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AS Example


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AS Example

  1. 1. Creating A Multipurpose Bedside TableBedside Table • AS Design&Technology • Product Design 3D-Unit 2g • Centre No.91515 • Candidate No.8334 Design and Technology Created by Marc Plaggenburg
  2. 2. Contents Page Pages Content 1 Situation & Design Brief1 Situation & Design Brief 2 Aesthetic Consideration & Styles (Mood Board) 3 Primary Research: Bedroom Chest of Drawers 4 Project Analysis 5 Secondary Research: Bins 6 Secondary Research: Bins 2 7 Secondary Research: Lights 8 Secondary Research: Lights Bulbs 9 Materials/Ergonomics 10 Primary Research: Bedside Tables 11 Primary Research: Bedside Tables 2 12 Primary Research (Questionnaire) Analysis Results12 Primary Research (Questionnaire) Analysis Results 13 Primary Research (Questionnaire) Results 14 Specification 15 Specification 2 16 Development (How Things Work) 17 Development (Looking At Materials) 18 I iti l Id18 Initial Ideas 19 Initial Ideas 2 20 Initial Ideas 3 21 Initial Ideas 4 22 Analysis Of Initial Ideas 23 Evaluation Analysis & Comparison Of Best Ideasy p 24 Development 2 25 Development 26 Further Development 27 (Computer Aided Designs) Development 28 Final Designs Using CAD 29 2D Design/3rd Angle Projection29 2D Design/3rd Angle Projection 30 Looking At Different Joints 31 Cutting List 32 Manufacturing (Model) 33 Manufacturing (Model) 2 34 Manufacturing (Prototype) Design and Technology 35 Manufacturing (Prototype) 2 36 Manufacturing (Prototype) 3 37 Evaluation 38 End Product
  3. 3. Situation & Design Brief Sit tiSituation Given the task of choosing a subject for my AS design project, I have decided to focus my efforts on the improvement of bedroom storage and organisation, as many bedrooms lack adequate storage and few have multifunctional items of furniture that incorporate the functionality of several items of furniture into one. As both a primary source of information and an area to test my product, I hope to design an item of furniture for my own bedroom. Design Brief I am going to design and make a piece of multi-purpose bedroom furniture. I would like my product to be aesthetically pleasing and appealing to a wide market. They p y p g pp g outcome should combine the functionality of the furniture, identified through my research, resulting in what I hope will be a contemporary addition to any bedroom. My product combines some of the following functions; bedside personal storage, waste storage, bedroom lighting, laundry, seating and magazine storage. Problem at hand By looking at the picturey g p on the right, we can clearly see the problems you can be faced with in a bedroom and how the lack of space can effect and determine the look and Design and Technology determine the look and practicality of your room.
  4. 4. Aesthetic Consideration & Styles (Mood Board) For this project I wanted to research unique pieces of furniture I have found a supplier and exhibiter of contemporary furniture calledFor this project I wanted to research unique pieces of furniture. I have found a supplier and exhibiter of contemporary furniture called ‘Via Traffic Gallery’ in Dubai, which displays rare and different styles of furniture much different from the widely available ‘IKEA-type furniture’. The modern and sometimes unusual furniture trends displayed at ‘Via Traffic’ push the normal boundaries of furniture design. I hope to come to understand these differences that make such furniture attractive to the consumer and which aspects makes this furniture apart from others. This museum allowed me to make good a comparison between contemporary and conventional furniture allowing me to create a bedside table that is not too Design and Technology and conventional furniture allowing me to create a bedside table that is not too complex and still contains these modern features. When designing I will keep this page in consideration to try not to be repetitive and try to attract my consumer with this little touch of modernity.
  5. 5. Primary Research: Bedroom Chest of Drawers I found this bedside cupboard at a local retailer The graphics and decorationI found this bedside cupboard at a local retailer. The graphics and decoration attracted me as it was clearly designed and manufactured for the children’s market. It appeared to be made from MDF and covered with a paper or vinyl transfer. It provided a great deal of storage for its size and comprised of four drawers. When I removed one of the drawers, I could see how it had been constructed. It consisted of two main types of joint, being finger joints and dowel joints. I will look toco s sted o t o a types o jo t, be g ge jo ts a d do e jo ts oo to employ similar joints in my product as this one seemed sturdy and perfectly stable. I will consider how my product might be made to appeal to different markets like that of children throughout further research. The door handle was screwed in from the inside. This allowed the screws not to be apparent from the outside therefore having a nicer aesthetic finish. You can clearly see that this product is targeting children. I should take into consideration who my target market is and h t th ld i twhat they could appreciate. The drawer was constructed using 9mm pieces of MDF; the drawer did not have any type of mechanism. The drawers were segregated into different areas and the smooth finish of MDF allowed these two Design and Technology smooth finish of MDF allowed these two materials to slide without friction.
  6. 6. Project Analysis Boys Girls Elderly people M l /F l Through research I have realised, the advantages and disadvantages of aA source of Young trendy teenagers Boys Girls If changing dimensions, could be adapted to children Male/Female g g bedside table, By using my friend as a market potential I am going to make a product specific to him as he is a target market. Waste disposal A source of lighting: mood lighting/ Reading light Magazine storage Personal storage Multifunctional Who After being test marketed, if successful ,the product should be batch produced children Why What storage Laundry basket. Bed side tables Ergonomics Measuring another drawers cabinet allowed me to start looking at different dimensions for my bedside table. If I target a Where Produced Small work shop as tester Batch produced in factory Materials Aesthetics Stainless steal is If I target a younger market I have to consider their Environment The aesthetics will Oak seems to be a very popular hardwood in the area of furniture as it is a very resistant wood and nice to work with. Stainless steal is very aesthetically pleasing as it is very well finished and very popular within the ergonomics Bedroom Small roomBig room The aesthetics will depend on my markets. Depending on who my product is aimed to I will take in consideration the Safety MDF is a material that is very easy to work with, light weight and I should take in consideration the cost aspect of this project as if successful, the product should be mass produced furniture industry. Smoked or coloured glass is very popular as it does not let too much light go through protecting your eyes and is CompactMultifunctional subtitles. I must take in consideration work shop safety rules as some materials have Design and Technology very aesthetically pleasing.materials have dangerous properties when working with them The spider diagram above and the analysis around gave me a better understanding of the different aspects of the project and the main issues I need to take in to consideration.
