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Stair Lifts for Disabled


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Different Alternatives To Stair Lifts For The Elderly And Handicapped

Are you currently having a tough time climbing the stairs? However walking on one level you are able to handle well? There's a solution for you if you reside in a multi-story condo or residence.

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Stair Lifts for Disabled

  1. 1. Stair Lifts For Disabled by
  2. 2. A disabled who feels insufficient energy within their legs to negotiate steep stairways in their residence is someone who would like a stair lift installed in their property the most.
  3. 3. The alternatives to a stairlift for disabled include moving to a one level residence, finding an inclined platform lift, a through the floor lift, or a perching stairway lift.
  4. 4. Selling Your Home And Relocating To A Bungalow Home
  5. 5. The very least attractive selection for many disabled, particularly in today's tight financing environs, would be to sell their house and move into a single-story, bungalow type house.
  6. 6. Standing Stair Lifts And Perching Stair Lifts
  7. 7. If you feel that a full blown stair lift would take up too much space on your narrow stairs, then getting a perched or perhaps a standing stair lift may be a fantastic option.
  8. 8. Wheelchair Elevators That Go Thru The Floor
  9. 9. If the upper floor landing and lower floor landing make sense being on top of each other, a room elevator that goes through the floor will provide ample platform for a wheelchair or a mobility scooter.
  10. 10. Inclined Platform Lift Option
  11. 11. Inclined platform lift utilizes the stairs for its path. Inclined platform lifts are stronger construction due to the fact they must accommodate both the passenger and the mobility scooter.
  12. 12. Site Stair Lifts For Disabled will give additional data about stairlifts for disabled. If you are on a small budget, this webpage will help you: Used Stair Lifts For Sale.