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overview of banking project


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comparitive analysis of banks- hdfc, icici n kotak

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overview of banking project

  1. 1. A REPORT ON (ANALYSING THE WORKING, SCHEMES & VARIOUS PLANS OF KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK, HDFC BANK & ICICI BANK AND MAKING COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF THESE COMMERCIAL BANKS) SUBMITTED TO: SUBMITTED BY: PROF.BK CHADHA SHRUTI SINGH (10BSP1255)<br /> AUTHORIZATION<br />This is to certify that the project entitled “ ANALYSING THE WORKING, SCHEMES & VARIOUS PLANS OF KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK,HDFC BANK & ICICI BANK AND MAKING COMPARATIVE STATEMENT OF THESE COMMERCIAL BANKS” is submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of PGPM Program of ‘IBS Gurgaon’ and is a record of the bonafide work carried out by Shruti Singh of IBS, Gurgaon at under my supervision and has not been submitted anywhere else for any other purpose.<br /> <br /> <br /> Prof. B.K.Chadha <br />(Faculty ibs,gurgaon)<br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENT<br />I take this opportunity to express my deep sense of gratitude to all those who have contributed significantly by sharing their knowledge and experience in the completion of this project report. This project has been a truly educative experience for me as this helped me to grow as a professional by expanding my domain knowledge.<br />Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude to Prof. B.K.Chadha for providing me with this enriching opportunity to learn and experience. I would also be thankful to her for providing me with necessary insights and helping me out at every single step. <br />Next I would like to thank Director O.P. Gupta, the staff of IBS Gurgaon and the faculty members for extending their support to each of my activities and giving opportunities of growth and development <br />Thanks are due to the following persons:<br /><ul><li>Kotak Mahindra Bank,hdfc bank & icici bank
  2. 2. Mr.Lokesh Yadav(BM of kotak Mahindra bank)
  3. 3. Mr. Bushan k.chadha (Professor)
  4. 4. Mr.sumit saini (R.O. of Kotak Mahindra Bank)
  5. 5. Mr.satyajit sahoo(S.O. of hdfc bank)
  6. 6. Ms.Neha priya (O.M. of icici bank)</li></ul>And last I would like to thank all my friends at IBS Gurgaon for their full cooperation and help.<br /> <br />Table of Contents:1. INTRODUCTION…………………………………………………………..51) ICICI BANK……………………………………………………………5 TO 262) HDFC BANK………………………………………………………….27 TO 473) KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK………………………………………………………………………..47 TO 592. BALANCE SHEETS OF KOTAK,HDFC & ICICI BANK………………………………………………………………………..60 TO 643. PRIVATE BANKS PEER COMPARISON COSOLIDATED DATA…………………………………………………………………………...654.COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS AMONG THE INVESTMENTS OF BANKS………………………………………………………………………..66 TO 685. RECCOMEDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS………………………………….………………………….68 TOC o "1-3" h z u <br />INTRODUCTION:<br />To reach to the comparative analysis of banks for this project, I have done analysis of the three commercial banks of India named icici bank, hdfc and kotak Mahindra bank regarding their working, operations, accounts and various schemes of loans etc. of these banks and at the end, made the comparative statement of these banks in a brief manner. For this, I gave the mission and vision statements, various deposit schemes and various loan schemes which differentiates these banks from each other. These are the following:<br />1.ICICI BANK:<br />a. MISSION AND VISION STATEMENT:<br />Vision:<br />To be the leading provider of financial services in India and a major global bank.<br />Mission:<br />We will leverage our people, technology, speed and financial capital to:<br />be the banker of first choice for our customers by delivering high quality, world-class products and services.<br />expand the frontiers of our business globally.<br />play a proactive role in the full realisation of India’s potential.<br />maintain a healthy financial profile and diversify our earnings across businesses and geographies.<br />maintain high standards of governance and ethics.<br />contribute positively to the various countries and markets in which we operate.<br />create value for our stakeholders.<br />Code of Commitment<br />ICICI Bank follows a voluntary Code, which sets minimum standards of banking practices when they are dealing with individual customers.<br />Privacy Policy<br />ICICI Bank is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its customers.<br />DNC (Don't Call Registry)<br />ICICI Bank do respect your privacy, and appreciate that some of you may not want to be contacted over the phone for our telemarketing activities. If this is the case with you, you may use the Do Not Call form given below and register your phone number(s) that you want excluded from our telemarketing list. The details that you enter in the form will remain confidential.<br />Code of Conduct and Business Ethics<br />ICICI Group expects all its employees, officers and directors to act in accordance with high professional and ethical standards. <br />b.THE VARIOUS REMMITANCES OFFERED BY ICICI BANK<br />Global trade services:<br /> Trade Services   |  HYPERLINK ""Online Trade Services  |  Structured Trade Finance<br />Remittances:<br />Inward Remittance - Wire Transfer Instructions ICICI Bank's Wire Transfer Instructions is one of the easiest methods of receiving money to your business account in India. All you need to do is, select the currency in which the remittance is intended to be received, fill in your 12 digit current account number and brief details of remittance and forward the wire transfer instructions to your overseas business partner in getting the remittance. Please remember to advice your overseas partner in sending instructing their Bank with "OUR" in their charges column when they send the wire transfer. From the time you place the funds transfer request with your local bank, it takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account held with our correspondent bank. The Wire transfer will be processed and the money will be transferred to your beneficiary account in 2 hours time, provided you furnish the required documents to your Branch.<br />For a sample wire transfer form please select currency below:<br />Top of Form<br /> You can select the currency pattern which matches your desire.                                                                                                                            <br />Bottom of Form<br />Outward remittance:<br />Whether the payment is towards royalty payment or dividend payouts, agency commission, ECB repayments, etc, you can depend on ICICI Bank for accurate and timely payment to the beneficiary. With ICICI Bank for accurate and timely payment to the beneficiary. With ICICI Bank's state of-the-art technology and SWIFT tie ups, the payment, subject to prevailing regulations is only a click away.<br />c.PREMIUM PAYMENT OPTIONS:<br /> Premium payment has never been simpler. Read on to select your most preferred premium payment option:Pay Online InstantlyBill DeskBill JunctionCredit CardCredit Card Standing InstructionDirect DebitElectronic Clearing SystemPost Dated Cheques (PDC)Premium Payment through SMSICICI BankSkypak Drop BoxesMINC Drop BoxIVROnline ECS/Direct debit mandate OthersPay Online Instantly:Online Premium payment enables you to make renewal premium payments and revive your policies instantly.All you have to do is:Enter your policy number and date of birthEnter the verification details and select your payment modeProvide your bank account/card details and click on "submit"Payment options for premium payment are credit card (AMEX/MASTER/VISA) and Net Banking.Credit Card<br />You can use the convenience of a Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa/American Express) to make your premium payments.<br />Premium payment can be done online through your credit card. Just enter your policy number and DOB for authentication and select your payment mode as Credit card. To make your premium payment online through your credit card, please click here<br />You can also submit the credit card form along with a clear photocopy of the front side of your Credit Card. You can submit this form at any of our branch offices, mail it to our communication address or hand it over to your advisor.