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Resources for teachers


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Resources for teachers

  1. 1. RESOURCES FOR TEACHERS<br />On demand publishing upload your book for free<br /><br />Create your own vicast with Jing<br /><br />Create a website for free<br /><br />Create documents to share on your website with Slideshare<br /><br />Create short videos with Animoto. Ask for a free educator account<br /><br />Gutenberg Project Free Books<br /><br />Resources for student multimedia projects without copyright violations<br />Jam Studio - create your own music. Teachers can get a free education account.<br /> <br />Free Music Archive<br /><br />Free Sound<br /><br />Lyrics<br /><br />A to Z Lyrics<br /><br />Public Domain 4 U<br /><br />E Lyrics<br /><br />Public Domain Music<br /><br />Wordle – create a word collage<br /><br />Pictures<br />Tech4Learining<br /><br />Public Domain Pictures<br /><br />Library of Congress Pictures<br /><br />Library of Congress Prints and Photographs<br /><br />Library of Congress American Memory Collections<br /><br />Clip Art<br /><br />Maps<br /> <br />Museum Box Creator<br /><br />Create a Movie Poster<br /><br />Shadow Poetry<br /><br />Research tool: As you conduct your research, you may want to use the Awesome Highlighter tool to help you organize your notes and citations <br /><br />To use this tool you will need to use the Foxfire browser. You can download Foxfire at <br /><br />Open Foxfire then open the Awesome Highlighter tool. <br />