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  • Mobile Marketing

    1. 1. Mobile Marketing 101for Local BusinessesUnderstanding How The MobileRevolution Can Impact Your Business
    2. 2. What is Mobile Marketing?Wikipedia Definition of Mobile MarketingIn November 2009, the Mobile MarketingAssociation updated its definition of MobileMarketing:Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enablesorganizations to communicate and engage withtheir audience in an interactive and relevantmanner through any mobile device or network.
    3. 3. In Other Words…Mobile Marketing is the “New-Age” way todeliver permission-based, targeted, and easy-to-use promotion offers to millions ofconsumers via their mobile devices.For Small Businesses:
    4. 4. Times Have ChangedNot anymore…Today, consumers spend MUCH LESS timeviewing TV commercials and more time infront of their PC’s and Mobile DevicesYears Ago, Advertisers Could Reach Most of Americawith Just TWO 60 Second TV Commercials
    5. 5. Mobile Usage StatisticsDid You Know… More Americans Own Mobile Phones than Computers? Most Consumers Age 18-34 Now Own Smartphones? U.S. Mobile Commerce Sales Surged 91.4% in 2011?
    6. 6. Mobile Usage StatisticsDid You Know… By 2014, Mobile Internet Usage is Expected to ExceedDesktop Internet Usage? More than 50% of all “Local” Searches are Done from aMobile Device? Over 350 MILLION People Access Facebook from TheirMobile Devices?
    7. 7. Consumers LOVE Mobile Devices It Takes 90mins for the Average Person to Respond to anEmail… But it Takes 90 SECONDS for them to respond toa Text Message Our Mobile Devices are the First Thing We Check in theMorning and the Last Thing We Check Before Bed
    8. 8. Consumers LOVE Mobile Devices Adults Now Spend More Time with Mobile Devices thanPrint Media Such as Newspapers and Magazines 91% of Americans Keep Their Mobile Devices withinArm’s Reach 24/7 Mobile Coupons Get 10 TIMES the Redemption Rate ofTraditional Coupons
    9. 9. Consumers LOVE Mobile Devices Nearly Half of Generation Y Would rather Lose TheirWallet or Purse Than Their Mobile Device The Average Person takes 26hrs to Report a LostWallet… But They Report a Lost Phone within 68mins
    10. 10. What Are We Doing onOur Mobile Devices? Communicating• Emailing, Texting, Sending Pictures, Social Networking,Blogging, and More
    11. 11. What Are We Doing on OurMobile Devices? Personal Business• Checking Weather, Reading News, Shopping,Maps/Directions, Stock Quotes, Looking for LocalProducts/Services, and More Passing Time• Playing games, Downloading Ringtones, WatchingVideos, and More
    12. 12. Most Popular Forms of MobileMarketing Technology SMS (Short Message Service) Text Messaging Mobile Search & Mobile Websites QR Codes
    13. 13. What is “Text Messaging”?Wikipedia Definition of Text MessagingText messaging, or texting, refers to theexchange of brief written text messages betweenfixed-line phone or mobile phone and fixed orportable devices over a network.SMS (Short Message Service) is a form of textmessaging communication on phones and mobilephones.
    14. 14. Mobile Phones Aren’tJust for Talking AnymoreIn Fact, Nearly 3 Out of 4 Americans Sendand Receive Text Messages…… 31% of Them Prefer to “Text” than “Talk”on Their Mobile Devices
    15. 15. Preferred Contact Method byNumber of Texts Sent/Received
    16. 16. Benefits of Using SMS TextMarketing in Your Business Builds a Powerful List of Targeted Buyers Permission-Based – Customers Opt-in to Receive YourText Messages Cost-Effective and Produces a High Rate of Return Very Little Technical Knowledge Required
    17. 17. Benefits of Using SMS TextMarketing in Your Business Easy to Manage and Understand Mass Alert to Those Who Have Opted-In to Your List High Deliverability Rates Easy to Track and Measure Results
    18. 18. Benefits of Using SMS TextMarketing in Your Business Increases Repeat Business Decreases “No-Shows” for Appointments Promotes Customer Engagement & Loyalty Increases Exposure, Sales, and Revenue
    19. 19. Interesting SMS TextMessaging Statistics Approximately 90% of Consumers Read Their TextMessages within MINUTES 73% of Consumers WANT to Receive Special Offers onTheir Mobile Devices but are Not Getting Them Offers Made via SMS Text Marketing Get up to a 20%Response Rate – 10 Times More Than Traditional Methods
    20. 20. Different Ways to Use SMS TextMarketing in Your Business Start a Mobile Coupon Club Cross Advertise Your Text Message Campaigns Incorporate QR Codes into Your Campaigns Collect Feedback and Surveys
    21. 21. Different Ways to Use SMS TextMarketing in Your Business Text to Win Text Voting and Trivia Customer Appointment Reminders
    22. 22. Tips for Your SMS Promotions KNOW Your Audience and Target Wisely Choose Your SMS Keyword Wisely Let the World Know That You Use Text Marketing!
