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No registration necessary free sites

  1. 1. NO Registration NecessaryWhen we're working with our K-8 students it is always a concern that students privacy and anonymity be maintained. Most sites require users to register so they can sign in to use the resource. Many educators will create an account and log students in to use a web 2.0 resource in the library, lab or classroom as a variety of sites provide for education accounts. The extra steps necessary to set up such accounts might take time that any librarian or teacher finds hard to locate in their busy day. Surely too a majority of us are quite tired of remembering every username and password we create for ourselves let alone keeping track of those of our students. We also wonder how many footprints we are leaving on the web. Below are some sites that can be used without creating an identifying username, email or password. All sites were tested, Some have examples on the example pages. Links are shown below.<br />Creativity Tools<br />ABCya! Animation for Kids NEWCreate an animation online with as many as 40 frames and save it to your computer. (Tested but no 'artistic' example.)<br />ART FUN<br />BomomoCool abstract art generator. Works only with Firefox and Safari. Click here for an site introduction from Nik's Quick Shout Blog.<br />Crayola Digi-ColorOffers a wide variety of Crayola markers, crayons, and pencils to create a picture and even print it out.<br />DreezlePaint, draw, stamp. Online alternative to KidPix. (Requires java)<br />FlashPAINTOnline painting tool using Flash. (Requires flash)<br />PicasciiMake photos and pictures into cool ascii art in text or html format<br />Pointilism Practice Page<br />PsykopaintBe an impressionist artist uploading a photo<br />SlimberFlashed based drawing and painting application<br />Sumo PaintOnline image editor and drawing application similar to Photoshop<br />AVATAR CREATORS<br />BuiLD YourR WiLD SeLFCreate a wild avatar mixing human and animal parts then print your final result or save as desktop picture.<br />DoppelMeSignin is only required if you want to make more than one avatar<br />My Avatar EditorCreate and edit personalized avatar characters compatible with Mii™ characters found on the Nintendo® Wii™<br />Otaku Avatar MakerCreate you avatar from head to toe.<br />DaFontLocate and download fonts. (careful)<br />Flash-GearUses flash for photo effects, creating puzzles, and a variety of other fun activities that can be posted to the web.Click here to view a sample Flash-Gear puzzle.<br />iNudgeCreate music selecting from 8 different music patterns and adding notes to the step matrix<br />Make Beliefs ComixStudents can create their own comic strips.<br />SIGN/TEXT GENERATORSClick hereto view examples from each of these sites.<br />3-D Text Maker<br />Cool Text Graphics Generator<br />EasyStreet Make your own street sign.<br />Glow Text<br />Signbot Make you own animated scrolling text LED sign<br />Supalogo Create your own logo<br />Textanim 2.0 Animated text generator<br />Ultimate Flash FaceLike police artists, generate faces using pre-drawn facial features<br />Vinyl Record GeneratorDesign your own LP, 45 or 75 vinyl record.<br />WORD CLOUDS<br />ABC-ya! Word Clouds<br />TagCrowdNEWCreateyour owntag cloudfromany texttovisualizeword frequency.<br />TagxedoMake a tag cloud with style. Use any words, a web site, a letter, etc. and choose your shape, color, orientation and font. (Requires Silverlight)<br />WordItOutNEWCreate word clouds from sentences, whole documents, web addresses or tables.<br />Wordle<br />WordsiftVisualize text, creating a word cloud from which you can connect images and words and synonyms to deepen understanding<br />Collaboration Tools<br />Awesome HighlighterHighlight a part of a webpage then email it, copy and paste it into a document or share a shorten URL. Click here,to view a highlighted page.<br /> Internet ClipboardText or URL to remember between multiple computers, lets you name your clipboard and retains content for the time you setfrom 7 days to 9 months. Assign a simple password and turn the clipboard into your own message board.<br />CoSketchOnline whiteboard for sharing pictures, ideas or problems. All that's shared between users is a web address. (Maybe blocked - chat.)<br />DuShareReal-time file transfers with nothing more than an easy link<br />FonomoFree video chat, conferencing, share URL or email<br />JustPaste.ItCollaborate on text with friends by sharing URL with plus a custom name you provide.<br />Primary PadCollaborative word processor with no sign in for up to 5 users.<br />Scribble MapsUsing Google Maps draw, mark, create, custom maps. First view of Scribble Map contains a box of options and a login.Click the X in the upper right corner to close the box.