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  • Gphb info session_012314

    1. 1. Like us on Facebook Join the Global Public Health conversation at our GBMs Develop projects on our Exec Board
    2. 2. National GB
    3. 3. GPHB @ Penn We are a nonprofit program within the larger National Global Brigades organization seeking to increase public health in impoverished communities in Latin America and Africa. GPHB is an opportunity for you to develop an organization through leading, learning, and teaching.
    4. 4. See GB work on the ground
    5. 5. Penn Global Public Health Campus Events We will decrease life threatening diseases by improving village infrastructure and providing public health education by Keeping the conversation going in monthly current event discussions and a spring speaker’s event while Growing our work in the community through partnerships, workshops, fundraisers, and more
    6. 6. Spring 2014 Plans
    7. 7. February Monthly global public health current event discussions begin: our team will lead a discussion of the events of the month, come ready to learn and keep the conversation going Marketing Campaign Fundraiser at the Penn Ice Rink: Help raise club funds at our fundraiser at Penn Ice Rink that will help us reach more students
    8. 8. March Penn will travel to Honduras with Carnegie Mellon University to volunteer on the ground during spring break GB Social We will partner with campus organizations to bring speaker Ruth Lubic a nurse midwife and a MacArthur Fellowship recipient who has championed personalized care during labor and childbirth for all women, particularly those in lowincome neighborhoods to Penn!
    9. 9. April Research Symposium & community workshop we will share our work and the work of others on campus working on public health Global Brigades dinner and fundraiser
    10. 10. Org Structure Team of 20-25 dedicated members who are excited about Public Health, connecting with the Penn Global Brigades network, and sharing what we know with others Time Commitment Spring 2014: • 2 Executive Board Meetings (1 hour each) • 1 Social • 1 GBM Current Event Discussion (1-4 hours per week)
    11. 11. Open Executive Board Positions 1 VP of Research (spearheading research symposium) 1 VP of Finance (club fundraising) 2 Current Event Discussion Co-Chairs 1 Designer General Body Members welcome
    12. 12. Timeline Like us on Facebook before 1/26! Applications Due Tuesday February 4rd @11:59PM – (online google form) Decisions Made Friday February 7th – (notified via email) First Meeting February GBM JMHH TBA
    13. 13. Application & Descriptions Application Link @ FB:
    14. 14. Contact Questions?