  7. 7. Secondary Research: Bins I really like this red colour, as it is very popular and trendy with a glossy finish. A cylinder shaped bin is also very practical for the consumer to use I really enjoy the mixture of different materials such as chrome and a glossy finish red. The use of a mixture of products is more aesthetically pleasing Another consumer to use aesthetically pleasing. Another advantage is the incorporation of chrome as the base of this product is strengthening the overall structure of this product This product has three separate bins for recycling. I would maybe like to investigate this to see if having the option of recycling will perhaps enhance my product. Thi i d l f i i ti ThThis is a good example for inspiration. The structure is made out of wood and other materials can be easily added. This looks like a user friendly product. This is a very good example for my research in this particular market. Design and Technology
  8. 8. Secondary Research: Bins These are two much more modern types of products as compared to thetypes of products as compared to the previous ones. I really enjoy the contrast of wood and metal. I would like my product to resemble more the product above as it is modern and could go very well in a young adults room. I still believe that having a drawer could be very useful for storage and would be pleasant to use. Drawing the product as a 2Dg p design leads me to see the arrangements of the drawers and doors. Therefore this is a good technique as it allows me to see the comparison of different arrangements for the constructionarrangements for the construction of each piece. Although it is a simple aesthetically looking piece of furniture it can be improved and must I really appreciate the black matt as it goes very well with the rest of the piece of furniture as you can see. You also could have the option to change colour allowing the consumer to have more optionsp not be very difficult to mass produce. The simple drawer could be something to consider as it is simple to make and effective. This is a very more options. This kitchen unit has the ability to store and conceal a plastic bin Design and Technology big piece of furniture. The sizes would have to be reduced therefore compromising some storage space. conceal a plastic bin from view whilst easily accessible.
  9. 9. Secondary Research: Lights I really enjoy hidden lighting on furniture as it has more of Down lighting is veryfurniture as it has more of aesthetic attraction. As you can see on the picture the light is hidden behind the piece of wall The light is then projected against the surrounding walls. Although it gives less light then effective as it could light up my piece of furniture as well as give it a nice mood light without blinding the consumer. Although it gives less light then direct lighting, it is more attractive and goes well with the environment. By hiding the light within the f it it i d Back lighting Down lighting Up lighting is very useful to decorate. It furniture it gives a good aesthetic side to the piece of furniture although it is less efficient then normal light. The furniture also has more than one function. will be very difficult to use this method for my product as the area I have to work with is very limited. The use of different materials can change the colour of the light. The brightness of the light is also very important as it depends on what type of Mood lighting Up lighting lighting I am looking for e.g. reading light/ambience light. This is purely ambience lighting which I may consider This method of lighting is to focus light on a specific Accent lighting Spot lighting lighting which I may consider for my end product. area. Perhaps I would want to use the same method to light up a certain area of my bedside table. Design and Technology g g p g g
  10. 10. Secondary Research: Lights Bulbs Th h h f diff t Halogen bulbs are very Through research of different bulbs and how effective each one is, I have found these very bright and efficient bulbs that also give out less heat and is environmentally friendly therefore specific and contain halogen gas allowing it to increase the brightness of the bulb . The bulb can work in higher temperaturesy y not damaging any materials surrounding it. These light bulbs are appropriate to my furniture as I want a bright ambience light with minimal heat generation. higher temperatures without damaging and increased lifespan unlike normal bulbs. Therefore the bulb is working more efficiently for a longer i d f ti Perhaps this lighting is more appropriate, as it covers a bigger area and will light up period of time. Led stands for Light Emitting Diode bulb. The electricity consumption is very low therefore more environmentally friendly. However, it must incorporate a Diacrylic lighting is a completely different source of lighting. Thisarea and will light up my furniture more efficiently. It can also be faced in certain directions allowing it to be a specific point f li ht circuit and the costs of purchase will be higher. The big advantage of LED lighting is a long life and high efficiency using between 2 and 6 Volts making them a cheap and attractive alternative. g g type of light consumes huge amounts of voltage and produces phenomenal light performance. It is usually produced outside nightclubs or for decorating a buildingof light. building. A fluorescent light or tube, contains gas which charges the bulb. Within the light a chemical reaction takes place when adding electricity.reaction takes place when adding electricity. The atoms from the gas move around with great speed producing the light we can see. Due to this mechanism the lamp is initially more expensive at the purchase but then has a low electrical consumption and a longer life span compared to original bulbs This type of Design and Technology span compared to original bulbs. This type of bulb is usually used in commercial and industrial buildings due to the energy saving efficiency.
  11. 11. Materials/Ergonomics MDF wood also comes under the categories of Through further research, I have observed that a popular hard wood in the construction of furniture industry is oak wood. MDF wood also comes under the categories of manufactured boards. It is constructed from wood residuals glued together using soft/hard wood resins compressed together with heat. MDF is very attractive in my case as it is very cheap and easy to work with. It can have a very good finish when adding paint or spayed using a varnish Oak wood is a hard wood therefore making it much more expensive compared to any other wood. It is beautiful wood to look at and has a long life span. Its is also very costly which is not appropriate for my product as the bedside table I am going to design and manufacture is going to be used indoors As this is a As level project I adding paint or spayed using a varnish. Through research, I have found that the use of acrylic is trendy influencing me to incorporate some acrylic panels into my product. It is clean and adds somegoing to be used indoors. As this is a As level project I would like to keep my prices as low as possible. Pine wood comes from a coniferous tree so is therefore a softwood. This is more appealing to me as the cost is lower and product. It is clean and adds some modernity. The advantage of using acrylic is the variety of different colours available for consumers. easier to work with. This wood is used a lot in the construction industry as it has a nice and modern finish but still contains good structural properties. This wood is used for upper class consumers Once again I have seen the use of glass very often in today's furniture market. There is a variety of different glass to make the piece of furniture more modern, which will then have a nicer product finish. I would like to incorporate some type of glass in myThis wood is used for upper class consumers which are ready to pay the price but has still taken into consideration a budget. Once again Pine wood is not appropriate to my product as I would like to add different materials to my end product and the cost is still to high to incorporate some type of glass in my product. Ergonomics still to high. Plywood is a manufactured board constructed from different sheets of veneers. This is more appropriate as it is sure to have no movement taking place when Ergonomics is the relationship between the consumer and its products. If the ergonomics is not correct this could relate in a impact on either the posture or health of the consumer. Each consumer has their own ergonomics to take into consideration when creating a product Design and Technology no movement taking place when my product is finished and a much lower price. consideration when creating a product. In my case, I must take into consideration the measurements of other bedside tables and adapt it to my target market.
