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Become a reading star information


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Directions for Read Beyond the Stars
Take the challenge to read 800 Pages and one billion words!

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Become a reading star information

  1. 1. Become a Reading Star! One page at a Time... September 13 – October 26 The Challenge is on... Can SPE and SCE read 1 billion words*, rescue a missing teacher and avoid getting lost in a black hole? ✩ Here is the Mission... Read at home and circle the # of pages you have read each day on your bookmark. Complete each bookmark and return it to your library to collect your star when you have reached a planet. For each 20 pages you read, color a star on you game sheet. ✩ How to Become a Reading Star! Students who read 800 pages or more earn their “Reading Star,” and will be invited to a special event during their school’s Book Fair. ✩ Each time you have reached a planet you can collect a clue to find the missing teacher.✩ Each page read is worth 100 words. Our goal is to read 1 Billion words together at SCE and SPE!✩ Be on the look out for aliens, comets, and other hazards of space travel! If you succeed you will be entered intothe drawing for prizes that are out of this world! All bookmarks returned will be entered into the drawing on Oct. 26.Check the Website for updates on our progress and for special clues!
  2. 2. How to Complete your Bookmark1. Always write your name and teacher on every bookmark you return.2. Circle the number of pages read each day. Each bookmark has 7 days of reading.3. Combine numbers on each line for total number of pages read in a day at home. 20 + 15 = 35 pages4. If you have read more than 50 pages in a day, write the number over the star at the end. Read 100 pages 1005. Return completed bookmarks with parent signature and total number of pages read in 7 days to the library.6. Pick up another bookmark each time you return one.7. Color a star on your game sheet for every 20 pages you have read. Special prizes will be given for the class and the individual with the most pages read!8. All game sheets will be in a folder with your teacher’s name by grade level. Write down all clues on lines provided at the bottom of your game sheet.9. All bookmarks must be turned in to the library by October 26 to be included in our count!10. Will SPE or SCE read the most pages?