1 Ss Bro Super Hero Business


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Let us help make you the Superhero in your marketplace!

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1 Ss Bro Super Hero Business

  1. 1. EvEr hEard of adynamic solo? solutions for Business
  2. 2. We didn’TThink so.There’s a reason why superheroes have sidekicks.1. Sidekicks intuitively know what their heroes need.2. They work just in time to help keep their heroes safe.3. Sidekicks always know the right buttons to push.4. They never mind that the heroes get all the glory.
  3. 3. Are you being asked to deliver powerful results with fewer resources and dollars?Thank you for your interest These days, even the strongest help you with customized solutionsin One Source Solutions. marketing departments have their and programs to help grow yourThis brochure will give you some limitations. But that doesn’t mean your customer list… increase businessquick insight into our company, performance has to suffer – not when with existing accounts… and rekindleand how we can support you. One Source Solutions is at your side. old relationships. 3To learn more, please visit ourwebsite – www.onesourcenj.com. We’re intent on supplying extraordinary You can count on us for multiple, assistance to our clients. So while many integrated components that will makeEven better, just give us providers in our space merely sell printing mighty impressions on people youa call at 973.242.4040. by the pound, we pride ourselves in need to reach. delivering solutions by the mind full.Talking to you would be just super. Connecting with them now is more We’ll think of effective ways to boost critical than ever. The following pages your marketing strategies. Then we’ll explain why.
  4. 4. Battling the recession is done. It’s time to take on the recovery. Marketing books and articles are And now that the economy is turning filled with the wisdom of advertising around, this advice carries even in a recession. Experts say the last more weight. The brands that will thing you should do is reduce your win in the long term are the ones marketing efforts just because prepared for recovery, the ones able everybody else is cutting back. They to execute their marketing plans4 advise just the opposite. Stay in the quickly and effectively. fray. Flex your muscle. Fill the void with a mighty presence. That’s where we come in. The company courageous enough to stay in the fight when everyone else is playing safe can bring about a dramatic change in market position. Harvard Business Review One Source Solutions
  5. 5. We’re fully prepared to spring into action.Finding customers. Growing existing your product offering, yourclientele. Regaining lost business. market reach, and your currentThese can be tough challenges to customers’ demographics. With aconquer all on your own. thorough understanding of the people you best serve (and why), we canSo let’s double-team them. identify your prospects. 5We’ll start by focusing on the who, what, Once all this is quantified, we canwhere and when of your marketplace. suggest how to market your goodsOur mission? An in-depth analysis of and services. With impact.Marketing that works is marketing that people choose to notice. Seth Godin, author of Permission Marketing and other best sellers Multi-Channel Marketing
  6. 6. Traditional Marketing Technologies These are tried and true ways of turning An effective program includes both prospects into customers. Basically, proactive and reactive strategies. traditional marketing involves putting Proactively, you can mine available something into the hands of your market data for prospects. Reactively, prospect to evoke an action. you can reach out to a list of prospects6 compiled by your sales force, or target It might be direct mail in the form of a prospects who attended a trade show. postcard, letter or newsletter. Sometimes, a three-dimensional marketing piece Traditional techniques also work well can be the smartest solution. when combined with other components. An investment of $1 in direct marketing advertising expenditures is predicted to return, on average, $11.73 in incremental revenue across all industries in 2010. Direct Marketing Association One Source Solutions
  7. 7. E-marketing TechnologiesHow do you reach the vast, vast For powerful cost-effectiveness,spaces of the marketing universe? send e-mail and e-newslettersIt doesn’t take a special cape, or even that direct each reader to his/hera lot of money. You can get to almost own personalized website (PURL).anyone via the Internet, and experience You can generate amazinga remarkable ROI. response rates, which our software 7 readily measures.This is why e-marketing techniques aregreat ways to cultivate more business We’re also fans of blogging,with existing clients, establish new tweeting on Twitter, putting companyrelationships, enhance customer loyalty videos on YouTube, and using otherand perhaps regain lost business. social networks.Standard direct mail response rates of 2-3% can be boosted10X – up to 30% – when personalized URLs (PURLs) are used. InfoTrends, Inc. Multi-Channel Marketing
  8. 8. Cross Channel Marketing Technologies Cross channel marketing is like a devising a method to drive your one-two punch. In its most basic form, prospects there is like throwing a it marries traditional marketing with party without inviting any guests. electronic marketing for multi-touch impact. The more sophisticated combos? We suggest sending e-mail, They’re up to your imagination. The as well as postcards, to announce8 possibilities are limitless. And we’d be what’s new at your URL. The remiss if we didn’t explore them. same strategy should be used to launch a new product… promote Take your website, for example. a special offer… the list goes To us, posting a new website without on and on. Cross channel campaigns directing people to your website can keep mailing lists current and generate new e-mail addresses for opt-in newsletters and RSS feeds. Roy Winters, One Source Solutions One Source Solutions
  9. 9. Up, Up and AwayOur goal is to help you meet yours. companies, products and services.Ultimately, the key to growing your We’ll examine your marketingbusiness may lie in starting a challenges, and discuss how to getmarketing program or retooling a where you want to be.program already in place. One Source Solutions will help plan 9This is where we put our powers to and implement your strategy, monitorwork. First, we want to get to know and evaluate results, then tweakyou – not as provider and client, but as and improve on your progress.partners in your success. Working asa team, we’ll learn about each others’ Liftoff? Any time you want. Multi-Channel Marketing
  10. 10. An all-star partner, at your service. Established in 1984, One Source generated a loyal following among Solutions has evolved over time into a companies in all kinds of industries. marketing service provider with many They rely on us for database dimensions. But we’ve always had procurement and management, one singular focus: helping to make digital and offset print technologies,10 our clients the heroes of their markets. complete mailing and fulfillment services, and more. By specializing in products and technologies that cross the boundaries We welcome the opportunity to of online and offline marketing, we’ve be this kind of partner for you. One Source Solutions
  11. 11. Your sidekicks are waiting.Sherri Winters, developer of the Roy Winters brings you the businessprogram Hugging Your Customer, acumen developed over many years Give us the signal.is an expert in ensuring excellent in Fortune 500 companies – as a We’re ready to assist.customer relationships. She has earned chemical engineer, marketing one source solutionsa bachelor’s degree in psychology executive and acquisitions manager. 40 Commerce Street Newark, NJ 07102 11from Hunter College, a master’s in With an MBA in marketing from Lehigheducation from Kutztown University, University, Roy blends sharp strategic Phone: 973.242.4040and the respect and appreciation of thinking with technical expertise and Fax: 973.242.8344 Toll Free: 888.50.COLOR (888.502.6567)every One Source Solutions client. invaluable practical experience. www.onesourcenj.com Multi-Channel Marketing
  12. 12. www.onesourcenj.com973.242.4040