  12. 12. Primary Research: Bedside Tables You can see that most bedside tables are adapted to the beds; their height, size and colour. You can clearly see that smoked glass is quite popular with the consumers of today. Looking closer at this piece of furniture, I realized that Summary: I got this primary research from a shop called Home Centre most of the handles are either very modern or even for some, don’t have a handle. This is done by a groove either at the top or bottom of the drawer. I should take this into consideration and try to incorporate this nice touch to my bedside table. a shop called Home Centre which sell contemporarily and modern furniture. Although Home Centre sells all types of furniture, my target product was bedside tables. I also took into id ti th b d th When doing this primary research, I have noticed that the majority of the bedside table have a similar aspect to the bed for example, in this photo they have used the same materials to group the bedside table and the bed, making one beautiful peace of furniture When producing consideration the beds as they are an important factor and usually have the same features as the bedside tables. This primary research allowed me to compare the good and badmaking one beautiful peace of furniture. When producing my bedside table, I must take in consideration the different materials and how well it will relate to the bed. A l i thi i f f it I p g aspects of bedside tables. Analysing this piece of furniture I feel it is so unfortunate and a waste of space to have a lamp. This lamp represents a big problem as the utility of this product is limited to a simple bedside table. Perhaps it isMaterials/Construction and Costs p p possible to integrate the light to the piece of furniture without taking up so much of space. When looking at these products, which I found at different shops, I should take into consideration the cost of the materials, the aesthetics of the product, the construction aspect of the product and the final cost it is sold at. I will design my product, buy i l b d id bl d d i Materials/Construction and Costs Design and Technology materials, construct my bedside table and determine the price when compared to my competitors.
  13. 13. Primary Research: Bedside Tables Thi i i t bl it h th f ti ItThis is a very nice table as it has more then one function. It can also store and be used for lighting. This wood is oak wood and is an expensive material but very strong and goes very well with this piece of furniture. Summary By analysing this piece of furniture, I found this material very attractive as it is a hard wood, although it could be more expensive and a harder material to work with. Its aesthetics looks are beautiful. Looking more closely I realised the this was just layered wood. I suppose the frame was made from manufactured board and covered with a thin layer of oak I made thisboard and covered with a thin layer of oak. I made this assumption by feeling the weight. The bedside table was very light; much too light for a hard wood. Suppliers do for two reasons i. The price of oak is very expensive and will cost a lot to manufacture ii This layer of oak will protect and enhance the properties of aii. This layer of oak will protect and enhance the properties of a manufactured board. Here is another example of a very nice and wellp y proportioned side table. The lighting problem occurs again. This material (oak) seems to be occurring over and over again by giving the consumer the impression of quality and durability. Oak is a hard wood that is usually used for furniture it is very resistant to the i t l f t d i b tif l t Design and Technology environmental factors and is a beautiful to work with. It is very aesthetic.
  14. 14. Primary Research (Questionnaire) Analysis Results Questionnaire DT primary research • Name:…………………………………… 1.2.Name/Surname: Questions 1 and 2 provided me with information on the people who had completed myName:…………………………………… …………….. • Surname:……………………………… ………………. . • Age:……………………………………… …………….. • 4. Male/Female 5 D b d id t bl ? 7 8 9 10 3.Age: questionnaire, allowing me to better understand my results. You can see that my product can be produced for lots of different markets, the majority of my consumers are from the age of 30 40 I believe I• 5. Do you own a bed side table?: Yes/No (please underline answer) • 6. If yes, what is its function? (please tick) • Lamp Clock Keys Storage • • Other…………………………………… 2 3 4 5 6 7 from the age of 30-40. I believe, I should have done more questionnaire for people from the age of 20-30 as I believe they are a big target market. ………………… • • 7. What material did you choose when buying bedroom furniture • Wood Metal Glass • Other (please give a example of your chosen material) • 0 1 2 < 20 20 - 30 30 - 40 40 - 50 50 - 60 > 60 4.Gender:______________________________ ____________ • 8. Do you find you have a problem with storage in you bed side table: (please underline answer) Yes/No • 9. Do you have a bin in your room? (please underline answer) • Yes/No (Pl d ib bi ) 10 15 20 The majority of my questioners are women, this is just a coincidence as I found the first people available to fill out my questionnaire• (Please describe your bin): ______________________________ ______________________________ ____________ • 10. Do you have problems, with space in your room> • Yes/no 0 5 Male Female 5 Owning a 25 questionnaire. 5.Owning a bedside table: 10 15 20 The majority of the people I interviewed had a bed side table and all had at least a stand to store Design and Technology 0 5 Yes No their personal items in.
  15. 15. Primary Research (Questionnaire) Results 20 0 5 10 15 Storage Support Keys etc 6.Funtion: Solution 3/4. The bedside table will be adapted to the age and the gender of the consumer. 5 The majority of the questioners own a bedside table showingStorage Support lamp/clock Keys, etc… 12 14 16 18 20 7.Materials: 5. The majority of the questioners own a bedside table showing me there is a need for my product. 6. My two main objectives (light/storage) are the most wanted aspects on a bedside table. 7. Once again the materials will vary on the age and gender of 0 2 4 6 8 10 Wood Metal Glass Other the consumer therefore my prototype will be specific to a young population. 8. The majority have problems with their storage therefore I need to incorporate some sort of storage that is suitable to the consumer. 10 15 20 25 Wood Metal Glass Other 8.Problem with storage: 9. The majority of the consumers are interested in a incorporated bin. 10. The majority of the consumers have a lack of space in their bedroom therefore there is a market for my product. 20 25 0 5 0 Yes No 10.Lack of space in 20 25 I believe that university students will be interested in my product as they might be living in dorms 5 10 15 20 9.Bin: space in bedroom: 0 5 10 15 might be living in dorms and will not have much space. Design and Technology 0 Yes No Yes No
  16. 16. Specification Considering the primary and secondary research I have gathered I now have a clearer idea of the specification requirements of my proposed design. IConsidering the primary and secondary research I have gathered I now have a clearer idea of the specification requirements of my proposed design. I have also begun to formulise the aesthetic, ergonomic and anthropometrical considerations of the final product in order to list the specification points below. It became clear throughout my research that a bedside table with multi-functional aspects would be a product which could be successful. I intend to design and manufacture a bedside table to fall within the following specification: I would like to design a piece of furniture that has all these properties and functions: 1.0 The Intended Function: 1.1 The bedside table must include a waste receptacle that can be hidden within it. 1.2 The bedside table must include a feature allowing the consumer to move it easily 1 3 The bedside table must have a source of light to illuminate that particular area of the room1.3 The bedside table must have a source of light, to illuminate that particular area of the room. 1.4 The unit should provide an area/drawer with segregated area for the storage of personal items. 1.5 The product will most likely be used in a room, probably a bedroom 2.0 Manufacturing Considerations in the Work Shop: 2 1 Must make use of appropriate materials for the construction of furniture allowing it to be built easily within the school workshop2.1 Must make use of appropriate materials for the construction of furniture, allowing it to be built easily within the school workshop. 2.2 The use of Pro Desktop and 2D design will enhance the design process and the quality of the final outcome. 3.0 Manufacturing Considerations in the Industry: 3.1 The bedside table must have the option to be mass produced using a variety of different finishes. 3 2 The design must lend itself to the possibility of being mass produced through the use of CAD CAM processes3.2 The design must lend itself to the possibility of being mass produced through the use of CAD CAM processes. 3.3 The design should be of the type which can be flat-packed and easily assembled by unskilled customers. Design and Technology
  17. 17. Specification Cont: 4.0.Environmental Constraints: 4.1 The bedside table must be sturdy and should be able to withstand daily abuse. 4.2 Must be able to withstand the temperatures it is likely to encounter (Hot/Cold) particularly the top.p y ( ) p y p 5.0.Ergonomics: 5.1 The measurements of the furniture must be appropriate according to consumers needs. 5.2 The bedside table must be easy to use and adapted to the specific needs of the consumer. 5.3 The bedside table should be appropriately sized to be comfortable for the consumer to use. 6.0.Aesthetics: 6.1 The bedside table must be aesthetically pleasing to the specific consumer I have identified. 6.2 The unit should be of a design that makes it relatively easy to tailor to the needs of different ages groups, sexes through alternative colour schemes. 6.3 The product should in some way incorporate a source of light to pleasingly illuminate the room sufficiently at night and allow client to see. 7.0.Safety: 7.1 Must use non-toxic paints and/or materials so not to endangering the consumers health. 7.2 Follow the normal health and safety procedures when manufacturing the product to protect against e.g. dust inhalation. 7 3 Must meet the stipulated legislations like BSI in order to ensure the safety of the user7.3 Must meet the stipulated legislations like BSI in order to ensure the safety of the user. 8.0.Materials: 8.1 Incorporate suitable materials which are appropriate to the product whilst being pleasing to the consumer. 8.3 Use materials such as MDF, which is cheap and easy to work with, making the product inexpensive and thus relatively cheap for the consumer if mass produced. . Design and Technology
  18. 18. Development (How Things Work) The smoked glass will hid the light bulb hidden beneath it, I must leave enough room between the drawer and the light bulb as it could overheat or when opening the Could use coloured glass or smoked glass. This needs go well with the piece of furniture as it is a key overheat or when opening the drawer. Looking at this piece of furniture you can see the amount of room o have available beneath. y aesthetical aspect. Another technique is to buy external system which can be adapted to my piece of furniture. Another technique is to buy This little mechanism will be added to the inside bottom and the door that could then allow it to open vertically. external system which you screw on the inside of the furniture and the side of your drawer. This can be adapted to my drawer and furniture. The simplest form to allow the door to swing out is to use a ready made joint that I can buy externally The simplest technique is to make the drawer adapted Design and Technology The simplest technique is to make the drawer adapted to the drawer room. This will allow the drawer to slide in and out without any mechanical hinges or wheels due to the smoothness of the wood.
  19. 19. Development (Looking At Materials) The smoked glass will be placed on top of the with the light Th b lb ill b l d d th the with the light shining through it. The bulb will be placed under the smoked glass, I must leave enough space for this to work. The electronics will also be placed in this area, it must be very discrete and not visible to the consumer. This mechanism can be Summary: Will be made from a red acrylic panel. This mechanism can be adapted to my drawer On this page I have illustrated all the images that I like and have tried to construct a 3 dimensional piece of furniture. This is where I have gathered all my ideas using the materials I like and looking at how things will work. This mechanism can beThis will be adapted to my drawer Design and Technology This mechanism can be added to the bottom allowing the door to come down horizontally This will be adapted to my drawer to block my door at a certain distance
  20. 20. Initial Ideas The top part there is a spot light facing upwards for a some mood lighting. The electronics can be hidden in the top department. 1. The top comes off, hiding beneath it a rubbish bin. Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to have a hinge allowing the top not to come off This indicial idea came from a Tagine which is a traditional top not to come off completely. There is drawer for the personal storage TheTagine, which is a traditional Mexican cocking dish. personal storage, The drawer must be rounded to be well integrated with the rest of the furniture.Their will be transparent glass, allowing the consumer to have a brighter room which will therefore ll th t t d These feet are appropriate as they 2. Summary: allow the customer to read. This initial idea is modern, I believe that it is most appropriate to make it with a pp p y can be screwed to the bottom is goes well with the piece of furniture. Summary: In my opinion idea 1 is not very aesthetically pleasing as it is difficult to use and is difficult to manufacture. Looking atappropriate to make it with a light soft wood making more attractive to the consumer. There is lots of storage space for the customer to use, perhaps I g idea 2 it seems more attractive as it has a easier assembly and is more aesthetically pleasing therefore is my chosen idea on this Design and Technology do not have to include 3 drawers as it takes up space. chosen idea on this page.
