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Slideshow: Health Insurance For Pregnant Females Becomes Reachable As Health Care Law Updates


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Pregnant women insurance has now turned out to be accessible thanks to PP ACA. A must see for women looking for maternity coverage and pregnancy coverage.

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Slideshow: Health Insurance For Pregnant Females Becomes Reachable As Health Care Law Updates

  1. 1. Health Insurance Plans For Expecting Females - Two Ways to Benefit from The Newest Health Care Law By
  2. 2. Are you currently thinking of becoming pregnant and having a baby?
  3. 3. Do you have no insurance policy or is your health policy expiring?
  4. 4. Maybe you're currently expecting and are concerned about the unpredictable, high expenses of maternal care?
  5. 5. Stop!
  6. 6. There is good news available for you.
  7. 7. New possibilities of coverage for pregnancy thanks to new laws (PP ACA or Patient Protection Affordable Care Law ).
  8. 8. Caution! The law is heavily contested, so act now while the law is in full effect!
  9. 9. Disputes concentrate primarily on constitutional grounds and since the law might make health care much more costly. Fo the time being, legislation is in effect .
  10. 10. Benefit from it in case you are pregnant or wish to get pregnant!
  11. 11. If your salary is currently modest (below powerty level) there has always been the state run insurance for example Medicaid which gives healthcare to pregnant women.
  12. 12. Also Hill Burton facilities are required to supply totally free health care. You can find also "free care" membership plans in many private hospitals.
  13. 13. The new PP ACA law, nevertheless, provides two means for you to obtain insurance coverage irrespective of income .
  14. 14. 1) pregnant, under 26 y/o, sign onto parent insurance from work if that insurance includes pregnancy. Do it within the open enrollment season (fall).
  15. 15. 2) PCIP, or preexisting condition insurance plan, gives inexpensive coverage for persons who have preexisting condition. Pregnancy is a preexisting condition.
  16. 16. You might need to wait 6 months without having coverage (you will find ways around this).
  17. 17. Or, may show proof of denial of coverage or an insurance rider excluding services associated to preexisting condition (pregnancy).
  18. 18. PCIP plans have lately dropped their rates and became EXTREMELY affordable .
  19. 19. For more details you can visit the site High Deductible Health Plan , section Insurance For Pregnant Women .