<br />Credit Card Standing Instruction<br />ICICI Bank Credit Card holders can now use a simple and convenient service for making premium payments. A Standing Instruction can be set on the ICICI Bank Credit Card for premium payment as per the frequency chosen by customer. <br />Direct Debit<br />The Direct Debit facility is another automated facility which enables you to set up auto-debit instructions on your bank account for regular debit of your premium amounts. Depending on your premium due date, the premium gets directly debited from your bank account.<br />In order to avail of this service, your Direct Debit mandate would have to be successfully registered with us. Do note that the first auto-debit payment through the direct debit facility may not occur on the policy due date.<br />To avail this facility, you have to submit the duly filled ECS/Direct Debit Mandate along with a cancelled cheque. On receipt of the same, the Direct Debit facility would be activated for your policy.<br />You can submit this form at any of our branch offices, mail it to our communication address or hand it over to your advisor.<br />The Direct Debit facility is currently available to all account holders of ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, AXIS Bank, Bank of Baroda, IndusInd Bank, IDBI Bank, Punjab National Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, State Bank of India, State Bank of Indore, State Bank of Saurashtra, Citi Bank, Corporation Bank & Union Bank of India.<br />Electronic Clearing System<br />ECS is an automated facility which debits your premium from the bank account specified by you, on your premium due date. In case of the premium due date falling on a holiday, the premium amount would be deducted on the next working day. Premium payment for ECS locations under the Non-rolling settlement category may not be deducted on the Premium Due Date. This is applicable for all active (in force) policies.<br />To avail this facility, you have to submit the ECS FORM along with a cancelled cheque (which helps us record the MICR code of your bank- see image). Once you submit this form, we can activate the ECS facility for your policy number.<br />We offer you an ECS preference date option wherein you can now choose a preferred ECS debit date. Your bank account would be debited on this debit date provided instead of the premium due date. Please note the following points related to this servicing option:<br />This is applicable for an existing policy on ECS payment mode<br />The preferred account hit date is for purpose of premium debit only.<br />NAV applicable on the account hit date would be allotted to the policy account<br />All policy benefits would be applicable as per the premium due date mentioned in the policy document<br />All account details related to ECS debit would remain the same (as provided in the ECS mandate)<br />You can submit this form at any of our branch offices, mail it to our communication address or hand it over to your advisor. <br />Post Dated Cheques (PDC)<br />Payments though PDC is an option whereby you can make your premium payments by submitting a minimum of 6 post dated cheques. The cheques would then be submitted for clearing on relevant due dates.<br />All you have to do is submit the PDC application form along with 6 post dated cheques. You can submit the form at any of our branch offices, mail it to our communication address or hand it over to your advisor.<br />Please make the cheque in favour of 'ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. Policy No XXXXXXXX’. Only locally payable cheques can be accepted.<br />Premium Payment through SMS<br />Now you don’t need to carry cash/cheque book/credit cards or visit any branch to make your premium payments. Your premium payments can be made anytime and from anywhere by sending a simple sms. Premium payments can be authorized through your Master/Visa Credit Cards issued by any bank.All you have to do is:<br />Register your mobile number and Credit Card details (card no, expiry date and CVV number) by sending an SMS “Mchek” to 56767. You can also register online by visiting the<br />Choose a 6 digit PIN which would serve as your security code for making payments<br />You would receive a confirmation SMS on successfully completing the registration process on the the same mobile number<br />Once registered, you can make payments by sending an SMS Mchek <8-digit policy no> <premium amount to 56767<br />Transaction status will be forwarded to the same mobile number used for the transaction and you would get the next working day’s NAV*. (* applicable only for Unit Linked policies)<br />d.ONLINE SERVICES<br />No need of walking up to the bank branch, every time you need to do your banking. As you can do a lot of it online. From paying your bills to transferring funds, booking your rail/air tickets, shopping, sending a money order and doing lots more.<br />Bill Payment<br />Skip the long queues; pay your utility bills anytime, anywhere.<br />Funds Transfer<br />Transfer funds instantly between your ICICI Bank accounts and non-ICICI Bank accounts.<br />Ticket Booking<br />Book your rail tickets online or by SMS: in a quick and hassle-free way.<br />Apply Online<br />  Money Manager<br />  Fixed Deposit<br />  Young Stars<br />  Car Loan<br />Online Loan<br />There are various online sites where you can avail loan at any time and at a very lower rate of interst.<br /> e.ICICI Merchant Services ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank, and First Data, a global leader in electronic commerce and payment services, have formed a merchant acquiring alliance named ICICI Merchant Services which has acquired ICICI Bank's merchant acquiring portfolio. The venture brings together one of India's largest merchant portfolios, representing approximately 30% of the current Indian acquiring market, and a leading acquirer and payment services provider with global expertise. Over time, ICICI Merchant Services expects to deliver an enhanced suite of card acquiring services to existing and to new merchants. ICICI Bank is India's second largest bank with over 2,000 branches across the country. First Data, a KKR company, provides payment processing services for 5.3 million merchant locations globally and serves customers in 36 countries around the world. First Data's services include offering merchants the ability to view and interrogate their payment transactions securely via the internet while benefiting from loyalty, prepaid and market-leading e-commerce solutions based upon advanced processing technologies. About ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank Ltd (NYSE:IBN) is India's largest private sector bank and the second largest bank in the country with consolidated total assets of about US$ 102 billion as of September 30, 2009. The ICICI Group has leadership positions across the financial services sector, including insurance, securities brokerage, asset management and private equity. About First Data First Data, a KKR company, powers the global economy by making it easy, fast and secure for people and businesses to buy goods and services using virtually any form of electronic payment. Whether the choice of payment is a gift card, a credit or debit card or a check, First Data securely processes the transaction and harnesses the power of the data to deliver intelligence and insight for millions of merchant locations and thousands of card issuers in 36 countries. For more information, visit ACCOUNTS OF ICICI BANK:.)Savings AccountAn ICICI Bank Savings Account offers you a valuable banking experience.Debit-cum-ATM Card - With ICICI Bank Savings Account you will get a debit card that you can use to withdraw cash from any ATM. You may also use your debit card to directly make purchases through a Visa/Mastercard POS (Point of Sale) machine available at most stores! This will help you access your money from anywhere.<br />Money Multiplier Facility - Allow us to take care of your idle money by moving it into high interest savings account earning. For details,HYPERLINK "" t "_blank"click here.<br />Internet Banking - Banking could not have been more convenient. Just log in with your user ID and password and make banking a hassle-free routine. For details, or for the list of transactions that you can do online, please click here. If you have forgotten your Internet Banking password or user ID and wish to access your savings account, please click here.