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i believe that Global Technologies should get in on social media our for customers. I believe that social media is taking over and without we our without a great source for us to understand and learn from our customers/ consumers.

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  • My Introduction to Social Media and Technology.
  • What we could do to improve our business is to build a blog or website for consumers and customers to give us their opinion on how we are doing and if there is anything we could change for the better , or if there is something they don’t agree with. This in turn will help our company to better understand what we need to do in order to be a successful business.
  • In the beginning of time we as people have been using and forming social media by carving in stone, wood, papyrus, and many other means and this was just the beginning. We have then used smoke signals, carrier pigions just to name a few , our technology has formed into something greater and we as a technology company are unable to keep up with high pace of social media. Because social media is exploding everyday adding new programs, new and improve technologies our customers and consumers will talk about what company is doing the best in their field , if we do not keep up with it nor do we add a site for our customers to let us know where we could use help we might just lose our business all together or even our customers when they see we are not listening to them.
  • How Social Media is Exploding in today’s field of Technology.
  • Yes there are risks involved when it comes to social media and building our company on it but I believe it is a small risk to take to hear and understand what our customers and consumers want. This is a way for our company to build a relationship with our customers and become interactive with them through blogging and such media where our customers could ask us questions or even tell us how we are doing.
  • If you would take a few minutes of your time and look at the social media and how it is impacting the technology world you would see the very much need to enter it as well. If we as a company and as a person would listen to our customer/ consumer opinions, their thoughts about our company and what we produce you will see our customers know what they want and what they need , therefore allowing us to understand and fulfill what ever it is they are asking or needing.
  • Moreover we as a company would be able to see what our competitors are doing and how we could compete with them. We will have more oppurtunities for engagement with our competitors as well as our customers / consumers. We don’t need tons of money to fulfill this oppurtunity , maybe a few dollars but we could always start out slow and build from there.
  • Our company will have fewer restrictions if we would become one of many social media marketers. We will see great increase in our profits. We would be able to pitch our products for our customers to see and ask questions on them which in turn will save our company tons of money. As we are now your spending money to show your products and how it works before the customer knows or wants the products , here we can inform them of our new products and how they work and to see if there is anything we could do to make it better or not to make it which would be a smarter way to go.
  • Global technologies 2

    1. 1. Global TechnologiesSocial Media: Get in on the transformation
    2. 2. Agenda What we could do to improve our business through Social MediaBenefits of Social MediaHow to get in on the conversationHow Social Media has impacted the TechnologyworldThe Power of Social Media in the Technology world
    3. 3. A brief History Of SocialMedia Social Media Exploding My Linked- In And Many More
    4. 4. The Social MediaExplosion
    5. 5. What is social media ? A Social Communications ChannelBusiness / Consumer / Customer InteractionsImplement oversight to ensure that ownersare aware of and are adopting to marketingmessages The Risks of Social Media Building Relationships
    6. 6. How social media has impacted business and technology industries Customers Opinion 95 percent of people use social media Customers / Consumers ExperienceOutlook on Business Technology andsocial media
    7. 7. Benefits of social media Cost EffectiveAble to Interact with consumers /customers Watch what competitors are doing More opportunities for engagements
    8. 8. Social media marketing Increase profits / Market shares Fewer Restrictions Pitch ProductsHave more people join our team / get customersto join GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES