Sheron's Photo Inventory Project


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This is my Photo Inventory Project

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Sheron's Photo Inventory Project

  1. 1. Inside a Jewish Home Sheron Gershelis November 20, 2013 Anthropology 102 Dr. LeannaWolfe
  2. 2. Mezuzah A mezuzah is a daily reminder and a public statement of Jewish identity and faith Its referred to a scroll of parchment containing biblical verses, placed on the doorpost The mezuzah recalls the Exodus from Egypt, when the lamb's blood smeared on the doorpost "identified" the Jewish homes that God passed over during the plague of the first born From that day forward, the mezuzah has always identified a home as being Jewish This is placed on every doorpost inside the entire household
  3. 3. The Star of David
  4. 4. The Yamakah (Kippah) Depending on how religious one is, a kippah is worn on every holiday, shabbat, and at the temple (some people wear it 24 hours of the day unless they are sleeping) The kippot are kept in different places of the house depending on where the family finds it convenient (such as a kitchen, a prayer room, bedroom) An average family will have about 20-30 kippot because at bar mitzvahs it is usually given out as a party favor When a family is having guests over they usually will provide the guests with the kippot worn for the night
  5. 5. The Yamakah (Kippah)
  6. 6. Hamsa Palm-shaped amulet depicting the right open hand Used as a sign of protection and defense against the evil eye It is mainly used on walls for the protection of the home, or worn on a person for their protection The Hamsa represents the hand of G-d The five fingers stand for the five books of the Torah
  7. 7. Kiddush Cup The Kiddush cup is a decorated wine vessel into which the blessings comes Kiddush is the prayer recited over a cup of wine in the home and synagogue on the eve of the Sabbath, festivals, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Bris and baby namings before the start of the meal Kiddush cups are elaborately decorated and might display one's family emblem, Jerusalem, Shabbat prayers, or an engraved name and date Elijah’s cup, a special kiddush cup, is used at the Passover seder - the cup is filled but no one drinks from it
  8. 8. Tefillin Tefillin are two small leather boxes that contain verses from the Torah One box is placed on the head and the other on the arm, both held down by leather straps Observant men and boys, who have had their Bar Mitzvahs, usually wear the teffilin during morning prayers Women do not take part in this prayer routine
  9. 9. Haggadah This book is read throughout the seven days of Passover It is primarily referred to the Exodus from Egypt after many years of slavery It refers to the fact that G-d “passed over” the houses when he was slaying the first born of Egypt It also has to do with a lamb, the offering giving at temple on Passover It contains songs, different prayer rituals, and prayers all pertaining to each day of the holiday