<br />Customer Care - Our 24-hour Customer Care is always available to answer any query or take your instructions. For Customer Care numbers, please click here.<br />Mobile Banking - Transferring funds or getting to know your balance is as easy as sending an SMS. For details on Mobile Banking, please click here.<br />Standing Instructions - ICICI Bank accepts and supports Standing Instructions. You don't have to worry about the chore of carrying out a routine transaction. Just set up a Standing Instruction and leave it to us to manage.<br />Nomination Facility - You may nominate a person as beneficiary to your account proceeds. Click here.<br />DD Call and Collect - Don't waste even a minute in a queue to collect a Demand Draft or Pay Order. On the way to the branch, just call Customer Care, provide details of the DD to be prepared and collect it ready and signed at the branch.<br />Savings Account Portability - You may request for transfer of your Savings Account from one branch to another branch of ICICI Bank by giving a written request in the branch or by calling the 24 X 7 Customer Care OR placing a request through internet banking. The account will be transferred within 2 working days without :<br />suspending the account operations<br />change in account number<br />surrender of debit card, cheque book<br />.)INTERNET BANKING:<br />Banking Features<br /> offers a variety of features to make banking a pleasure. Balance Enquiry and Statement Check out your last 10 transactions in your bank account with real-time balance.<br />Transaction History Check out past transactions from the date of account opening. Transfer Funds Online    View DemoTransfer funds to any ICICI Bank account in India as well as to non-ICICI-Bank accounts in over 100 cities across India. <br />Account-2-Card Fund Transfer*   View DemoYour Internet Banking User ID and password is required to use your VISA Debit Card online to shop, buy tickets, pay bills and more..... Link your Bank/Card/Demat Accounts    View DemoAt, you can view your bank, credit card, loan and demat accounts through a single User ID. Simply log in to and follow the following steps to link different relationships to a single Internet Banking User ID <br />Use your Debit Card OnlineYour Internet Banking User ID and password is required to use your VISA Debit Card online to shop, buy tickets, pay bills and more..... Pre-paid Mobile Recharge Recharge your pre-paid mobile online anywhere, anytime in just a few minutes. Pay your Utility Bills     View DemoPay bills to providers of utility services like electricity, telephone and post-paid mobiles. You can also pay your insurance premiums and ICICI Bank Credit Card dues. Send a Smart Money Order* Send a money order anytime and get it door-delivered to any destination in India. Open Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits Apply online to open Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposits. <br />Order a Demand Draft / Pay Order* Order a Demand Draft to be issued from your ICICI Bank account. The Demand Draft / Pay Order will be sent to your registered address.<br />Subscribe for Mobile Banking    View DemoSubscribe to Mobile Banking and carry along the bank with you. Bank simply through an SMS or download the iMobile menu to your mobile. Request a Cheque Book The cheque book is delivered to your communication address upon request. Request a change of address      Change in communication address.Place the request online. Stop Payment Request Issue instructions to stop payment of a particular cheque. Request a Debit Card Apply online for an ATM/Debit Card. Monthly Bank Account Statement by E-mail Subscribe to free monthly Bank Account statements to be delivered to your e-mail address. Re-issue/Upgrade of ATM/Debit Card Get your lost ATM/Debit Card re-issued or upgrade your current ATM/Debit Card. Link Bank Accounts to ATM/Debit Card Link your multiple ICICI Bank accounts to a single ATM/Debit Card. Renewal / Premature Closure of FD/RD Renew your current Fixed Deposit account or request its premature closure. De-block/Activate ATM/Debit Card Activate your hot-listed (blocked) ATM/Debit Card. Request a Duplicate Physical Bank Statement Get a physical copy of your Bank Statement delivered at your registered address. Secure Mailbox Write to Account Manager to resolve any queries regarding your ICICI Bank relationships. <br />.)GENERAL BANKING:<br />.)Current Account<br />The current account product provides a host of services like Anywhere banking in India also anywhere in the world, which enables the customer to operate from any branch, provides for faster collection of upcountry cheques, Doorstep banking which provides for delivery and pick-up of cash and documents, Internet banking which enables online tracking of the account, execution of transactions and so on. Multiple variants of current accounts are offered by ICICI Bank to suit your specific requirements.<br />General features of Current Accounts include: <br />Multi-location Funds transfer  <br />Anywhere deposit and withdrawal  <br />Mobile banking   <br />Electronic Funds Transfer<br />Corporate Internet Banking  <br />Customer Care<br />Periodical e-mail statements in multiple formats, including MT940, Multicash, Excel, text, pdf, etc.<br />.)ICICI NRI BANKING:<br />Having the honour of the largest private bank in India Bank, ICICI NRI accounts takes the high standard services of this financial institution to the Indians staying abroad. ICICI bank NRI account opening gives plethora of options to its customers each specifically designed to meet their needs. Some of the popular ICICIbank NRI accounts include:<br />• NRI Edge ICICI NRI account: Edge ICICI NRI account opening will take the customers    to the world of premium banking by providing them functionalities like a globally    accessible Platinum debit card and 24x7 phone banking services to all the ICICIbank    NRI account customers. These ICICIbank NRI accounts customers also get exclusive    investments benefits for added peace of mind. Edge ICICI bank NRI account opening    provides the customers with exclusive services and priority privileges. Edge ICICIbank    NRI account is surely the perfect choice for customers looking for elite services.<br />• NRE Savings ICICI NRI account opening: These ICICI NRI accounts are ideal for    students as well as salaried employees. These ICICIbank NRI accounts are known for    their convenience and power packed features for solving all the banking needs. Simple    ICICI NRI account opening procedure along with excellent benefits these ICICI NRI    accounts are aptly called “Easy Rupee” ICICI NRI account.<br />• Ordinary ICICIbank NRI account or NRO Savings ICICI bank NRI account opening:    These ICICIbank NRI accounts are ideal for Indians that even earn money in India    through pension, dividends and rent even though they are staying abroad. This    ICICIbank NRI account makes it extremely convenient for ICICI NRI account    customers to manage their local currency easily. Hence people are queuing up for this    ICICI bank NRI account opening.<br /> • RFC ICICI NRI accounts: These ICICIbank NRI accounts are excellent options for    Indians that are planning to return to India as by this ICICI NRI account opening they    get a secure way to invest their hard earned foreign currency,<br />• ICICI NRI account offering fixed deposits: NRI looking for good investment option    should open ICICI NRI accounts offering fix deposits benefits. These fixed deposit    ICICI bank NRI account opening gives them a safe and easy way to earn well returns    and also get their money fully repatriated.<br />• Other ICICI NRI account opening which the customers can opt for FCNR fixed ICICI    NRI account for getting amazing returns on foreign currency that they had earned,    Rupee Plus plan for all ICICIbank NRI account holders, Students ICICIbank NRI    account, Seafearer ICICI NRI accounts and recurring deposits on all ICICIbank NRI    accounts.<br />So select which ICICI NRI accounts which you would like to open.