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Encl 4 photo release form


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Encl 4 photo release form

  1. 1. STANDARD OPERATING PRCEDURE (sop)<br />FOR THE <br />ARMY COMMUNITY SERVICE (ACS)<br />SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH INITIATIVE<br />ENCLOSURE 4: PHOTO RELEASE FORM<br /> DATE @ "d MMMM yyyy" 28 February 2011<br />I hereby give my consent for Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall Army Community Service to use my photograph and likeness to be used in its publications, including its website and Official External Presences. I release them from any expectation of confidentiality for the undersigned minor children and myself and attest that I am the parent or legal guardian of the children listed below.Name (please print)Date:<br />Signature: Names and Ages of Minor Children (please print):<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br />Name: ______________________________________ Age: _____<br /> <br />*Please note that any time a photo of a child or children is used, only the first name and last initial of that child will be published.<br />