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The GiverDirections: choose three assignments to complete. Your choices must complete atic-tac-toe.Write 5 - one paragraph...
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Tictactoeprojects diffinst


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Tictactoeprojects diffinst

  1. 1. The GiverDirections: choose three assignments to complete. Your choices must complete atic-tac-toe.Write 5 - one paragraph Freedom of choice – In our society, considerjournal entries that Jonas brainstorm and classify 25 diversity vs. sameness.would have written. things you do Decide what aspects of each everyday/week. Classify (or one) are important to each activity as “My society and explain the Choice,” “Some Choice,” or implications of your “No Choice.” Chart your decision. Chart your answers. answers.Imagine that Jonas’s sister, Is it important to follow In our society, considerLily, and his friend Asher rules (yes or no), and is it rules vs. individualdiscover that Jonas and important to follow rules in freedom. Decide whatGabriel have fled into our society? Create a list of aspects of each (or one) areElsewhere. Write a 20 rules you follow at important to society anddialogue between Asher and home, at school, or in the explain the implications ofLily that reveals their community. Divide the your decision. Chart yourthoughts about the situation. rules into two groups: those answers.Base your dialogue on what that you believe areyou know about their important and those that arepersonalities and their not important orrelationship with Jonas. (20 unnecessary. Chart yourresponses from each answers.person)Based on your knowledge List the rules of Jonas’s In our society, considerof The Giver’s life, choose community. Divide the some form of governmentan event that gives him rules into two groups: those vs. no government at all.great joy. Write a memoir that you believe are Decide what aspects of eachof the event, as if he were important and those that are (or one) are important towriting it himself. (5 not important or society and explain theparagraphs) unnecessary. Chart your implications of your answers. decision. Chart your answers.