<br />.)FIXED DEPOSIT:<br />Flexibility of tenure - 7 days to 10 years<br />Liquidity<br />Premature / Partial withdrawal permitted (subject to applicable charges)<br />Loan / Overdraft upto 90% of FD amount<br /> Option of monthly / quarterly payout available<br /> Competitive interest rate - Know interest rates for various tenures<br /> Convenient ways to open a FD<br /> Internet Banking<br /> Phone banking<br /> ICICI Bank Branch<br />Notice on Auto Renewal of FDs with Fixed Deposit Receipt wef June 29, 2011<br />Please note: For booking Special tenures of 190, 290 Days Fixed Deposit online through Internet Banking, please enter tenor combinations of 6months 7 days and 9months 16 Days respectively<br /> Rates of Interest (% p.a.) w.e.f July 22, 2011Maturity PeriodGeneralSenior Citizen **7 days to 14 days3.754.2515 days to 29 days4.004.5030 days to 45 days5.005.5046 days to 60 days6.256.7561 days to 90 days6.507.0091 days to 120 days7.007.50121 days to 184 days7.007.50185 days to 189 days7.508.00190 days7.758.25191 days to 210 days7.508.00211 days to 269 days7.508.00270 days to 289 days7.508.00290 days7.758.25291 days to less than 1 year7.508.001 year to 389 days8.258.75390 days9.259.75391 days to 589 days8.258.75590 days9.259.75591 days to less than 2 years8.258.752 years to 789 days8.509.00790 days9.259.75791 days to 989 days8.509.00990 days9.2510.00991 days to less than 3 years8.509.003 years to less than 8 years8.759.258 years upto 10 years8.759.25Tax Saver FD 80C (5 year) – Upto Rs. 1 lac<br />.) ICICI DEMAT ACCOUNT:<br />ICICI Bank Demat Services boasts of an ever-growing customer base of over 16.83 lacs customer base as on 10.02.11 account holders. In our continuous endeavor to offer best of the class services to our customers we offer the following features:<br />e-Instructions: You can transfer securities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Internet & Interactive Voice Response (IVR) at a lower cost. Now with "Speak to transfer", you can also transfer or pledge instructions through our customer care officer.<br />Digitally Signed Statement: Receive your account statement and bill by email.<br />Corporate Benefit Tracking: Track your dividend, interest, bonus through your account statement.<br />Mobile Request: Access your demat account by sending SMS to enquire about Holdings, Transactions, Bill & ISIN details.<br />Mobile Alerts: Receive SMS alerts for all debits/credits as well as for any request which cannot be processed.<br /> Dedicated customer care executives specially trained at our call centre, to handle all your queries.<br /> Countrywide network of over 970 branches, you are never far from an ICICI Bank Demat Services outlet<br />You will find our service charges very competitive - offering the best value for your money.<br />f.LOANS OF ICICI BANK:<br />a) HOME LOANS:<br />Building your own home is special. As one of the leading home loan providers, ICICI Bank Home Loans is here to help you lay the foundation for your dream home. With the experience of sharing the dream of millions of our customers, we offer you the most convenient home loan plans to suit your needs.<br />ADVANTAGES:<br />a.wide range of products to choose from<br />b.guidance throughtout the process making home buying hassle free<br />c.doorstep service at your comfort.<br />d.simplified documentation,<br />e.sanction approval without having selected a property.<br />b)PERSONAL LOANS:<br />Personal Loans for all your financial needs<br />Thinking of renovating your house? Yearning to buy a new laptop? Need financial assistance for marriage-related expenses or for your child's higher education? An ICICI Bank Personal Loan is your one-stop-shop for fulfilling all your financial aspirations!<br />Key Benefits of ICICI BankPersonal Loan<br /> Loan up to Rs. 10 lakhs<br /> No security/guarantor required<br /> Faster processing.<br /> Minimum documentation<br /> Attractive rates of interest<br /> Flexible repayment option of 12-48 months<br /> <br />ICICI Bank may, at its sole discretion, utilise the services of external service provider/s or agent/s and on such terms as required or necessary, in relation to its products.<br />c)CAR LOANS:<br />The most preferred financier for car loans in the country. Network of more than 604 channel partners in over 1000 locations. Tie-ups with all leading automobile manufacturers to ensure the best deals. Flexible schemes & quick processing. <br />4. Loans against Securities<br />You don’t have to sell your securities. All you have to do is pledge your securities in favour of ICICI Bank. We will then grant you an overdraft facility up to a value determined on the basis of the securities pledged by you.<br />5. Commercial Vehicle Loans<br />We have extended products like funding of new vehicles, finance on used vehicles, top up on existing loans, working capital loans & other banking products.<br />2.HDFC BANK:<br />a.MISSION & VISION STATEMENT:<br />Our mission is to be “a World Class Indian Bank”, benchmarking ourselves against international standards and best practices in terms of product offerings, technology, service levels, risk management and audit & compliance. The objective is to build sound customer franchises across distinct businesses so as to be a preferred provider of banking services for target retail and wholesale customer segments, and to achieve a healthy growth in profitability, consistent with the Bank’s risk appetite. We are committed to do this while ensuring the highest levels of ethical standards, professional integrity, corporate governance and regulatory compliance.HDFC Bank has been recognised as 'Best Bank in India' in the magazine rankings as well as surveys year on year.HDFC Bank is the most preferred employer in Banking industry in India.<br />Business Solutions Group- Credit Cards<br />Responsibilities:<br />Key accountabilities<br />- Manage Vision PLUS mainframe version and implementation of migration project<br />- To discuss with the users and understand the requirements with respect to automation<br />- To suggest process changes and identify areas of automation<br />- To manage a Project end to end and to lead a testing team and ensure that the Project is made live as per agreed timelines<br />- To maintain the system and escalate / resolve issues as per the SLA agreed with the users<br />- To adhere to SOX processes with respect to Software Development Life cycle<br />- To review test cases prepared by the testing team and to ensure that the system is tested both in terms of Functional and Stress testing<br />- To raise the system issues and track the same and ensure resolution on time<br />Requirements:<br />Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science , Master of Commerce or Master of Computer Application/Computer Science in Finance/Accountancy/Banking or equivalent.<br />At least 4 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.<br />Applicants should be Indian citizens or hold relevant residence status.<br />Preferably Senior Managers specializing in Banking/Financial Services or equivalent.<br />Full-Time positions available.Good SQL Knowledge and projects management experience<br />Knowledge of Software Development Life cycle. Work experience in Vision PLUS for more than 5 years. Prior experience in Vision plus mainframe migration is mandatory.<br />b.ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS:<br />Banking should be effortless. With HDFC Bank, the efforts are rewarding. No matter what a customer's need and occupational status, we have a range of solutions that are second to none.Whether you're employed in a company and need a simple Savings account or run your own business and require a robust banking partner, HDFC Bank not only has the perfect solution for you, but also can recommend products that can augment your planning for the future.