Pepsi Co. Setup H.R Strategy ? * Aim Goals * Planning * Forecasting
  22. 22. Human Resource ManagementCont’d…. Challenges Pepsi Co. Facing of H.R in Pakistan ? * Political Instability * standard of Education * Economic Crises The Most Important Management Function In Pepsi Co. ? * Planning
  23. 23. Human Resource ManagementCont’d…. Job analysis Regarding Pepsi Co. ? * Job Description * Job Specification Recruitment & Selection process of Pepsi Co. ? * News Paper * Company Website * Job Portals (
  24. 24. Strategic Management &Planning What is Strategic Management for Pepsi Co. ? * Developing Organization’s Strategies * Basic Management Functions Management Functions Pepsi Co. Perform ? * Planning * Organizing * Leading * Controlling
  25. 25. Strategic Management &Planning Cont’d …. The Strategic Management Process Pepsi Co. Follows ? * Mission, Goals & Strategies * Doing External & Internal Analysis * Formulating, Implementing Strategies * Evaluating Results
  26. 26. Strategic Management &Planning Cont’d… What is planning for Pepsi Co. ? * Setting Goals * Establishing Strategies * Developing Plans Why do Managers of Pepsi Co. Plan ? * Provides direction * Reduces uncertainty * Minimizes waste and redundancy * Sets the standards for controlling
  27. 27. Strategic Management &Planning Cont’d… Traditional Goal Setting ? * Broad goals are set at the top of the organization. * Goals are then broken into sub-goals for each department * Assumes that top management knows best because they can see the “big picture.”
  28. 28. S.W.O.T Analysis ofPepsi Co…
  29. 29. S.W.O.T Analysis Cont’d… Strengths :- * Competitive Oriented Mentality * Quality Control (PCI Check n Balance) * Location & Place (Geographical Location) * Sponsorships (PCB, Brand Ambassadors) * Market Share (65% In 2010, falls form 80% in 1990)
  30. 30. S.W.O.T Analysis Cont’d… Weaknesses :- * High Rates (in terms of major Competitor) * Weak Supply Chain * Decline in Taste * Formal Hierarchy Slow Decision making
  31. 31. S.W.O.T Analysis Cont’d… Opportunities :- * Increased Population * Technology Development * Fountain FreshVending Machines * Diversification (Snack food)
  32. 32. S.W.O.T Analysis Cont’d… Threats:- * Political Instability * Economic Recession * Competitor Intentions * Threats of Labor Strikes * Material Shortage Problem
  33. 33. Conclusion In the end we conclude that Pepsi Co. is almostcovering all essential parts of being a strongOrganization by having a strong Management Systembut still its not Completely Decentralized MNC inPakistan as final Decision power is with Pepsi ColaInternational and they are still facing some seriousproblemsIssues regarding H.R.M and market share.
  34. 34. Q&ASession