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PCOC Dec 2010 Preso chamber


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PCOC Dec 2010 Preso chamber

  1. 1. Vision Enactors<br />PFood for Thought Panel<br />Pflugerville Chamber<br />Sherry Lowry<br />December 2, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Vision Enactors for Entrepreneurs:Co- Founders, Founding Staff, Growth-Staff, Contractors, Collaborators for Progressive, Proactive Companies & Organizations<br />Color Me (or YOU) Down<br />The Road <br />Retention/Loyalty, Top Talent On the Move, or VC’s Roulette<br />Different Strokes – Different Folks<br /> They Show Up in <br /> Surprising Packages<br />New Language Spoken Here<br /> Mentoring Up, Down<br />Laterally & Cross Generationally<br />Bottom Line <br />Your Main Jobs<br /> Hire Happy People<br /> Keep Them Happy<br /> YOU Stay Happy <br />Telescope Into Future:<br />New Generation of Vision Enactors for <br />New Visions Ahead<br />Gen-Y on Fire<br /> New Time Ideas, Fresh<br />Approaches, Willing, Accountable,<br />But Non-Traditional <br />Take Closer Look<br /> Our National Reset Period New Lessons for All<br />©Sherry Lowry, Honoria Starbuck,<br /> Darlene Templeton, Anna Carroll<br />PFood For Thought Panel: Pflugerville Chamber<br />
  3. 3. <ul><li>Sherry Lowry
  4. 4. The Lowry Group
  5. 5. The GenAll Team
  6. 6. Direct: 512.527.0097
  7. 7. Cell: 512-300-1380
  8. 8.</li></ul>Image Licenses:iStock, Honoria Starbuck – original fine art<br />LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin/in//sherrylowryFacebook: http://www.facebook/sherrylowryTwitter: @sherrylowry Austin Texas USA<br />©Sherry Lowry, Honoria Starbuck,<br /> Darlene Templeton, Anna Carroll<br />12/02/10 - 512-527-0097<br /><br />PFood For Thought Panel: Pflugerville Chamber <br />