<br />Savings AccountsThese accounts are primarily meant to inculcate a sense of saving for the future, accumulating funds over a period of time. Whatever your occupation, we are confident that you will find the perfect banking solution. Open an account in your name or register for one jointly with a family member today. Regular Salary  Savings Plus  Classic  SavingsMax  Payroll  No Frills  Regular  Institutional Savings  Premium  Senior Citizens  Defence Retail Trust  Kisan No Frills Savings Kids Advantage  Kisan Club Savings<br />.)CURRENT ACCOUNT:<br />Now, with an HDFC Bank Current Account, experience the freedom of multi-city banking! You can have the power of multi-location access to your account from any of our 2000 branches in 996 cities. Not only that, you can do most of your banking transactions from the comfort of your office or home without stepping out.We make it our business to help you with your business by offering you a Current Account with all the benefits you need to stay ahead of your competition.At HDFC Bank, we understand that running a business requires time and money, also that your business needs are constantly evolving. That's where we come in. We provide you with a choice of Current Account options to exclusively suit your business - whatever the size or scope.Open an HDFC Bank Current Account & control your business operations centrally.PlusTradePremiumRegularRFC DomesticFlexi Current ApexMax   <br />.)FIXED DEPOSITS:<br />Long-term investments form the chunk of everybody's future plans. An alternative to simply applying for loans, fixed deposits allow you to borrow from your own funds for a limited period, thus fulfilling your needs as well as keeping your savings secure.Regular Fixed DepositSuperSaverSweep-In5 Year Tax Saving Fixed DepositAs per the Finance Bill 2009, all fees and charges mentioned above will attract Service Tax @ 10% and Education Cess @ 3% of the service tax amount effective 24th February 2009.<br />.)Premimum salary account:<br />Fees & Charges for Premium Salary AccountDescription of ChargesPremium Salary AccountMinimum Balance (Average Quarterly Balance)NILCharges on non maintenance thereofNILPAP Cheque bookFree - 25 cheque leaves per calendar quarterAdditional chequebook of 25 leaves will be charged @ Rs 50/- per chequebookAccount Statements - FreeMonthlyIssue of duplicate / adhoc statementsRs.100 at Branch, Rs.50 per statement through PhoneBanking (Non-IVR) & ATM, Rs.30 per statement through Netbanking, PhoneBanking (IVR), & MobileBanking.Hold StatementRs. 400 per yearPassbook issuance*FreeDuplicate passbook issuance*Rs 100/-Managers Cheques/Demand Drafts- Issued - On HDFC Bank LocationsFree upto Rs.25,000DD request through BranchAbove Rs. 25,000 upto Rs. 50,000Rs. 75 (Rs. 30 through Phonebanking) & Rs. 60 for Senior Citizens / Individuals in Rural Areas.**Only DD amount upto Rs 100,000 for Preferred & Rs 50,000 for other customers accepted at Phonebanking.Above Rs. 50,000 & upto Rs. 1 LakhRs. 2.50 per 1000 or part thereof (Min Rs. 150)Above Rs. 1 LakhRs. 2 per 1000 or part thereof (Max Rs. 10,000)DD request through NetbankingUpto Rs. 1 LakhRs .30+(Corr. Bank charges if applicable)Third party DD upto Rs. 1,00,000Rs .30+(Corr. Bank charges if applicable)(*Third Party Registration required.Customers registered for Third Party Transfers have a maximum limit of 10 lacs per cust id and hence can issue multiple DDs of 1 lacs upto 10 lacs and send it to the beneficiary address)Managers Cheque/Demand Drafts - Cancellation / RevalidationRs. 50Rs. 40 (Senior Citizens / Individuals in Rural areas.)Demand Drafts- Issued - On Non HDFC Bank LocationsRs. 50 plus charges as outlined below:Upto Rs. 500Rs. 10Above Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000Rs. 15Above Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000Rs. 25Above Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000Rs. 30Above Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 1 LakhRs. 3 per 1000 or part thereofAbove Rs. 1 LakhRs. 6 per 1000 or part thereof (Min Rs. 300 to Max Rs 10,000)Cheque Collection - Local Clearing ZoneFreeCollection of outstation cheques - our bank locationsCheques drawn on Speed Clearing Branches Salary AccountUpto Rs. 1 Lakh No chargesAbove Rs 1 LakhRs. 150 /- per instrumentCharges for cheques drawn on Branch locations not on Speed ClearingSalary AccountUpto Rs 10,000"Rs. 50/-, Rs. 40/- for Rural branches"Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-Rs. 100/-Rs. 1,00,001/- and above Rs. 150/- Collection of outstation cheques - other locationsCheques drawn on Speed Clearing Branches Salary AccountUpto Rs. 1 Lakh No chargesAbove Rs 1 LakhRs. 150 /- per instrumentCharges for cheques drawn on Branch locations not on Speed ClearingSalary AccountUpto Rs 10,000"Rs. 50/-, Rs. 40/- for Rural branches"Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/-Rs. 100/-Rs. 1,00,001/- and above Rs. 150/- Cheque return charges drawn on us - LocalDue to Insufficient funds - First cheque return in a quarter - Rs 350/-From second cheque return in the same quarter – Rs 750/- per returnDue to Technical reasons - No chargeCheque return charges drawn on us deposited in other locationsRs. 75Cheques deposited returned unpaidLocal: Rs 50/-Outstation: Rs 100/-Balance Enquiry - at BranchFreeBalance CertificateCurrent year - Free, Previous year - Rs. 250Interest CertificateRs. 50TDS CertificateFreeAccount ClosureUpto 14 days - No Charge15 days upto 6 months-Rs.100/-Above 6 months-No ChargePhoto AttestationRs. 50Signature AttestationRs 50Rs 40 (Senior Citizen / Individulas in Rural areas)Address ConfirmationRs. 50Stop Payment ChargesParticular Cheque - Rs. 50 (Free through Phonebanking), Range of Cheques - Rs. 100 (Free through Phonebanking)Cheque status per instanceRs. 25Standing InstructionsSetting up Rs. 150, Rs. 25 per transaction plus remittance chargeUnarranged overdraftRs 100 per Occasion + 18% Interest p.aOld records/copy of paid chequesUpto 1 year - Rs. 50 per record, Above 1 year - Rs. 100 per recordActivation of dormant accountNo chargesBranch transactions5 Cash transactions will be allowed without charges in a calendar month;Additional Cash transaction will be charged @Rs. 100/- per transactionInterbranch transactions through teller counters - Funds TransferFreeThird party cash transactions at non-home branches through teller counters-Upto a limit of Rs.50,000 per day - Rs.100 (plus taxes). Above Rs.50,000 - Not allowedLocal Cheque deposited for outstation accountsFreePhonebanking - IVRFreePhonebanking - Non IVRFreeATM CardFreeATM Card - Replacement chargesRs. 100 (plus taxes)ATM Card - Transaction charge for Partner banks - only SBI & Andhra Bank- Balance enquiry : Free- 5 free cash withdrawals per month- Rs. 20 per transaction will be levied for additional ATM cash withdrawal beyond the first 5 transactions.- Withdraw a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per transactionATM Card - Transaction charge for Non-Partner banksNADebit Card - Annual Fee - RegularFreeDebit Card - Annual Fee - GoldRs. 500 per year (plus taxes)Debit Card - Annual Fee - Women's CardFreeDebit Card - Annual Fee - TitaniumFreeDebit Card - Renewal Fee - RegularFreeDebit Card - Renewal Fee - GoldRs. 500 per year (plus taxes)Debit Card - Renewal Fee - Women's CardFreeDebit Card - Renewal Fee - TitaniumFreeDebit Card - Replacement chargesReplacement of a damaged card - No charges & Replacement of a lost card - Rs. 100 (plus taxes) (for all card types)Debit Card - Transaction Charge - HDFC Bank ATMsFreeDebit Card - Transaction Charge - Non HDFC Bank Domestic ATMs- Balance enquiry : Free- 5 free cash withdrawals per month- Rs. 20 per transaction will be levied for additional ATM cash withdrawal beyond the first 5 transactions.- Withdraw a maximum of Rs. 10,000 per transaction- For details on special pricing for your Corporate, please contact your Branch ManagerDebit Card - Transaction Charge - Non HDFC Bank International ATMsRs. 15 per balance enquiry & Rs. 110 per cash withdrawal (plus taxes)PIN regeneration chargeRs. 25 (plus taxes)Decline charge for insufficient balanceTransactions declined at other Bank ATMs anywhere in the world or at a Merchant outlet outside India due to insufficient funds will be charged at Rs. 25 per transaction (plus taxes)Add-on Debit Card - RegularFreeAdd-on Debit Card - Gold CardRs. 500 per year (plus taxes)Add-on Debit Card - Women's CardFreeAdd-on Debit Card - TitaniumRs. 250 per year (plus taxes)BillPayThis service is free w.e.f 1st August'2011InstaPayRs. 10 (plus taxes) per transactionInstaAlertFreeVisa Money TransferRs. 20 (plus taxes) per transactionNEFT Charges - InwardNILNEFT Charges- outward Upto Rs. 1 lakh - Rs. 5 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction Above Rs. 1 lakh to 2 Lakhs - Rs. 15 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction Above Rs 2 Lakhs - Rs. 25 (inclusive of taxes) per transactionNEFT Charges for Indo Nepal transactionsCustomers having NSBL*A/c - Rs 20/-Customers having Non-NSBL* A/c:Upto Rs 5,000 - Rs 70/-Above Rs 5,000 - Rs 95/-* Nepal State Bank LtdRTGS - Outward Rs. 2 lakhs to 5 Lakhs - Rs. 25 (inclusive of taxes) per transaction Above Rs 5 Lakhs - Rs. 50 (inclusive of taxes) per transactionRTGS - InwardNILMobilebankingFreeNetbankingFreeECS (Debit) Return ChargesRs 200 (plus taxes)*at home branch for account holders (individuals)As per the Finance Bill 2009, all fees and charges mentioned above will attract Service Tax @ 10% and Education Cess @ 3% of the service tax amount effective 24th February 2009.