<br />SenduitUpload a file to share, set amount of time it's available before being deleted from servers, and get private link to share.<br />SHARE LINKS<br />BridgeURLOne URL for multiple URLs in a slide show format. Example<br />Fav7 NEWOne Url for multiple URLs with WOT safety ratings. Example<br />fur.lyOne URL for multiple URLs in a slide show format. Example<br />Krunchd NEWOne URL for multiple URLs in a slide show format. You select title. Email requested only if future editing necessary. Example<br />MinmuOne URL for multiple URLs in tab format. Contains safety ratings. You select title. Example(May be blocked - could say forbidden due to first page ad - ignore and click skip to content.)<br />TypeWithMe: Live Text Document CollaborationCollaborate with live text synchronized as you type, just share the URL.<br />Conversion Tools<br />Convert FilesConvert all kinds of documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives.<br />DocsPal Onlne File ConverterConverts all kind of documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives and allows viewing in your browser<br />Document ConverterConverts documents to PDF or image format including files from Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Lotus, Microsoft Office and a large number of image formats<br />Free PDF Converter, HTML to PDFNo software required or registration just provide a URL<br />KeepVidDownload video from YouTube, Daily Motion or Megavideo. Download as an flv or mp4 file. (May be blocked for streaming media and bandwidth.)<br />Online ConverterFree audio, video, image, document, e-book, and hash generator. (Could be blocked as social networking - why ??????)<br />PDF to Word ConverterConvert PDF documents to word, text, html, or image or reverse word, text, html or image to PDF.<br />Multimedia Tools<br />Click here to view Multimedia Examples<br />Screencast-O-MaticFree online screen recorder allowing up to 15 minutes record time and export to movie file or upload to YouTube/ (Requires acceptance of a java applet.)<br />ScreenCastleA simple screencaster with audio. Launch, record, and embed or share. (Requires java)<br />SnipSnipEnter a YouTube url, snip to the part you want, get an embed code and share. Example<br />TubeChopEnter the url or search term, find a YouTube video, cut out just the part you want, share it, embed it, email it. Example<br />ViewPureView YouTube videos without any comments, suggestions, links etc. Example<br />VocarooRecord your message then send via email, embed on a web page or save to your computer.<br />VozMeEnter text to be spoken, select male or female voice, click create mp3, listen to mp3, download the file.Note you hear a computer voice with echo.<br />Photo/Image Editing<br />Aviary PhoenixPhoenix is part of a suite of Google owned tools. Use of the tools can be done without registration if limited to saving or exporting to your computer.<br />BeFunkyEdit photos, add artistic effects and go funky with design goodies.<br />Cartoon PhotoConvert your photo into a cartoon. Photos of people can be morphed and cartoonized. Example<br />Cartoonizeme NEWConvert your photo to a cartoon and save it to your desktop. Example<br />CitrifyFree photo editor with a variety of effect tools and the ability to enhance your photos.<br />IMAGE RESIZING<br />ResizrIntelligent image resizing including retargeting, rescaling and cropping.<br />Yahoo! Smush.itOptimizes uploaded photos using lossless techniques to keep visual quality but creating a smaller file for the web.<br />LunapicOnline image editing which includes paint tools, animation effects and photo editing, 100 cool effects andanimations available.<br />National Gallery of Art NGAKids Art ZoneOffers Collage, Mobile, Pixelface, 3D Twirler, Cubits, Diamonds, Dutch House, Photo Op, Paintbox, Wallovers, RiverRun, Swatchbox, Flow,Jungles, Brushster, Still Life, and Faces and Places (Some apps require shockwave and/or flash)<br />Photoshop Express EditorFrom Photoshop comes an online free image editor requiring registration only if you wish to store, organize and create slide shows.<br />PhotovisiMake a collage of your photo, upload your photos, save and download to print.<br />PicnikPhoto editing fast and easy along with unique creative features to enhance your photo.<br />PicSliceUpload your picture or enter a URL, slice, crop, or resize your picture then download in pieces or as a zip file<br />PixenateSimple photo editing tool<br />Pixer.usUpload and quick fix your photo.<br />PixlrCreate, upload or capture web image to edit in this advanced online image editor.<br />Tuxpi Photo EditorOffers 50 different photo effects and photo frames to enhance and have fun with your pictures. (May be blocked for streaming media and bandwidth.)<br />Presentation Tools<br />280 SlidesCreate and share presentations that are saved as PowerPoint presentations. While you can login to setupsharing, registration is not required to create and save your file.<br />Amazon WidgetUse Amazon's widget to show off new books on your library web page. Here is a selection of mine. Example<br />Productivity Tools<br />AdOutView web pages free of ads. Ads are replaced by blank spaces.<br />AlphabetizerCreate a list and let Alphabetizer do the work<br />AnyTyposIf not using word processor spell checker or Firefox, drop your text here for a free spell-check.<br />AnswerGarden"Plant a Question, Grow an Answer" - minimalistic feedback tool Example (May be considered spam - why ???????)<br />Bubbl.usBrainstorm/Mindmapping site that requires no registration if you wish to create and print. Saving requires an account. (Requires flash)<br />CHARTS, DIAGRAMS, AND GRAPHS<br /> - 3D Function OnlineA service for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions. (Also has downloadable software)<br />Chartle.netCreate interactive charts choosing chart type, font, colors, and entering data. (Requires java)<br />Create a GraphPresented by the National Council for Education Statistics. Chose design, enter data and labels, save and/or print.<br />DiagrammrCreate diagrams that can be embedded, bookmarked or assigned a URL. If you choose keep track of yourdiagrams by using your Google account.<br />PiecolorSelect number of pieces, values, names, and options to create color pie charts<br />Project DrawOnline diagram and plan tool<br />ClassTools.netCreate interactive games, activities and diagrams with Flash.<br />File DropperUpload any file up to 5 GB. The resulting URL is plus the actual name of your file less the extension. It remains available as long as you download the fileonce every 30 days.<br />Jeopardy LabsBuild your own jeopardy game template or use others already created without PowerPoint, registration, or fees<br />Newspaper Clipping GeneratorCreate your own newspaper front page headline and story. Example<br />PaperraterFree spell checker, grammar checker, plagiarism detector and writer analyzer<br />PDF TOOLS<br />Document ConverterConverts documents to PDF or image format including files from Microsoft Works, WordPerfect, Lotus, Microsoft Office and a large number of image formats<br />Free PDF Converter, HTML to PDFNo software required or registration just provide a URL<br />PDF to Word ConverterConvert PDF documents to word, text, html, or image or reverse word, text, html or image to PDF.<br />PDFEscapeOnline PDF editor and form filler<br />PLAGIARISM CHECKERS<br />Plagiarism Checker (University of Maryland)Free and easy detector, copy and paste or upload word document.<br />Plagiarisma.netLimit of 5000 characters unless chose to register<br />Plagium (Beta)Paste original text to track plagiarism. (Note powered by Yahoo)<br />POSTERS<br />AutomotivatorMake your own motivational posters. Example<br />Block PosterUpload a jpg or gif picture and make a poster as large as you like.<br />Printfree.comDon't own a card making program, need to print a calendar or office form? Check the resources out atthis free printing source. (View without ads)<br />PrintWhatYouLikeEnter a URL and select the parts of the web page you wish to print. Can also be set as a bookmarklet. Example (pdf)<br />PUZZLE AND QUIZ MAKERS<br />EdHelper Puzzles<br />JavaScript Quiz Maker<br />Lesson Corner Puzzles<br />Puzzle-Maker<br />Puzzlemaker at <br />SuperKids WordSearch Puzzle Maker<br />Teachnology Word Search Maker<br /><br />READWRITETHINK INTERACTIVES<br />ReadWriteThink FlipBookType and illustrate tabbed flip books up to ten pages for note taking, picture books, fact collecting, or question and answer booklets.<br />ReadWriteThink Postcard Creator<br />ReadWriteThink Printing PressCreate and print out a flyer, newspaper, brochure or booklet.<br />ReadWriteThink Student InteractivesClick here to browse the 24 available interactives<br />ReadWriteThink Webbing ToolCreate free form graphic organizers. Final graphic can only be printed out not saved.<br />ShortTextPost information to the web even without a blog or web page, make it private or public, get a URL to post for access.<br />Shutterborg Word ProcessorOnline word processor which allows you to create a new document or open one from the web.Opening from file is under development.<br />Text2MindMapProvide a structured list of words or sentences and Text2MindMap interprets them and draws a mind map.<br />TimelinrTimeliner works with month and years only.<br />Tiny URLShorten long URL's for email or to share with students for collaborative activities<br />YourDraft.comAn online WYSIWYG editor. If collaboration is desired a long URL is generated that can be shortened by using Tiny URL above.To share and collaborate on your draft requires an email address. (May be blocked as spam - why???????)<br />Source:<br />