  21. 21. Initial Ideas This piece of furniture can This could be made from a beautiful hard wood SummaryThis piece of furniture can be easily adapted to the consumer a beautiful hard wood, as they are harder to work with then manufactured boards or soft woods. Perhaps I can include more 3. Their will be frosted Idea is very attractive as it it is simple to assemble and manufacture allowing me to include more f ti th t I ldmodern materials making it more appropriate to my test marketer. Their will be frosted glass on the top with a light mechanism hidden beneath it for mood lighting. functions that I would like to introduce to this product. Idea 2 is again very aesthetically pleasing but looking at the Will this be a extra piece f I can adapt a bin which could be adapted There is a good area to store the consumers goods. g slanted sides seems a very difficult to obtain using a wood base and is hard to make using any other material My chosenadded on after or incorporated from the start I can adapt a bin which could be adapted to the back of this door, allowing the bin to be lowered with the door when opened. There is a piece of glass with light beneath it once again material. My chosen idea is idea 3 4. light beneath it once again more for a mood lighting then reading. I believe this piece of furniture would be much more appropriate if it was The drawer would be unique as the shape would bemore appropriate if it was made from acrylic and more with stronger colours. triangular allowing it to have a circular finish with the rest of the furniture. Design and Technology This idea was partly inspired by the shape of an Arabic/African drum.
  22. 22. Initial Ideas 5. There is a transparent or smoked glass as a surface with a light mechanism beneath it for mood lighting. Summary: This piece of furniture that include two drawers for storage but it does not include a bin. Idea 5 is also not very difficult to assemble and manufacture, the only disadvantage I can see is the size factor as a bedside table must be appropriately The fame of the furniture would be made from acrylic which would be red as in the research I have found it is a popular colour today, I believe white goes well with this colour therefore I would like to make the doors from again acrylic white The wheels can be adapted easily to most of my these pieces of furniture, I should take in consideration if I should include this on table must be appropriately measures this looks more appropriate for a TV stand perhaps. Idea 2 is again difficult to assemble therefore making it hard for like to make the doors from again acrylic white.should include this on finale my finale piece as it makes it easier to use for my customer. 6. The top is held by a hinge allowing it to open. I must take in the consumer to simple if mass produced. My chosen idea is idea 6. 6. The top of the furniture includes smoked glass with a light hidden within it. g p consideration how the glass will stay on when the top is open. There is a bin hidden beneath this opening, At the bottom of my piece of furniture there is a drawer allowing the consumer to place Design and Technology his personal items for the night. I took some inspiration for this idea from the shape of a typical wicker linen basket
  23. 23. Initial Ideas Door must be rounded 7. The smoked glass has a light hidden beneath it allowing the furniture to according to the rest of the furniture, perhaps I will have to add layered wood and sand it to allow the door to be round and one with the piece of furniture. have a mood lighting I thought that the piece of furniture. g aesthetics on this one was very important as it is very modern, I believe the these colours go well with the furniture and its targettarget Summary: Id 7 i diffi lt Their drawers gives the customers some storage Beneath the drawer their will be a bin hidden in the door. Idea 7 is a very difficult piece of furniture to create using wood, perhaps using a polymer would be more appropriate. The top reminded me of a tyre. areas used as personal properties. y When looking more carefully at the bed side I realized that by changing some features I could even consider making it into a stool Design and Technology stool.
  24. 24. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2 4.1 4.2 4.3 5.1 5.2 6.1 6.2 6.3 7.1 7.2 7.3 8.1 8.2 9.1 9.2 9.3 Results Analysis Of Initial Ideas 4 11 9 2424 5 14 5 24 13 11 0 24 5 9 10 24 13 9 2 6 10 8 24 5 12 7 24 24 Design and Technology Meets specification or is most attractive Can meet specification or can be adapted Does not meet specification Please refer to specification sheet for full detail.
  25. 25. Evaluation Analysis & Comparison Of Best Ideas I have chosen my two ideas which meets most of the demand, or By taking the best elements fromcould if I adjusted small features. By taking the best elements from both of my ideas and combining these positive attributes I hope to design and develop an idea which is better than both of the original proposals. 1.3:Includes source of light 1 4 i l d t f1.4: includes storage area for intended user 6.1: Good width perhaps compare with other bedside tables for height. One of the main advantage of design 5 is the caster type heels hich o ld allo the 1.1:Can include a waste bin in bottom drawer, attached to back side of door. 1.2:Could add wheels to bottom of table. wheels which would allow the unit to be easily moved around the bedroom. If I incorporate this aspect into idea 3 this would dramatically improve the design. 7.1:Look at different materials, looking at target market and which materials they enjoy most. Summary: By creating an Evaluation Chart, it allowed me to compare all my ideas therefore showing me their advantages and disadvantages. I made this chart according to the specification and to see if my 1 2 I l d h l ll i th 1.1:Hard to include bin, table not high enough. 1.3: includes a source of light. according to the specification and to see if my ideas were meeting the demand of the specification. It was some times difficult to follow the specification as it does not always correspond directly with the production of the product. For example, ergonomics must be taken into id ti ll b f th t t f th 1.2:Includes wheels allowing the table to move. Design and Technology consideration well before the start of the production. 1.4: includes storage area for intended user 6.1: This idea is too wide and very low.
  26. 26. Development Summary: Here are two other ideas of how I can improve my design still keeping the same structure but trying new ways of storage and lighting. Summary:Summary: I am therefore going to stay with my initial idea, taking into consideration alternatives to storage and lighting. In this idea I decided to put a external reading light instead of a mood light. I then realized by adding a dimmer switch, this would allow me to change the brightness of the room and perhaps this will allow the user to read with this light I considered adding extra storage on the side of my piece of furniture, again when investigating the problem I realized that it is less aesthetically pleasing and I would prefer for the consumer to use the storage I initially provided perhaps I might i i i hi d Design and Technology user to read with this light.want to incorporate segregations within my drawer allowing the consumer to have a specific area for each of their items.
  27. 27. Development Finger joint is the most used joint for drawers In the inside of the door there will be hinges allowing the bin to be supported d th il used joint for drawers as it creates strong structure therefore is the most suitable joint, giving the corner strength. and then easily taken off. My bin must be of a suitable size providing a reasonable amount of space. This drawer mechanism will be adapted to the side of the drawer as well as my bedside table They It may need to be adapted to attach to the units door. my bedside table. They can just be screwed in. Th f i d f dThe frame is made from wood therefore allowing me to simply adapt the support on the back of the door which will open horizontally making it easy for the consumer to use. The frame of the drawer will also be made from manufactured wood as it is light and easy to work with. I can then add my polymer layer on the front of the drawer which will be glued on Design and Technology y The outside of the door will be covered with a acrylic panel which I have found at IKEA. with a particular glue specific to connecting these two materials.
  28. 28. Further Development The first panel will be consisted from my acrylic polymer sheet with a recess The smoked glass will sit on top of the manufactured board and at the same acrylic polymer sheet with a recess allowing me to place my smoked glass within it. Both the acrylic sheet and the smoked glass must be of the same thickness. Perhaps beneath this layer I will have to add a extra sheet of The acrylic and manufactured board is all one piece allowing the top to come off level as the acrylic in the recess manufactured wood allowing me to place the glass on top. the top to come off. The second panel will just seal up the bulb and wires from the drawer beneath it. I will then have my next door that will open horizontally containing my rubbish bin in the inside. Front panel of bin The front panels are made from the acrylic sheets I bought externally, I am considering not including the last panel as the drawer could just be adapted beneath it as long as there is the drawer runner will be constructed the same way as the drawer By adding a plinth it protects the piece of furniture from any The rest will be made from manufactured wood. there is the drawer runner adapted in the inside. the piece of furniture from any dust or water. By having this gap from the floor it will allow me not to worry, when my friend cleans his room. It also improves the structure at the b tt f th b d id t bl Having a panel at the bottom under my plinth will again seal up the bottom from any dust Design and Technology bottom of the bedside table decreasing the risk of any cracks or the wood to rot. will again seal up the bottom from any dust or water that can damage my piece of furniture. This panel will allow me to adapt my casters at the bottom as there is something to screw it into.
  29. 29. (Computer Aided Designs) Development Further Development with CAD: The further development of the product allowed me to begin to appreciate possible problems that might occur during the production. I have drawn my product in both 2D Design and Pro-Desktop, this provided a detailed engineering drawing of the unit as well as a 3D model of the product that I could rotate and render appropriately, to fully explore the idea before production. The rendering of my design in different colours and material finishes allowed me to explore simple variations in my product, which would target different consumer markets. Below are some images of this process, which I hope fully describe how my intended product will look once manufactured. This wireframe view illustrates the internal detail of my design on Pro- Desktop. The information to the left of the page is an editable record of the production of the drawing, detailing work planes and extrusions. The tool around the outside of this page view were used to develop this 3D d l f d t Below is a Pro-Desktop view of my product rendered in a bright pink. 3D model of my product. The level of detail and information that you can communicate though this type of CAD package is limited only by the This type of colour would appeal to girls particularly younger ones. Such a target market prefers bright colours and a less traditional finish The usey y amount of time you are prepared to devote to it. traditional finish. The use of acrylic to achieve this type of durable surface would be possible. The older people I questioned had a morequestioned had a more traditional taste and would have expected the unit to be either natural wood or fairly bland if coloured. The Pro- Desktop images to the right h t l d fi i h Design and Technology show a natural wood finish for such a consumer market.
  30. 30. Final Designs Using CAD Here is another rendered design specifically targeting Men as my consumer. You can clearly see that this suitable to the consumer as it is aesthetically pleasing and is specifically to one of my particular target marketsto one of my particular target markets. Looking at the availably of materials that is accessible to me, I made a render that is specific to my target market using my friends as a example. I will produce and see if my product works both functionally and aesthetically. Final design The drawer is split ff The front panels are made frominto different areas, leaving enough space at the top for my light. The structure of the are made from acrylic that have been found at IKEA. These panels can be glued to the frame The structure of the piece of the furniture will be constructed on a plinth which will be built separately. made from plywood. I found a smoked glass at a local furniture I will try to adapt casters beneath the plinth I found a smoked glass at a local furniture shop which is a little bit darker then the one displayed on my Pro Desktop production. In my research I found this colour interesting as it is very trendy and goes well with my friends room. Seeing this colour on a variety f diff t d t d it lik Design and Technology of different products made it seem like a appropriate materials to use.
  31. 31. 2D Design/3rd Angle Projection By measuring and comparing different sorts of primary research (bedside tables) I calculated a average of all these measurements and estimated a approximate measurements taking into consideration my friends room as a typical clients requirements Once the prototype is produced I will beapproximate measurements, taking into consideration my friends room as a typical clients requirements. Once the prototype is produced I will be able to fully evaluate the success of the outcome and suggest further modifications to improve the design further. This engineering drawing will allow me to construct both the prototype and the final cabinet. I will be able to determine if there is any problems with the aesthetics, functionality, scale and stability of the product. Being able to appreciate perceived problems will give me a clearer d t di f id Design and Technology understanding of my idea. The prototype will be made 1/4 full size, meaning I will not be using material unnecessarily, but still of a size adequate to evaluate and function properly.