<br />.)DEMAT ACCOUNT:<br />Important notice to demat customers:<br />If the DIS booklet is lost / stolen / not traceable by the account holderhe same must be intimated to the DP immediately by the account holder in writing.<br />As per CDSL articipan no. CDSL/OPS/DP/1703 dated September 01, 2009, CDSL system will not be available on three National holidays i.e. 26th January, 15th August and 2nd October.<br />Account holder are requested not to leave “blank or signed” DIS with the Depository Participants (DPs) or any other person/entity.<br />Instructions with same day execution date will be accepted at client’s risk and responsibility without liability / claim on the bank.<br />Please strike-off the blank column which are not applicable on all the demat delivery instruction slips.<br />Customers are required to submit the Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) for an “Off Market” Transaction along with the following details;<br />Reason / Purpose of the Off Market Transaction<br />Consideration Amount (if any) Paid / Received.<br />Buy Back / Open offer related instructions should be submitted at least one working day before the execution date. Further, clients should mark “Buy Back / Open offer”on the face of the instruction slips so as to identify such instructions and executed them on a priority basis.<br />SEBI has issued directions with regards to the limitation period for filling an arbitration with the Depository. For more details, clients may refer SEBI website ( for circular no. CIR/MRD/DP/4/2011 dated April 07, 2011 issued by SEBI<br />In terms of SEBI Circular No. SEBI/MRD/DEP/Cir-2/06 dated January 19, 2006 (, in respect of companies issuing shares by way of Initial Public Offer (IPO), the concerned ISIN under which the shares would be credited will be suspended at the time of crediting the shares (during the pre-listing period) and shall be activated only on the date of commencement of trading on the stock exchanges.<br />HDFC BANK is one of the leading Depository Participant (DP) in the country with over 1 million demat accounts.<br />HDFC Bank Demat services offers you a secure and convenient way to keep track of your securities and investments, over a period of time, without the hassle of handling physical documents that get mutilated or lost in transit.<br />HDFC BANK is Depository articipant both with –National Securities Depositories Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).<br /> Features & Benefits:<br />As opposed to the earlier form of dealing in physical certificates with delays in transaction, holding and trading in Demat form has the following benefits :<br /> Settlement of Securities traded on the exchanges as well as off market transactions.<br /> Shorter settlements thereby enhancing liquidity.<br /> Pledging of Securities.<br /> Electronic credit in public issue.<br /> Auto Credit of Rights / Bonus / Public Issues / Dividend credit through ECS.<br /> Auto Credit of Public Issue refunds to the bank account.<br /> No stamp duty on transfer of securities held in demat form.<br /> No concept of Market Lots.<br /> Change of address, Signature, Dividend Mandate, registration of power of attorney, transmission etc. can be effected across companies held in demat form by a single instruction to the Depository Participant (DP).<br /> Holding / Transaction details through Internet / email.<br />Incase you need any more information or have any queries , feedback & complaints , you may please mail us at<br /> Secured & easy transaction processing<br />HDFC Bank Ltd provides convenient facility called 'SPEED-e' (Internet based transaction) whereby account holder can submit delivery instructions electronically through SPEED-e website ( SPEED-e offers secured means of transaction processing eliminating preparation of instruction slips and submission of the same across the counter to the depository participant. The 'IDEAS' facility helps in viewing the current transactions and balances (holdings) of Demat account on Internet on real time basis.<br />Incase you need any more information or have any queries , feedback & complaints , you may please mail us at<br /> Disclaimer:<br />Whatever have been stated above are in the good interest of the Investor / Demat Applicants / holders to provide a brief picture about the depository system. You are requested go through the guidelines of the depositories before taking any further action. For detailed guidelines, you are requested to approach your nearest HDFC Bank branch. HDFC Bank will not be responsible for any misunderstanding / act based on the above. Also HDFC Bank might ask for additional information / documentation than what has been stated above to process your application / instruction.<br /> Hold Mutual Fund units in demat account:<br /> Both Depositories (NSDL and CDSL) have introduced a facility to hold mutual fund units in demat account. To do this demat account holders can:<br />1.Provide their demat account details to the Asset Management Company (AMC) / Registrar and Transfer Agent (RTA) for allotment of mutual fund units to their demat account vide new fund offering (NFO)<br />2.Submit a request to their Depository Participant (DP) for conversion of existing mutual fund units held via statement of account into demat form<br />3.Buy mutual fund units through the stock exchange platform<br />Accordingly investors can now have a single demat account Transaction / Holding Statement for shares, debentures and mutual fund units.<br />Demat account holders can opt for redemption of these mutual fund units held in their demat account through their DP or via the stock exchange platform. <br />For further information, you are requested to visit your nearest DP service providing branch. <br />3.KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK:<br />a.MISSION & VISION STATEMENT:<br />An uncommon bond. Strengthened by a common vision.Apart from common beliefs, values and objectives we believe in the vision of a better tomorrow. It is this deep veneer of faith that has brought us together and fortified our bond. The Global Indian financial services brandOur Customers will enjoy the benefits of dealing with a global Indian brand that best understands their needs and delivers customized pragmatic solutions across multiple platforms. We will be a world class Indian financial services group. Our technology and best practices will be benchmarked along international lines while our understanding of customers will be uniquely Indian. We will be more than a repository of our customers' savings. We, the Group, will be a single window to every financial service in a customer's universe. The most preferred employer in financial servicesA culture of empowerment and a spirit of enterprise attracts bright minds with an entrepreneurial streak to join us and stay with us. Working with a home-grown, professionally-managed company, which has partnerships with international leaders, gives our people a perspective that is universal as well as unique. The most trusted financial services companyWe will create an ethos of trust across all our constituents. Adhering to high standards of compliance and corporate governance will be an integral part of building trust. Value CreationValue Creation rather than size alone will be our business driver.<br />b.ACCOUNTS & DEPOSITS:<br />.)Savings Accounts<br />Choose the Account best suited to your needs<br />Our Savings Accounts are designed to ensure you receive the benefits of quick & convenient banking transactions along with options for your money to earn high returns. The savings account goes beyond the traditional role of savings, to provide you a range of services from funds transfer options to online payments of bills to attractive returns earned through a comprehensive suite of investment options.<br />Learn more about Savings Accounts:<br />Ace Savings Account<br />Pro Savings Account<br />Edge Savings Account<br />Nova Savings Account<br />Classic Savings Account<br />Easy Savings Account<br />Corporate Salary Account<br />.)Current Accounts<br />Accounts deigned for small-mid size business or an enterprise<br />Kotak Mahindra Bank offers you unparalleled advantages with its three Current Account offerings. Whether you have a small/ mid size business or you are an enterprise spread across multiple locations in the country, you would find a Current Account that's just designed for you. With features ranging from Free DDs, Free Cheque Collection, Free At -Par Cheque facility to Free Trading Account & free Demat Account, and more!