    23. 23. Tips for Your SMS Promotions Don’t Spam; Use Opt-ins Only Make Sure Your Offer is Easy to Understand andAttractive Provide Terms and Conditions Clearly Layout the Redemption Rules
    24. 24. How to Get Started with SMSText Message Marketing1. Pick a SMS Text Message Vendor2. Decide on a Target Market3. Setup a Way to Collect Mobile Phone Numbers4. Choose a Keyword5. Create a Good, Strong Call to Action6. Design Your Promotional Materials7. Tell the World About Your Text Campaign8. Track Your Results
    25. 25. What is a “Mobile Website”?Wikipedia Definition of Mobile WebThe Mobile Web refers to the use of Internet-connected applications, or browser-based access tothe Internet from a mobile device such as asmartphone or tablet computer connected to awireless network.
    26. 26. Did You Know?One-half of All Internet Searches for LOCAL Productsand Services are Performed from Mobile Devices …But There is Just ONE PROBLEM…Most Traditional Websites are NOTCompatible with Mobile Devices
    27. 27. A “Website” vs. a“Mobile-Friendly Website”Recent studies show that current mobile web-userexperiences are overall HORRIBLE when it comes toviewing and navigating websitesWeb Designers Understand How toBuild Websites Made for Computers…But a MOBILE PHONE is Not a Computer…
    28. 28. A “Website” vs. a“Mobile-Friendly Website” Computers are in a steady, predictable environment Mobile devices are in a highly variable environment Computers have large screens that allow multi-tasking Mobile devices have small screens and are not ideal for multi-tasking Computers have keyboards and mouse for ease-of-use Mobile devices are harder to navigate due to small keyboardsand scrolling devices
    29. 29. Benefits of Having aMobile-Friendly Website Improved User Experience Faster Website Loading Speed Better User Engagement and Context Location-Based for Geo-Targeting
    30. 30. Benefits of Having aMobile-Friendly Website Improved Search Engine Performance Branding and Exposure to Mobile Users Increased Visits to Your Website and More Leads Accessibility to Mobile Consumers While They Are On the Go
    31. 31. Benefits of Having aMobile-Friendly Website Your Website Can be Viewed Wherever Mobile Cell PhoneCoverage is Available Helps You Attract Both “New” and “Repeat” Customers Gain the Advantage Over Competitors Easy to Integrate with Social Media Platforms to Boost Profits
    32. 32. Mobile Website Tips Keep it SIMPLE Create a Mobile Site that Caters to People Who are “On the Move” Don’t Overload Your Mobile Website with Heavy Graphics or Flash Use the “Click to Call” and Other “Click” Features Keep Navigation and Scrolling to a Minimum Design for Multiple Handsets
    33. 33. What is a QR Code?Wikipedia Definition of Mobile WebA QR code (abbreviated from QuickResponse code) is a type of matrix barcodefirst designed for the automotive industry.More recently, the system has becomepopular outside of the industry due to its fastreadability and comparatively large storagecapacity.
    34. 34. What is a QR Code? QR Codes are Quickly Becoming Popular in the MarketingWorld QR Codes Allow Consumers to Access Information About aProduct or Company IMMEDIATELY Many Major Brands are Using Them to Engage withCustomers• Best Buy, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Calvin Klein, and More Easily Read by Most Mobile Devices with the Help of a QRCode Reader
    35. 35. How QR Codes Work Mobile Users Need a QR Code Reader to Scan Your QR Code• These are FREE and Come Pre-Loaded on Most Smartphones You Create a QR Code to Direct Users to Your Website (or otherdestination) User Scans the QR Code and is Immediately Redirected to YourWebsite (or other destination)
    36. 36. Different Ways to UseQR Codes in Your BusinessWhere to Put QR Codes? Add Them to Your Online Properties, Such as Websites, SocialMedia Profiles, Emails, Online Videos, Press Releases and More Place Them on Your Printed Marketing Materials, Such asBusiness Cards, Flyers, T-Shirts, Newspaper Ads, and More Place Them on Your Product Packaging and Storefront Displays
    37. 37. Different Ways to UseQR Codes in Your BusinessWhere to Send Consumers When They Scan Your QR Codes? Send Them to Discounts, Rewards, Coupons, and Special Offers Send Them to a Specific Product Page on Your Mobile Website Send Them to Product Video Demos or Instructional VideosThe sky is the limit, when it comes to using QR codes!
    38. 38. Benefits of Using QR Codesin Your Business Consumer Receives “One-Click” Instant Gratification• No Need to Write Down Your Details Builds Customer Excitement and Makes Your Business Unique Can Easily Integrate with SMS Text Message Marketing andMobile Websites Explosive Mobile Usage Growth Creates Even More Opportunityfor Your Business
    39. 39. Benefits of Using QR Codesin Your Business Creating QR Codes is Cost-effective Easy to Implement, Manage, Measure, and Track Bridges the Gap Between Online and Offline Marketing
    40. 40. QR Code Tips Make Sure Your QR Codes are Smartphone-Friendly Don’t Print QR Codes on Glossy Paper to PreventScanning Errors Size Your QR Codes Appropriately Educate Your Audience About QR Codes Point Customers to QR Code Readers