  32. 32. Looking At Different Joints For my model I will be using butt joints and adhesives for support, as it is easy and quick to produce. Below this text you will find different sorts of joints which I have produced These comparisons will allow me to have a clearer understanding and consideration of the differentsorts of joints which I have produced, These comparisons will allow me to have a clearer understanding and consideration of the different joints available to me. I will be observing certain aspects of these joints, for example its strength, the length of time it takes me to produce them and its final aesthetics. For my prototype I must look into a joint that is not too time consuming but is very strong. Butt JointFinger Joint Dowel Joint This is one of the strongest joints not taking into consideration dovetail joint. Although it is difficult to construct it looks very good and A very simple joint but effective, is not very strong and is usually used for simple construction for example painting frames. This joint is quite easy to make when considering the strength it has. It consists of drilling accurate holes in both sections of wood and joining them with dowel pegs. It has a clean finish keeping its propertiesallows lots of surface area to be glued together. has a clean finish keeping its properties. I found this joint to be very time consuming although it is one of the strongest. I do not believe I will be needing this much strength and I am worried of the waste of time I also used nails to strengthen the corner but unfortunately this joint does not have the strength required for the production f j h f When comparing the three joints I have constructed, I have made a evaluation on the strength, simplicity and time consumption for each joint. I clearly recognise that the dowel joint is the most appropriate for my bedside cabinet as it was quick to construct and effective once both Design and Technology am worried of the waste of time producing this type of joint. of my project therefore not being appropriate for this situation. bedside cabinet as it was quick to construct and effective once both pieces put together. I also believe I can strengthen any corners I need with either a nail or screw with this particular joint.
  33. 33. Cutting List H AB AA B D-1 D-2 F H B B Part Description Qty Length Width Thickness Material Finish A side right 2 678mm 490mm 15mm MDF Matte Black D D-3 D-4 A side right 2 678mm 490mm 15mm MDF Matte Black B back 1 678mm 450mm 15mm MDF Matte Black C separation 1 490mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black D-1 front 1 120mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black D 2 f t 1 130 540 10 MDF M tt Bl k By producing the model I quickly realised that D-1 and D-4, which used to be mat black MDF, looked much better when covered with the red acrylic. The cutting list has been updated to accommodateD-2 front 1 130mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black D-3 front 1 350mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black D-4 front 1 60mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black E-1 front 1 120mm 540mm 9mm Acrylic Red E 2 f t 1 130 540 9 A li R d list has been updated to accommodate this additional acrylic on all 4 of the front panels which are listed between E1 – E4. E-2 front 1 130mm 540mm 9mm Acrylic Red E-3 front 1 350mm 540mm 9mm Acrylic Red E-4 front 1 60mm 540mm 9mm Acrylic Red F bottom 1 490mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black G inner top 1 490mm 540mm 10mm MDF Matte Black H glass 1 430mm 480mm 9mm Glass None I top 1 490mm 540mm 9mm Acrylic Red J drawer sides 2 130mm 490mm 9mm MDF Matte Black Design and Technology K drawer back 1 130mm 540mm 9mm MDF Matte Black L drawer bottom 1 490mm 540mm 6mm Plywood Matte Black
  34. 34. Manufacturing (Model) I am now going to go through the construction of my bedside table, this will allow me to find any problems that might occur in the my building process. Problems taken into consideration, I can adjust my prototype according to this model. I started by making the frame I then added another I added the final In the picture you On the model I I then constructed the h i t l f t lmaking the frame and the separation for the light as this area is hard to access later through my d ti for the drawer. This piece will not exist on the final prototype as I will have runners for my drawer layer as the bottom of my furniture as it does not disturb the rest of the production and allows me to p y can see I added a plinth at the bottom of my bedside table. And the top area closing of the decided not to make the whole drawer as I would loose a lot of time therefore I decided to just horizontal front panel and spray painted it. I used card board as a hinge which allowed the door to come out. On the real production. drawer. and allows me to sere the area I have left for my drawers. closing of the lighting dedicated to the light. decided to just construct the front panel. product I will be using door hinges. Once spray painted I finished all 4 front I then glued on the I ill t b i I then glued I then created small matt black, I added the acrylic panels as a surface finish, using a glue gun. On the prototype I will be using a adhesive panels covering the MDF panels I had created underneath. inner frame which will hold up the glass. I will not be using acrylic for the support of the glass on the prototype as it is too expensive and not strong together the glass and top part of my acrylic. These two pieces can be removed allowing the consumer to chains, allowing the door to be blocked at a certain angle. Design and Technology using a adhesive appropriate for both materials. g enough. the consumer to change the bulb.
  35. 35. Manufacturing (Model) After finishing the manufacturing of my model, I tested its abilities. After playing with it for a while I realized I need to improve the metal strings, as it was not very strong therefore making me having to glue it again. The model was sturdy, therefore permitting me to have a good idea on my prototype When manufacturing this model I observed that making a plinth I added the handles on the acrylic using super glue, for my final piece they will I positioned the chains according to the depth I need for the bin to fit. good idea on my prototype. When manufacturing this model, I observed that making a plinth was not very useful and will be too time consuming therefore in this model I decided to put a front panel but the plinth is intergraded into the product as you can see from the pictures below. final piece they will be screwed in. For these final photos I decided to add a portable light in m model to ha e a I believe that on the prototype there will be some differences due to the a portable light in my model to have a good idea of the finished product. In the prototype I intend to integrate the light within the storage I have added to my product for all the electronics. I also will adapt the switch on the side differences due to the thickness and the weight of the materials therefore my product must be sturdy sound and the product useable to the consumer. As Design and Technology of my bedside table but will position it the most appropriately. this is only a model it is not as structurally sound as I would like it to be.