<br />Learn more about Current Accounts:<br />Neo Current Account<br />Edge Current Account<br />Pro Current Account<br />Elite Current Account<br />Ace Current Account<br />.)Term Deposits<br />Term Deposit with highly attractive interest rates<br />Kotak Mahindra Bank brings you Term Deposit at highly attractive interest rates coupled with special facilities like Overdraft and Re-investment option.<br />Learn more about Term Deposits:<br />Term Deposits<br />Regular Term Deposits<br />Senior Citizen Deposits<br />Ace Deposits<br />Tax Saving Deposits<br />.)Safe Deposit Lockers<br />Be at peace when your valuables are in our lockers<br />Kotak Mahindra Bank offers you Safe Deposit Locker facilities which can be utilized to safe keep your important documents, jewellery and other valuables.<br />Learn more about Safe Deposit Lockers:<br />c.premium plan:<br /><ul><li>A policyholder can make his/her insurance premium payment via the following mediums:Electronic Clearing Services (ECS)ECS is an automated, simplest & most convenient insurance premium payment facility which debits your premium from bank account, on your premium due date.Benefits of ECS:Relieves you from remembering your premium due dates.Relieves you from periodic issuing and depositing cheques.Helps you to pay your life insurance premium on the due date and ensure that your policy does not lapse.ECS facility is currently available in selected 81 locations. Policy holders having a bank account in these locations & participating in clearing house operation can avail this facility by just submitting the ECS Mandate Form along with a cancelled cheque (which helps us record the MICR code of your bank).You can submit this ECS Mandate Form at any of our Branch offices or mail it to our communication address as mentioned below.Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.Kotak Infiniti, Building No. 21, Infinity Park 5th Floor, Zone 2. Off Western Express Highway,General A K Vaidya Marg, Malad (E), Mumbai - 400 097Standing InstructionThe Standing Instruction facility is another insurance premium payment facility which enables the auto debit of premium from your bank account on your due date. The direct debit facility is currently available to all account holders of Kotak Mahindra Bank & HDFC Bank.To avail this facility, you have to submit the duly filled Standing Instruction form. This Standing Instruction for needs to be verified by your banker.You can submit this form at any of our Branch offices or mail it to our communication address as mentioned below.Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance Ltd.Kotak Infiniti, Building No. 21, Infinity Park 5th Floor, Zone 2. Off Western Express Highway,General A K Vaidya Marg, Malad (E), Mumbai - 400 097Online PaymentInsurance premium payment has never been more convenient and simpler for you. Online Payment is an initiative to help you pay renewal premiums with a few clicks and that too anytime and anywhere. This service available PAN India to all Kotak Life Insurance policy holders.To avail this facility you need to have a valid Net Banking account with any of these banks:In order to avail the above facility,make sure that you have a valid net banking account in the following banks of india.ABN AMRO BankIndian Overseas BankAllahabad BankIndusInd BankAxis BankJammu & Kashmir BankBank of IndiaKarnataka BankBank of BarodaKarur Vysya BankBank Of MaharashtraKotak Mahindra BankCentral Bank Of IndiaLakshmi Vilas BankCitibankOriental Bank of CommerceCorporation BankPunjab National BankDeutsche BankState Bank of IndiaFederal BankState Bank of TravancoreHDFC BankSouth Indian BankICICI BankTamilnad Mercantile BankIDBI BankUnion Bank of IndiaIndian BankVijaya BankPayment through Bill DeskYou can authorize your insurance premium payments online through Bill Desk. Register yourself at Bill Desk and choose Kotak Life Insurance as a Biller under Insurance category.To avail this facility, please follow three simple steps:Logon to www.billdesk.comRegister yourself online (No registration required, if you are an existing registered Bill desk user).Select Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance as a Biller under Insurance category.Enroll your Policy.Authorize your payment.Your registration request for renewal premium payment should be received by Kotak Life Insurance at least 7 days prior to renewal due date.In case if registration request is received, less than 7 days prior to the date on which premium is due or after this date, then for the current renewal cycle payment date will be adjusted by 7 days after receipt of registration request.From next cycle onwards your renewal due date will be as per original schedule. Renewal payment can be paid through this mode of payment only for policies where all the premiums have been paid timely.Electronic Bill PaymentNow, you can make your insurance premium payments online through your net banking account.To avail this facility, you need to Simply, register yourself with your bank for the Bill Payment service & opt Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance as your Biller.To avail this facility you need to have a valid Net Banking account with any of these banks:ABN AMRO BankIndusInd BankAhmedabad Municipal Coop BankING Vysya BankAmerican ExpressJan Kalyan Sahakari BankBank of BarodaJanata Sahakari BankBank of IndiaKotak Mahindra BankBank Of MaharashtraPunjab and Maharashtra Coop BankBarclays BankPunjab National BankCentral Bank of IndiaShamrao Vithal Cooperative BankCenturion Bank of PunjabState Bank of Bikaner and JaipurCitibankState Bank of HyderabadCKP Cooperative BankState Bank of IndiaCorporation BankState Bank of IndoreCosmos BankState Bank of MysoreDena BankState Bank of PatialaDeutsche BankState Bank of SaurashtraHDFC BankState Bank of TravancoreIDBI BankUCO BankIndian BankUnion Bank of IndiaYes BankVijay Cooperative BankICICI Bank Your registration request for renewal premium payment should be received by Kotak Life Insurance at least 7 days prior to renewal due date.In case if registration request is received, less than 7 days prior to the date on which premium is due or after this date, then for the current renewal cycle payment date will be adjusted by 7 days after receipt of registration request.From next cycle onwards your renewal due date will be as per original schedule. Renewal payment can be paid through this mode of payment only for policies where all the premiums have been paid timely.Payment through Visa Bill PayA simple, convenient and secure way to pay bills with your Visa credit/debit card.To avail this facility, Logon to www.visabillpay.inPay right away:Pay in three simple steps using the box on the right Step 1: Select Biller Location Step 2: Select Biller and provide billing details Step 3: Authorize paymentRegister and Pay:Set your billing details once to enjoy the convenience of "My Visa Bill Pay" Step 1: Register and provide billing details Step 2: Receive reminders of your next bill Step 3: Login, view bill amount and make paymentKotak Bank ATM Drop BoxesYou can drop your premium cheques at any Kotak Bank ATM drop boxes. Please draw the cheque in favour of "Kotak Life Insurance Policy Number XXXXXXX". Do mention your name and contact number on the reverse of the cheque.Payment at our Branch OfficesYou can make premium payments by Cash/Cheque/ Demand draft at your nearest Kotak Mahindra old Mutual Life Insurance branch</li></ul> of kotak mahindra bank:<br />Loans<br />Loans that help you fulfill all your financial needs<br />Kotak Mahindra Bank presents Personal Finance - the single expert source for all your financial needs. Unexpected expenses, education, wedding in the family, home improvement or that long awaited vacation.<br />Learn more about Loans:<br />Home Loans<br />Personal Loans<br />Car Loans<br />Loan against property<br />Home Improvement Loans<br />Home Loan Balance Transfer<br />Kotak Stock Ace<br />e.demat account:<br />Demat<br />Trade your shares easily with a depository service<br />Kotak Mahindra Bank offer streamlined, efficient depository services that allow you to hold your shares in convenient, "demat" formats and leverage opportunities in the stock-market when you spot them.<br />Try the benefits of this account and you will never want to bank elsewhere!<br />Key Features:<br />Efficient depository services that allow you to hold your shares in convenient, "demat" formats<br />Leverage opportunities in the stock-market when you spot them.<br />Demat services<br />Dedicated and trained Customer Care Officer to handle and answer all your queries.<br />Highly competitive service charges.<br />Demat and Savings account can be opened in the Bank and Online trading account with Kotak Securities, a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.<br />Free Online access to your Demat account<br />We also cater to the debt requirements of companies, including the issue of Commercial Paper, Certificate of Deposits, etc. We also provide a composite Demat account that can hold Equity shares as well as Government Securities, Bonds etc.<br />4.BALANCE SHEETS OF KOTAK,HDFC & ICICI BANKS :<br />HDFC BANK:<br />Balance Sheet of HDFC Bank------------------- in Rs. Cr. -------------------Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsCapital and Liabilities:Total Share Capital465.23457.74425.38354.43319.39Equity Share Capital465.23457.74425.38354.43319.39Share Application Money0.000.00400.920.000.00Preference Share Capital0.,914.0421,064.7514,226.4311,142.806,113.76Revaluation Reserves0. Worth25,379.2721,522.4915,052.7311,497.236,433.15Deposits208,586.41167,404.44142,811.58100,768.6068,297.94Borrowings14,394.0612,915.692,685.844,478.862,815.39Total Debt222,980.47180,320.13145,497.42105,247.4671,113.33Other Liabilities & Provisions28,992.8620,615.9422,720.6216,431.9113,689.13Total Liabilities277,352.60222,458.56183,270.77133,176.6091,235.61Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsAssetsCash & Balances with RBI25,100.8215,483.2813,527.2112,553.185,182.48Balance with Banks, Money at Call4,568.0214,459.113,979.412,225.163,971.40Advances159,982.67125,830.5998,883.0563,426.9046,944.78Investments70,929.3758,607.6258,817.5549,393.5430,564.80Gross Block5,244.214,707.973,956.632,386.991,917.56Accumulated Depreciation3,073.562,585.162,249.901,211.86950.89Net Block2,170.652,122.811,706.731,175.13966.67Capital Work In Progress0. Assets14,601.085,955.156,356.834,402.693,605.48Total Assets277,352.61222,458.56183,270.78133,176.6091,235.61Contingent Liabilities559,681.87466,236.24396,594.31582,835.94202,126.73Bills for collection28,869.1020,940.1317,939.6217,092.857,211.88Book Value (Rs)545.53470.19344.44324.38201.42<br />Kotak Mahindra bank:<br />Balance Sheet of Kotak Mahindra Bank------------------- in Rs. Cr. -------------------Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsCapital and Liabilities:Total Share Capital368.44348.14345.67344.67326.16Equity Share Capital368.44348.14345.67344.67326.16Share Application Money0. Share Capital0.,464.954,191.783,559.863,249.041,335.77Revaluation Reserves0. Worth6,833.394,539.923,905.533,593.711,661.93Deposits29,260.9723,886.4715,644.9316,423.6511,000.09Borrowings11,723.956,140.515,904.075,119.255,099.75Total Debt40,984.9230,026.9821,549.0021,542.9016,099.84Other Liabilities & Provisions3,032.362,869.423,257.343,175.752,153.65Total Liabilities50,850.6737,436.3228,711.8728,312.3619,915.42Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsAssetsCash & Balances with RBI2,107.722,085.67995.351,710.29751.22Balance with Banks, Money at Call363.26214.59145.32439.18544.75Advances29,329.3120,775.0516,625.3415,552.2210,924.07Investments17,121.4412,512.669,110.189,141.996,861.96Gross Block831.80745.34460.61391.42273.57Accumulated Depreciation406.20317.69247.25181.17132.48Net Block425.60427.65213.36210.25141.09Capital Work In Progress0. Assets1,503.331,420.691,622.331,258.43692.33Total Assets50,850.6637,436.3128,711.8828,312.3619,915.42Contingent Liabilities12,291.304,156.154,486.287,172.794,049.54Bills for collection4,470.063,063.641,188.17826.55502.31Book Value (Rs)92.74130.40112.98104.2650.95<br />Icici bank:<br />Balance Sheet of ICICI Bank------------------- in Rs. Cr. -------------------<br />Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsCapital and Liabilities:Total Share Capital1,151.821,114.891,463.291,462.681,249.34Equity Share Capital1,151.821,114.891,113.291,112.68899.34Share Application Money0. Share Capital0.000.00350.00350.00350.00Reserves53,938.8250,503.4848,419.7345,357.5323,413.92Revaluation Reserves0. Worth55,090.9351,618.3749,883.0246,820.2124,663.26Deposits225,602.11202,016.60218,347.82244,431.05230,510.19Borrowings109,554.2894,263.5767,323.6965,648.4351,256.03Total Debt335,156.39296,280.17285,671.51310,079.48281,766.22Other Liabilities & Provisions15,986.3515,501.1843,746.4342,895.3938,228.64Total Liabilities406,233.67363,399.72379,300.96399,795.08344,658.12Mar '11Mar '10Mar '09Mar '08Mar '0712 mths12 mths12 mths12 mths12 mthsAssetsCash & Balances with RBI20,906.9727,514.2917,536.3329,377.5318,706.88Balance with Banks, Money at Call13,183.1111,359.4012,430.238,663.6018,414.45Advances216,365.90181,205.60218,310.85225,616.08195,865.60Investments134,685.96120,892.80103,058.31111,454.3491,257.84Gross Block9,107.477,114.127,443.717,036.006,298.56Accumulated Depreciation4,363.213,901.433,642.092,927.112,375.14Net Block4,744.263,212.693,801.624,108.893,923.42Capital Work In Progress0. Assets16,347.4719,214.9324,163.6220,574.6316,300.26Total Assets406,233.67363,399.71379,300.96399,795.07344,658.11Contingent Liabilities883,774.77694,948.84803,991.92371,737.36177,054.18Bills for collection47,864.0638,597.3636,678.7129,377.5522,717.23Book Value (Rs)478.31463.01444.94417.64270.37<br />COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS AMONG THE INVESTMENTS OF THESE BANKS:<br /> KLIHDFCICICIProduct NameKotak Single Invest AdvantageHDFC SL Progrowth maximiserLife Link Wealth SPMin/Max Age of entry3/65 Years14/65 Years0/60 YearsMin/Max Age of maturity18/75 Years75 Years18/70 YearsPolicy Term10 & 15 yrs5 & 10 yrs10,20 & 30 yrsMin/max Premium30000/ No limit50000/ No limit40,000/ No limitSum assuredOption1 -5*Single Premium Option2 -1.25*Single premiumOption1 -5*Single Premium Option2 -1.25*Single premiumOption1 -5*Single Premium Option2 -1.25*Single premiumFund option1.Classic opportunity fund 2. Frontline Equity 3.Dynamic Floor fund-2 4. Balanced fund 5. Bond fund 6. Flaoting fund 7.Money market fund 8. Gilt fund1. Highest NAV guarantee fund 2. Capital Guarantee Fund 3. Short term fund 4. Income fund 5.Balance fund 6.Blue Chip fund 7.Opportunities fund 1. Opportunity Fund 2. Multi Cap Growth Fund 3. Blue chip fund 4.Multi cap balanced fund 5. Income fund 6. Money market fund 7. Return guarantee fund 8. Dynamic P/E fundDeath Benefit1st Yr- Basic S.A. or FV whichever is higher 2nd Yr- 25% of Basic S.A. or FV whichever is higherBasic S.A. or FV whichever is higherBasic S.A. or FV whichever is higherLoyalty addition2.25% of FV - prem 50k-1.99L 3% of FV - prem 2L & above (FV - average of 3 yrs fund value preceding to the benefit year)Not availableLoyalty addition every 5th policy year starting after 10th year ranging from 1.5% to 2.5% of FVLoan facilityAvailable ater 2nd year,40% of FVNot availableNot availableUnique featuresDynamic floor fund and loan availability 1. Trigger portfolio strategy Charges:   a. Allocation charges5% ( Prem 30k-4.99L) 4% (Prem 5 L and above)2.50%5% ( Prem 40k-4.99L) 4% (Prem 5 l and above)b. Admin Charges0.1% pm ( Prem 30 k -9.99 L) Nil ( Prem 10 L & above).13% per month, max would be Rs 500 pm60 Rs PM , for first 3 yearsc. Fund mgmt1.35% pa1.35% pa.75% -1.35% pad. Switching charges12 switches free thereafter 500 Rs per switch  4 switches free thereafter 100 per switchf. others-.5% pa if highest nav fund opted .3% pa if capital guarantee fund opted <br />5. RECCOMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS:<br />In my study I have found some limitations. For that I can suggest these three banks following suggestions or areas of improvement:<br />a).icici bank should try to provide better returns to its investors as compared to hdfc and kotak Mahindra bank.<br />b).All the banks should try to invest in better securities for earning better profits.<br />c).They all try to satisy their customers by better customer service or by improving customer relationship management.<br />d).banks should try to make people initiative towards work.<br />e).Investors should be fully aware of all the terms and conditions of the bank.<br />f).The banks should try to attract large number of customers for strengthening their business.<br />