  36. 36. Working Order Rooting andAdapt dra er to Checking that runnersMake hole and Manufacturing Order Sand down and Rooting and Construct drawer Adapt drawer to cabinet Checking that runners Are of right measurement Make hole and Adapt light switch Testing Product Start Cut out wood and Make sure it function Sand down and Spray paint Do electronics Finish Placed acrylic according Acrylic panels using cutting list Adapted hinges Make sure it function properlyCheck wiring is correct Add binPlaced acrylic according To MDF panels Assemble side and Are all pieces accurate dapted ges To cabinet See if glass fitsChecking they are of Making sure they are strong enough to Add bin Put bottom MDF Assemble side and back Measured top of C bi t ll i th g appropriatingRight measurements Add h l /h dl g g function Put together upper Measured again when put panel Added hinges Covered anyThe pieces I installed Verified hinges Cabinet allowing the top to fit appropriately Add wheels/handles Design and Technology g pp Part when put on Added hinges y Holes using plaster The pieces I installed are accurate Verified hinges functioned properly
  37. 37. Manufacturing (Prototype) The construction of my prototype was effective as I followed my plan and build schedule the most accurately possible. The model allowed me to prepare myself more adequately and provide the necessary tools and time for the parts which I found difficult when constructing theme to prepare myself more adequately and provide the necessary tools and time for the parts which I found difficult when constructing the model. This gave me a good feeling of how and where to start my project, as this is a big scale of the model. I believe there will be more complications to the prototype from the start of my production. These are the steps I took to make my prototype. I started with the frame and the top part of my bedside cabinet as it is a area hard to access further through the construction. Throughout the whole construction process I checked all the measurement were right according to my cutting list. I then attached the bottom part of my cabinet as that allowed me to see how much space I have available to work with. I covered every holeI covered every hole with plaster throughout my project. I added the hinges on the bottom of door. I took measurements for the upper part allowing the glass to fall through then cut a exact other piece with a smaller area for the glass to sit on. I added corners allowing the top to have the most limited movement possible. I adapted the hinges to the I put both pieces together ll i th l t it I l d h l i h I then sanded down any Design and Technology p g bottom of my cabinet This allowed the door to fall horizontally. allowing the glass to sit on one and have no movement with the other. I placed the glass in the type of groove I made. I then sanded down any excess MDF to have a nice surface. I decided to apply a first coat of paint, as I knew two were required. H&S I wore a mask and did it outside.
  38. 38. Manufacturing (Prototype) I created a groove using the router. I found this very difficult as the wood needed to be clamped to the table and my gestures to be very accurate. I adapted the runners to the bottom of the drawer and inside the cabinet. I placed the drawer in its final place, I found this very difficult as there was very limited space.g y Meanwhile I started putting the panels to the top of the upper part. I had to put the glass before I applied my acrylics as it would be between the MDF and li hi h i h f d l A added the front of the drawer which I had not have spray paint yet as I wanted to make some final measurements. I started to place the light switch. I should have done this before I put my product together as it was difficult to cut outacrylic which is a change from my model. together as it was difficult to cut out. By this stage I had completed most of I set up the light and wiring from the Once the wiring finished and tested, I installed the switch to After adding the hinge, which allowed the door to open horizontally I added a the structural work. From here on, it was either touch ups or small things to added, as for the panels Design and Technology I set up the light and wiring from the mains to the lights and switch. H&S I did this while the plug was not connected my piece of furniture. open horizontally, I added a second coat of paint. as for the panels.
  39. 39. Manufacturing (Prototype) I added all panels to the front and top of my furniture. I then adapted the wheels. My objective was for the wheels to come out by about 10 mm therefore not allowing the consumer to see them but the furniture still having the ability to be pushed around. For the final step, I put in modern design handles, which made it even more pleasing to the eye. I also added the hooks for the bin to be positioned. g y p Here is the final product. These pictures include an intender user testing it: Design and Technology
  40. 40. Evaluation Overall I believe my product to be successful when comparing it to the specifications and design brief. If I was to re-do this project I would have changed a couple of things which could have improved the aesthetics and practicality of my product. I will be getting third party input on my product to have a balanced view. This third party informer is a target market of similar age to the potential consumer. This will allow me to have a broader evaluation using a person which could be interested in my product. I believe that 1 0 of the specification has all Comparing to brief Personal evaluation When talking to my third party When constructing my product I realised that I Third party informer I believe that 1.0 of the specification has all been covered. 2.1: I believe that I had too much waste material as I had to re-measure and cut new pieces as my evaluator, when using the product he made me realise that it is unfortunate my wheels did not lock therefore when the product was being used, it would move around. If I had added special wheels that should have made the holes for the switch before starting my construction as it damaged some of the paint and had to be touched up. If I ever had to do this product again, I would take this into consideration. measurements were not as accurate as I would have liked them to be. I think I could have been more efficient with my raw materials. 3.3: My bedside table was not I had added special wheels that have a blocking mechanism it would have resolved this problem. y made flat pack but I believe it could have been, as this is only a prototype. In the future this furniture could be made flat pack and assembled easily by the consumers themselves I then went to buy a glass frosting spray as I The product would have been made more professionally if I had used a laser cutter. Unfortunately I did not have consumers themselves. I believe that 4.0 and 5.0 were included in my final product. I then went to buy a glass frosting spray as I believe this issue to be less aesthetic. this machine available to me. A laser cutter would have allowed me to have a perfect finish and my panels would have been cut more accurately. 6.3: the light which was incorporated in my bedside table was to my opinion too bright as I could not find a i di I believe 7.0 was all included but on the other hand 8.1 Unfortunately I could not find acrylic panels big Design and Technology appropriate dimmer switch. could have has been fulfilled although if taking into consideration a child as my target market some alternative materials could be used, such as softer or rubberised materials and using less sharp edges on my product. y y p g enough to fit the top section of my bedside table as one piece. Therefore I had to construct it using two. If this product was to be mass produced it would be more aesthetically pleasing to use one.
  41. 41. End Product Design and Technology